Video: PMG blames Congress, APWU President and Congressman for keeping Saturday delivery

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

In an effort to stem its massive losses, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has been pushing a bold move – cutting Saturday deliver permanently.

“The key thing is this. The Postal Service needs to make serious change,” says Donahoe. “We need to address a number of issues, six to five days of letter mail to save two billion dollars.”

The USPS is facing strong opposition, starting with the Postal Union. The newly elected president is rallying his membership to fight for Saturday service. [PR note: NALC is not putting up a fight to keep Saturday delivery?]

Then there’s Congress, which has the final say on any change in delivery and has repeatedly refused to allow the Postal Service to drop Saturday Service.

U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, who sits on the committee that funds the USPS, says ending Saturday delivery means the elimination of up to 30-thousand employees, many of those Asian, African-American, and Hispanic, who make up about 40 percent of all Postal Service employees.

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24 thoughts on “Video: PMG blames Congress, APWU President and Congressman for keeping Saturday delivery

  1. the volume is going down and will never come back !!!!! the statistics are out 70% of people dont want 6 day delivery. saturday i had 2 feet of flats and most of january the same. we need to go to 5 day delivery now and keep the po afloat !!! the demand is really not there for paper mail and its time for 5 day delivery now. keep parcel delivery 6 day

  2. I didn’t see or hear the PMG blame Dimmie and the APWU, I think that they got their facts a bit wrong and used Dimmie’s address from the installation as proof. He did side with the NALC and the NRLCA on this issue – others of us side on a quid pro quo that really does not exist between the unions.

    It must be made clear to the bleeding hearts that the NALC and the NRLCA do not care whose mail they deliver just as long as they deliver it and that the USPS receives and delivers mail ( of all classes and types )from UPS, FedEx, Pitney Bowes, and other private consolidators that has not gone through the USPS Processing Network and allows for more “network rationalization”(that is, for the time being,”on hold” while they consolidate their past actions and gear up for more effective actions in the future). Meanwhile, where is the support of the NALC and the NRLCA on the issues of the privatization of mail processing – and one does not see them come out on the issues of the privatization of postal retail in Office Depot, the Contract Postal Units, and the Village Post Offices that are well established while Dimmie and his people expect us all to wag the dog over the expansion of privatized postal retail services to Staples.

    Meanwhile, we hear almost nothing on the 1.6.B Settlement Award and the extremely important and APWU job saving PostPlan Arbitration an
    d the other issues that were championed by the Guffey Administration.

    Making noise is so much fun – but what happens when the circus leaves town?

  3. Hey Donahoe, why don’t you STOP giving away Standard Mail Delivery, and make the Junk Mail business pay what’s right, TWO BILLION EASY THERE…Just Sayin’…

  4. I am a NALC Branch 6000 member….I support 5 Day delivery…The only way to survive is 5 day…Wake up everybody…

  5. and why in the hell is there 7,000 deadbeats at HQ? or the 1.2 million paid in RENT for offices at 6 montgomery ave? theres alot of cutting to do-500 at HQ is still to many,how many dollars are spent on the voice of the employee horse crap?

  6. The postal service should go to 5 day delivery.. with the mail volume dropping and the public not opposed to the elimination of Saturday delivery. Its a great opportunity. How many rural carriers love being told that after a route evaluation, that they have to work 6 days a week to get a 40 paycheck….?

  7. Donahoe logic & thinking:

    Hmm. Poll after poll shows USPS is the most trusted federal agency. How can I undermine the value of our service and undermine the public’s confidence. I know!

    First, cut the value of delivery service by going to 5 day delivery. Thousands of business mailers and advertisers will dump us.

    Second, take apart the sorting and distribution network, and “relax” service standards. Yea, that will really get us more customers. (Note: one Senator and one Congressman have already figured out delivery of FCM has deteriorated to 4 to 5 days. Senator from ND and Congressman Steve Cohen, TN.)

    This will really help the USPS “brand”. I am a genius. We can cut our way to prosperity!

  8. I am a NALC branch 6000 member for the past 25 years and I support 5 Day delivery…I pay my dues and I am sick of working on Saturdays…There is no mail anymore people, wake up…All we keep doing is blaming management when in fact by working 6 days in unneccessary…We need to wake up…I want to work till I retire and not have to worry about my pension check…All you people caught up with getting rid of pre funding you need to be real, that will never happen..And that was done Bipartisan.. So ther is aot of blame out there…I am staring to think the union only cares about the dues they get each week and want to keep the employee numbers up so they get more because they have no ides on how to save the Post Office..5 Day here we come

  9. When is everyone gonna stop making it about race?!? Unemployed is unemployed! There aint no “white guy fund” out there anywhere!


  11. The USPS is a basic government service guaranteed by the constitution and is a foundation of our democracy and the the quality of our American life. Like the police, the fire protection services, the armed forces and public education it is public good that should not be viewed as a business even though it is virtually self-supporting. Postal service is a basic right of the American people and should not be cut back but supported and improved, even if subsidies are required. Further, at a time when all sides of the political spectrum cite job creation as a foremost national priority, any action to cut postal employment is both contrary tom our national interests and hypocritical.

  12. Congress is a body made up of politicians whose only concern is to please power groups for support in getting votes. USPS will operate at a loss unless action is taken to down size, reduce work hours and operate cost effective. 6 day street delivery is a total waste as it was a past need in the 1900s.Politicians should be held accountable for wasting USPS funds for no just cause.

  13. Donahue is hands down the worst leader of any business in the USA.he is a complete buffoon. He needs to be removed. He does nothing except draw a high salary just to run us into the ground.good job Mr. Postmaster.

  14. So, to recap today’s news:

    – the pmg says the USPS must go to five day delivery to save money.

    – on the same day, it was announced that eas/mgmt will get a raise and the bonus program is back in force (officially, ’cause you and I know it really never left….)


    Postal mgmt = liars and thieves, at all levels.

  15. If the PMG is serious about making effective changes in the Postal Service he needs to start with himself by cutting upper management staff by at least 20% instead of increasing the staff by more than 5%

  16. Last I checked we (USPS) are NOT funded by any government agencies but our own with the exception of a small amount for Congressional “franking” mail and Free matter for the blind.

  17. Let’s take a look at this. We can save 2 billion by eliminating Saturday and 30,000 jobs or pressure Congress to repeal the Pre-funding of retirees health benefits and save 5.5 billion or we can go after the over funding of the CSRS and FERS pension funds at 75 Billion and 14 Billion respectfully. Which would you choose? It’s time for you to go Donahoe

  18. Want to save the post office, let’s start by ridding ourselves if this a-hole Donahoe. Let’s subpoena all communication between Donahue and members of congrees,FedEx,UPS,Chamber of Commerce,Pitney Bowes etc. I’m sure the level of corruption within that circle would be enough to put them away for a long time. Did I forget to mention Senator Feinstein and her husband profiting from the sales of property or Issa the car thief who made his money selling car alarms so your car would be safe from people like him and his brother.

  19. Another Fox News Bull Hockey story from the right,

    Same ole same ole, the sky is falling.

    We’re getting wise to you an the members of this so called ALEX.

  20. What the Post Office needs is new leadership. Donahoe leadership on a good day is some of the worse in the business world around the globe. All he can do is continue to blame others for his lack of insight and leadership skills. The have not been a roadblock to recovery but are doing an outstanding job not only protecting the jobs of postal employees but also trying to preserve the service for the American Public. I am calling on both the American Congress and the Postal Board of Governors to bring in a business professional who can create a business model that will work. Than do the second greatest thing that they could do and send PMG Donahoe riding off into the sunset.

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