Video: Postal worker fights with NJ woman – Was she racist, rude or right?

GREEN BROOK — Is it racist to describe a person as black?

Video: Postal worker fights with NJ woman - Was she racist, rude or right?

Postal Service officials say they’re investigating a confrontation between a postal carrier and two Green Brook residents that the residents captured on video — a shouting match after one of the residents described the carrier as “the black mail lady.”

U.S. Postal Service officials didn’t provide any details of the incident, other than to say it occurred May 14 in Green Brook, and that the investigation is ongoing.

In the video — recorded by resident Kimberly Pineiro, who provided a copy to New Jersey 101.5 — the mail carrier appears to be standing in the street, just off the residents’ property, and the residents appear to be on their driveway. The video, shot on a mobile phone, is shaky and does not always show the people involved — so it’s not clear where the parties were at all times.

According to Pineiro, the residents’ usual mail carrier has been off the job because of a recent surgery, and a few others have taken his place at different times. Pinero’s boyfriend, Jayson Bays, came into the house to tell Pineiro that the “black mail lady” was afraid of their dogs, Pineiro said in an email exchange with New Jersey 101.5.

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13 thoughts on “Video: Postal worker fights with NJ woman – Was she racist, rude or right?

  1. she is most likely a Mail Carrier Assistant, as the Mail carriers union may describe them . Similar to a PSE Postal Support Employee for the clerks, in other words a temp employee who doesnt not get a Uniform allowance people. aslo , doesnt get much training as this video shows very well!

  2. Nobody involved in this silly exchange demonstrated responsible adult behavior. The mail carrier should not have reacted as she did to what may well have been an innocent remark, Nevertheless, the people living there behaved far worse. They escalated the situation beyond reason, using low-life language and making threats as if they were big shots of some kind. The racism aspect in this situation was not based on the specific time and place, but rather on the divisive, confrontation society we have allowed ourselves to become. Everyone involved here should be ashamed, but more so the people threatening the carrier. What self-absorbed children!

  3. Since when did “Black” become offensive….. Fill out any government form and you will see Black/African American as a description along with White, Asian etc etc.

  4. The letter carrier should lose job ,she incited the issue because she didn’t like what the home owner said. She should do her job not start a fight over nothing. race in this country has never been worse. Racism is fine as long as long as it’s against white people

    • How could you say that she should loose her job ? Since we haven’t seen the beginning we don’t know how this whole thing started.

  5. The female homeowner doesn’t know what she is talking about , her tax dollars nor anyone else’s doesn’t pay the mail carriers salary . Most people do not know that no tax dollars go to the US postal service . And for the homeowners to act that way and say the things she/he did is totally out of line . Maybe the mail carrier did not act the way she should have but you the homeowners should take a long hard look in the mirror cause just maybe the things you said and did are what’s wrong with society . To threaten her job because you think your “something in this town” with your influence . What would be wrong with just simply saying the mail lady , the boyfriend seems to be the one who brought race into this situation, if the mail lady doesn’t like the term “black” you could’ve just simply apologized said I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you and the whole confrontation could have been avoided and everyone could have went on their way with no problem. Maybe it was or wasn’t racist but the mail carrier did not care to be labeled that term so how hard would it be for you to respect that and respect her feelings ? And NO I am not African American , just think you made a big deal out of disrespecting a human being !

    • The Postal Service has been borrowing billions of dollars from taxpayers in recent years to make up shortfalls. Just sayin….

  6. Sherri is right. Where is her uniform and she should have just walked away. Like I have said what started this ? When I was on the job we had to be in uniform every day, guess the supervisors don’t care any more, just get the mail out. I’ve seen some of the homeless in NYC look better than the carriers.

  7. The home owners are out of line. Considering the cursing and attitude they have I’d
    say the mail lady was correct. He probably said it loud enough for her to hear with the emphasis on the word “black”. It also would have been best for the mail carrier to ignore the comment, keep on moving and not deliver their mail. I’m glad it was recorded. They used the F word quite a few times and she pulled the “you don’t know who I am” and the threats that she would go after her job three times.
    Hostile plain and simple. Carrier dipped to their level by yelling back. blah!
    The dog is a pit bull.. I don’t blame the carrier one bit for not wanting to go into the yard. Why didn’t home owner go out to the sidewalk? Looks like a little walking would do him a world of good! Just saying.

  8. No it’s not racist… And we’re is The MAILworkers UNIFORM?? Headphones???? I thought it was neighbor…. She should of just reported it to supervisor, instead she acted unprofessional!!! Also do your job mind your own business!!! Also I get described as white lady, so is that prejudice ??? Hmmmmmm, not!!!

  9. Here we go again ! Only seeing what they want us to see. What really started this know body knows. The couple sounds like 2 Brooklyn want -a-be’s. Notice how she says that she has a lot of influence is this town.

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