Video: Postal Employee wrestles gunman to ground after attempted robbery

Shot fired during attempted robbery of postal worker

CHICAGO (WLS) — Shots were fired during the attempted robbery of a U.S. Post Office employee Thursday evening in the Hyde Park neighborhood, authorities said.

About 6 p.m., a 54-year-old man who works for the post office was assaulted by a male dressed in all black in the 5400-block of South Harper, according to Chicago police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

The man who delivers the mail in the quaint section of Hyde Park is a neighborhood mainstay.

“He’s got a relationship with everybody here. He’s the long-time postman in this area,” said resident Davor Kralj.

Police said on Thursday afternoon the mail carrier was walking out of a postal station carrying mail, headed for a truck, when the suspect, armed with a gun, approached him and held the gun to his head while demanding money.

Investigators said another postal employee jumped out of his truck and wrestled the gunman to the ground.


8 thoughts on “Video: Postal Employee wrestles gunman to ground after attempted robbery

  1. lose your life for junk mail? hey man snap out of it! way to postalized for me. let the clowns who get bonus money take a bullet!

  2. Route 666’s post is simply untrue. Management does indeed care which is why there is a confident emphasis placed on safety everyday.

  3. The bad part is that this carrier will get disciplined for doing this. Postal management does not care if a carrier is robbed or killed, but stopping a thief with a gun took valuable time from the carrier’s route.

    • many people will think you’re being silly but those in the know won’t. we’re always told not to resist a robbery to just give them whatever they want. but if i get a chance, I’m fighting for my life

  4. Don’t even think about placing any controls on guns! Why not put guns in boxes of cereal like toys were once placed in them? If a carrier had a gun instead of a scanner the robbery attempt would never have occurred! Our elected officials just bend over for their big campaign donors. The people are ignored.

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