Video: No rail, no mail – after 50 years, USPS stops delivery to resident over porch steps


DETROIT (WJBK) – A Detroit homeowner has lived at the same address for more than 50 years without any problems getting mail delivered to his house. But just recently, the letters stopped coming because the carrier refused to come on the porch.

At first Rick Maruszczak thought no mail in his door meant there was no mail to be delivered. But one day when he saw his mail carrier, he was told differently.

Source: No rail, no mail – post office stops delivery to resident over porch steps

14 thoughts on “Video: No rail, no mail – after 50 years, USPS stops delivery to resident over porch steps

  1. They should have had a manager or supervisor deliver a letter at the very least to inform the homeowner.

  2. So, the carrier falls off the steps. Who gets written up for failing to work safely, the homeowner or the carrier? Who deals with management’s belligerence and workman’s comp? Not the homeowner. BTW, does it snow in Detroit?

    • If the carrier falls off the steps the Post Office will sue the homeowner. I had something like that happen to me when I was a carrier.

  3. or put a 20 dollar box on the bottom of the steps
    Door slot is too small for the mail volume any way.
    There is always more to the story customer is probably a chronic complainer.

  4. This customer has unreasonable expectations of USPS obligations. That he was not held accountable for the rail requirement for 5 decades may have set a precedent, but to expect the USPS to give him a continuing waiver or “assistance” with having a railing installed is just silly.

  5. I believe most local zoning laws require you to install a railing before you sell your house…..might as well put one up now.

  6. this is the mentality of the new millienal carriers they dont wanna work and will come up with the lamest excusses for everything possible.

  7. The regulations indicate that there in fact should be no change in delivery to this customer. Therefore, the customer needs to contact the Congress person of his area & get this issue taken care of. I do not mean to be rude, but USPS have crapped on its customers enough! If you work for USPS you have experienced your own issues with them as well.

  8. When I carried I had a bag, letters in one hand and flats in the other arm. Which hand is this person using to hold onto the railing?

  9. so if you have railing the letter carrier has to use the railing at all times right.
    that will never happen!!!!!!

    • do your job….deliver the damn mail…I’ve been delivering for over 20 yrs…nothing wrong with those steps…..what a lazy ass mailman…makes the rest of us good workers look like garbage…

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