Video: Postal Worker sentenced for dumping 15,000 pieces of mail in DC sewers

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A former United States Postal Service worker was sentenced Wednesday to two years probation and 150 hours of community service for dumping 15,000 pieces of U.S. mail in sewers in Northeast Washington.


Christopher Newton, 23, received less community service time than his attorney requested which was 200 hours, according to ABC7’s Sam Ford.


Former DC Letter Carrier pleads guilty to dumping over 15,000 pieces of mail

2 thoughts on “Video: Postal Worker sentenced for dumping 15,000 pieces of mail in DC sewers

  1. $16 an hour no vacation no 401 no years of service toward pension. If that isnt bad enough lets throw in a week of seperation after every year worked tell regular status in achieved. These pse’s and cca’s are not going to get laid off or terminated so make them career after 90 days probation. Give them a reason to take pride do a good job and see a future. What other company hires what they know will be a permanant position and seperates them after a year. On top of all that these new employees are not learning a skill that will provide them any security in the future.

  2. Another CCA overworked and over burdened by the toolbag
    in charge. No wonder the turnover rate is 50%. Welcome to
    the new PO. Chim Chim says get out while you can

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