Video: Ohio postal carrier’s comments recorded by security camera lead to TV investigation

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating a video clip recorded by a home security camera showing a postal carrier dropping off a package and dropping foul-language.

It happened in North Canton. A mail carrier can be seen driving up in a truck, taking a small package to the porch, and as he delivers it, he mutters. The recording shows he said, “(expletive) loser this guy is.”


Mason Donovan put up that camera at his home. He says he runs 5 businesses, and he has had trouble with the mail carrier. Donovan says sometimes his mailbox gets passed, or the mailbox is left open. And then this.

Donovan said, “It’s scary. You don’t know what he’s thinking there. You just want to know why.” He added, “I was out of town when I recorded that. You know, I have kids. If he’s gonna act that way when my kids are outside, what do I do?”

Donovan just wants his mail without worrying what might be next. He said, “I don’t want him delivering my mail anymore. I want another guy who likes delivering mail delivering my mail. Some people have bad days, and I understand that, but every day shouldn’t be bad.”


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