Video: Richmond VA postal workers walk off job after working without Air Conditioning

RICHMOND, Va. — On a day when the heat index soared past 100 degrees, several mail carriers at the Westhampton Station Post Office in Richmond walked off the job.

“Some of us felt like we were going to faint,” one employee who asked to remain anonymous said. “We took a stand and we left because it’s too hot to be able to case up mail and there is no circulation inside the station.”


The employee said part of the post office where the employees sort the mail has no air conditioning, and when he showed up to work Thursday the thermostat read 90 degrees inside.

A spokesperson for the USPS sent CBS 6 the following statement:

“The HVAC unit is working in the P.O. Box Section and lobby of the West Hampton Station. Fans have been placed in the employee work area and portable air condition units are scheduled to be installed in the morning.

The safety and well-being of our employees is a top priority for the Postal Service. Our letter carriers deliver the mail in all types of weather and ground conditions, and we appreciate their efforts to serve our customers.”

Richmond post office workers walk off job after working without AC

19 thoughts on “Video: Richmond VA postal workers walk off job after working without Air Conditioning

  1. Richmond P&DC is in charge of stations, why isn’t anyone asking maintenance manager about the A/C .? RICKY [BOY] don’t care anyway ……maintenance department is full of liars and big egos just ask any maintenance worker in the plant.. upper management should have a written survey to find out what is going on in RICHMOND P&DC.. you would be surprised what you will find !!!

  2. 90 degrees is cool compared to the trucks….There should be AC in all delivery trucks who cares if the window is would still be much cooler.Thank the NALC for not demanding it…

  3. They care alright…..still driving old LLV’s with no air no air bags metal everywhere and 120 degree interior heat.

  4. the whole country should walk out on the postal bureaucrats who pose as po mismanagers………….anyone within 300 miles should sit on the Capital Buildings steps in protest. Mailhandler, Clerk, and Letter Carrier Union Presidents should let themselves be arrested to get the word out that the place is now a crap hole. I was told by a Teamster Union Official 30 years ago that “you are not a good union offical until you have been arrested for public job actions a few times”…….funny never heard of a postal union official being arrested, except for stealing union members money!

  5. I’m sure all you employees will have a letter of removal when you return to work, because MisManagement can do what they want.

    It was probably cooler outside to case your mail.

    Anyway, good for all you carriers who took a stand, now fight for administrative leave, that might send MisManagement over the cliff

  6. How much you wanna bet that the postmaster toolbag has A/C
    in his/her office. Management toolbags do not give a rats ass
    about craft employees,go go go. More with less. Safety is just another
    word to the toolbags. Get rid of the baggage at the top and
    watch what happens. Gonna abolish jobs, change start times, revert
    etc but no one talks about reducing EAS if the toolbags are gonna
    reduce the workforce. Muffin Meghen is a farce. Her and her
    toolbags should thank god for their jobs. How are those new
    delivery standards working out.

  7. ’86-2010, Window clerk. I see that the more things change the more they remain the same. Things don’t have to be this way, it’s just plain stupidity. Retirement is nice, out here folks, get out when you can. Enjoy what is left of your life, it is later than you think.

  8. “The employee said part of the post office where the employees sort the mail has no air conditioning, and when he showed up to work Thursday the thermostat read 90 degrees inside.”

    Sounds like what the thermostat reads in most Minnesota offices in the wintertime. Carriers wearing layers of long underwear get soaking wet from sweating before they hit street. Not safe at all.
    I swear the temp is set so high on thermostat that the heat never cycles off. All so that the poor supervisors do have to wear a sweater or sweatshirt.

  9. Bunch of babies. Work outside all day in the heat, but can’t handle an hour inside in the heat.

  10. why wasn’t maintenance done on A/C units in spring time to make sure AC was working ? the maintenance Department in the RICHMOND P&DC don’t care about anything put falsifying work hours and work orders…maybe so one should ask Ricky {boy} Reynolds about the things that are going on in maintenance department..The maintenance department is being run by people that don’t know anything about managing people or equipment…all tour mmos and smos and acting personnel need to be replaced ……….HELLO TO NEW TOUR 2 MMO AND SMO and NEW PLANT MANANGER

  11. I am all for air conditioning. I love it. But I am old geezer from the Deep South. When I was a kid, no one in my neighborhood had AC in their homes. No AC at schools or on school buses, and in the churches on Sunday, it was flurry of funeral home fans but no AC. Most cars did not have AC. We did all right.

    Recently I was passed by a County sheriff’s prisoner transport bus (chain gang) and it had a big AC unit on top. Cool Hand Luke now enjoys air conditioning. Is this a great country or what?

  12. The dust used to be so bad in our PD&C because of how maintenance used to blow the letter processing machines instead of vacuuming. Our complaints fell on deaf ears with mgmt, and when OSHA was notified mgmt would make sure to vacuum when they showed up to conduct air quality tests. This policy only changed after the anthrax scare which forced mgmt to vacuum all machines permanently. If it wasn’t for that we would still be dealing with health issues due to the dust that these machines create.

  13. The postal service does not care about employee safety. That is just what they claim, work for them and you will see how quickly they care nothing for your safety. They are always giving safety talks, but they mean nothing. They just want you to hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. It is a highly abusive outfit to work for. They are only saying that now b/c the employees walked out and it is on the news, now they have to do pr damage control. Talk to most postal employees and if they tell you the truth, you will get an entirely different story.

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