Video: New Orleans Postal Carrier Delivers Mail In Knee Deep Flood Waters

8/7/17 – NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana —No sleet, hail, rain, or knee-deep flood water was going to stop this man from doing his job.


This postal carrier was caught on camera, delivering mail in flood waters.


8 thoughts on “Video: New Orleans Postal Carrier Delivers Mail In Knee Deep Flood Waters

  1. reminds me of 2 years ago in the Northeast when we had 5 snow storms in a row within 6 weeks, I sat home in front of the fireplace reading a different book during each storm, drinking hot coca and enjoying the winter wonderland in my LLBean flannels…..FMLA baby-screw these evil bastards every turn you can get. your health and safety trump their PFP bonus every time. I owe these scum nothing! just went to Federal Prep, December 31, 2017 lights out. my sick time will be all used up by Nov, Dec. let it snow, let it snow, Yipee I O Kaiay. 35 years in this hell hole. 35% of 1% raise lol.

  2. while the po mismanagers sit on their ass at the post office looking at PFP bonus money they will make off the back of this clown. I would have brought the mail back and dumped it on the stupidvisor’s desk….safety hazard!

  3. I hope he was delivering more than standard letters from Insurance companies, credit card companies, satellite tv companies, hearing aid companies, vehicle extended warranty companies and how the postal service delivers for you advertisements! I’m glad I don’t work for his boss!! Oops maybe I do???

  4. I delivered in waist deep water on an all walking route, through heavy snow and ice storms, and severe thunderstorms, too. At that time over three decades ago I thought I was doing the honorable thing, and wanted to do my best.
    But back then we had a much different system, pre-DOIS and pre-DPS, and the last good PMG we ever had, Anthony Frank, who was a true friend to all employees, made sure offices were adequately staffed, and encouraged bonus programs like voluntary step increases for the hardest working carriers that would allow them to top out earlier, incentive awards, and a sense of pride in what we did. That made a big difference.
    Now, if I were still active, I’d refuse to walk in water that was too deep or other safety factors I could prove were legitimate because frankly management today doesn’t deserve the effort. Carriers get no raises after topping out except for COLA’s if the economy merits them specified in the contract. There are no incentives, voluntary step increases or much recognition for any kind of “above and beyond” performance. But management sure awards themselves!
    And as one post here indicates, if that carrier slipped, fell and hurt himself, he’d be disciplined. NEVER do anything management can deem unsafe because they will use it against you. You know the risks and hazards, and it’s your call. Don’t be a jerk and try to stop working because it’s drizzling or some other stupid cop out, but when it’s genuinely dangerous to attempt a delivery, don’t be a hero. The mail can wait until the danger is passed.

  5. isn’t this an extreme safety issue. Slips, trips and falls are
    some of the most numerous accidents. What is under the
    water or in the water could present hazards. The toolbags
    in charge should cancel deliveries in situations like these
    and I would bet a thousand to one that if the carrier did
    get injured he/she would definitely be disciplined. What
    a sack of excrement these toolbags really are. How are
    those new delivery standards working out?

  6. Dedication on the part of the carrier is good, but this is one problem with the postal delivery system. The Post office believes it must deliver mail every day, even if it is only hour before the end of the world. What happens to the delivered mail if the flood gets higher and the mailbox is washed away.

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