Video: Mississippi postal carrier pepper sprays dogs while dropping off package

OXFORD, MS (WMC) – Two Oxford dogs were pepper-sprayed by a United States Postal Service worker. The whole thing was caught on camera, and now the USPS is investigating.

The dogs’ owner, Holly, who doesn’t want her last name used, was horrified when she saw the video captured on her home surveillance camera showing the postal carrier spraying the dogs at least 12 times.


She looked at the video after she was affected by the spray when it transferred onto her after she touched her dogs.

“Very angry, very angry. These are sweet puppies,” Holly said. “I didn’t realize what had happened until I had rubbed by eyes and my eyes started burning. I went about my business, and I rubbed my eyes, and they started burning and burning.”

The postal carrier started spraying one of the dogs, Colonel, from the truck–the dog was barking at him.

The man sprayed the dog over and over. Then, he put two packages by the garage, walked up to the front of the truck, and sprayed the second dog, Liberty.

He then got into the truck, backed it up, got out, and picked up the two packages, still spraying the dogs as he took off with the packages. WMC Action News

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

3 thoughts on “Video: Mississippi postal carrier pepper sprays dogs while dropping off package

  1. Dog showed aggression be jumping up and down on the drivers side as well as following the driver. Owners think their dogs are cute and cuddle but thats a big dog. I know carriers that have life injuries because of loose dogs.

  2. You can clearly see that the dog was jumping and following the truck. People may think their dogs as cute but thats a big dog. I know carriers that are on cruthes and injured for life because of dogs.
    Dogs should have been tied up or put away when mail is being delievered.
    A good steward will get him off. And they shouldnt deliver mail until it is made clear that the figs are not loose.

  3. This is sick. Now, after having had my share of dogs coming after me during my career, I know one thing for certain: it is not the fault of the dog if it is in or near its own turf. I’ve had them come for entire blocks to try to bite, and that’s different, but even so, one or two squirts always did the trick, and I hated using it, because in nearly every case it was as I said a dog protecting his territory and family, something it is instinctively geared to do.
    No, when you have a dog problem, it’s the owners who let them out ( I had a preacher deliberately sic his dog on me once just to see if the dog would, and I had a few choice words to say to try to get the dog away. Mr. Preacher Man then had the nerve to go to the Postmaster and complain about my language! Needless to say, the PM was on my side especially after I told him the jerk deliberately let his dog out, and Preacher Man admitted he had, and his street service was permanently cancelled.)
    But others do so carelessly too, and I did everything humanly possible to not hurt the dog because the owner was the one at fault. And I can tell you, so many said “he or she won’t bite”, or “they’re sweethearts”, yes to you, but we carriers are encroaching on their territory, and they may not be so sweet.
    However, I was very good with and am still good with animals. I love them, and had many animal friends on my various routes, cats and dogs. They know a good person when they see one, and I even made good buddies with a bull mastiff and a red chow in the same yard. I simply talked to them every day, and when they started looking for me and wagging their tails, I approached them and made new friends instantly. This is important, actually, because dogs can get out, and if you’re friends with dogs the size of these two, if they do get out the worst that will happen is getting knocked down and slobbered to death.
    But this letter carrier deserves removal. Twelve times to spray from the safety of his truck? That is just plain sick and mean as hell. If he was fearful about dismounting, he could and should have scanned the parcel attempted and not gotten out. This is nothing but cruelty. What does this asshole think the animal control department is for?
    I know another piece of shit carrier who got his jollies going up to fenced in places and spraying dogs through the fence! He denied it after bragging about it, people called in who saw him do it, but management at that time was worse than worthless and couldn’t be bothered. If I had been a supervisor, or postmaster, I would have encouraged the owners to file charges against him. Plus, he’d get as much discipline as possible and be ordered to apologize to the owners. I wouldn’t be able to fire him, and this jerk in this article won’t be, either, but they deserve removal. People who abuse animals are mean spirited cowards.

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