Video: Postal Worker Attacked, Beaten Unconscious In Arlington Texas

Brothers arrested for beating postal worker unconscious

5/13/16 ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A postal worker is recovering on Friday night after Arlington Police said he was attacked and beaten unconscious while delivery mail.

Investigators arrested Chris and Jonathan Allahverdi and charged them with felony assault. Detectives believe the mail carrier was delivering mail at a communal box when a nearby business owner demanded his mail. They said the mail carrier told him he would have to wait. Police believe that is when the assault began.

postal worker -beaten

“We don’t believe it’s going to be life-threatening injuries but anytime you’re knocked unconscious, that’s a very scary deal,” said Lt. Christopher Cook with Arlington Police.

Investigators think the suspect’s security cameras at his business captured the entire ordeal. Police on Friday began working on obtaining a search warrant to access the footage.

Postal Worker Attacked, Beaten Unconscious In Arlington

5 thoughts on “Video: Postal Worker Attacked, Beaten Unconscious In Arlington Texas

  1. It is high time we got some kind of recognition and protection we deserve on the streets. I deliver in a high crime scum bag neighborhood – actually over half the city I work in could qualify as a slum – and it’s a wonder some shitbag hasn’t tried to pull a gun on me or a substitute, because we have gang wars and shootings that the local redneck police force are pathetically inept at preventing as the city and area went full blast urban in a relatively short amount of time, and police departments were staffed with a bunch of good ol’ boys from the country who had no business handling the levels of crime that have plagued us.
    I have broken down NDCBU’s with parcel lockers I can’t use, and management tells me they won’t pay anybody to repair them. That’s real good service. They say to drive away if somebody threatens us. Well, good luck on a park and loop. Even in our LLV’s, bullets move much faster.
    Meth freaks abound – they are fucknuts crazy, and teenager gangbanger wannabes harass us, block boxes, and steal mail from everybody’s boxes, and even though they’re rental duplexes, management won’t put up cluster boxes.
    Well, we should get higher pay for the increasingly dangerous duty, and if neighborhoods are bad enough, the hell with universal service. If projects and slums can’t leave people alone long enough to deliver mail, then they should be forced to rent boxes. The assholes who beat this carrier deserve a hefty sentence. If it had been me, I’d sue the living shit out of them and drive them out of business, too. There is no excuse for not waiting your goddamn turn.

  2. Misleading article title. Yes, there is a video in this article, but it’s not of a postal worker being attacked. It’s disgusting that you would use this unfortunate event as clickbait.

  3. No mail…………..felony crime / jail time, and they’ll lose their business from the lawsuit…………………..geniuses

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