Video: Postal Service works on Sunday to clear holiday backlog

DALLAS — For the first time ever, post offices in Dallas, Forth Worth, and Arlington were open and processing mail on a Sunday.

Monday is traditionally the busiest day of the holiday shipping season, with people trying to get those cards and presents delivered in time for Christmas.

“Holidays are always heavy, so this way everyone wins — not only for our customers, but it relieves stress on the postal workers as well,” said Postal Service spokesman Skyron Marshall. “So it’s a win-win situation for everybody.”

The postal service expects to collect more than 3 million pieces of mail on Monday — that’s more than three times the normal mail volume.

DALLAS — Skyron Marshall has been with the U.S. Postal Service for nine years, but December 15 was the first time he made pick-ups and drove a route on a Sunday.

“We’ve actually never done this before, so this is our first year experimenting with it,” he said.

Marshall made a total of 39 stops on Sunday. He picked up mail so that it could be processed at the North Texas Mail Processing and Distribution Center ahead of what is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year for postal workers on Monday.

“I can guarantee one thing,” Marshall said. “It’s going to be lots and lots of mail. Lots and lots of mail.”

Postal Service works on Sunday to clear holiday backlog

3 thoughts on “Video: Postal Service works on Sunday to clear holiday backlog

  1. The USPS Plant I work in, in Stamford CT. (slated for closure in Feb. 2014) is ALWAYS open on Sunday, as well as ALL Holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Our Clerks and Mailhandlers work 24/7, 365…just so you know.

  2. 3 million pieces is the volume for only one office, Dallas maybe? The normal amount of mail processed everyday is around 500 million nation wide.

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