Video: Say “Hello” to your letter carrier — while you still can

You should say “Hello” to your letter carrier — while you still can. Because you may soon be saying “Goodbye.”

Back in 2006, Congress passed a law that needlessly drains the Postal Service of billions of dollars each year. Now, some in Congress advocate shutting local post offices and eliminating Saturday and door-to-door delivery. They would rather cut YOUR services than fix the problem Congress created. Dismantling the Postal Service is not the way to save it. Tell Congress: Don’t cut Saturday mail. Deliver real reform.

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14 thoughts on “Video: Say “Hello” to your letter carrier — while you still can

  1. Runs up to sandy jizzing down her back GRUNT GRUNT AH AH AHHHHHHHH! I have unleashed my fury!!!!!

  2. we would have much better pay and benefits if not for this shot union..dont give me that union crap

  3. Be realistic!!!!!!!!!!!! No residential routes need more than 3 delivery days per week. Carrier A can carry rt 1 on M/W/F and rt 2 on T/T/s with a floater for NS day. Business’ routes do need 5 day delivery. Anyone the thinks they need more can rent a PO box or use Express Mail.

  4. GOP GROUP OF PREADATORS. All politicans on prowl seeking means to gain votes or increase wealth regardless of whom or class that is wounded. Billionaries increased 16% past year according to Forbes; favored groups that have political means and contacts to reap more wealth. This is not working class but rather rich using working class to increase wealth. Unions shield working class middle income from being used without protection or benefits. Clothing, computers made in China with a minimumn wage of $1.76.
    Unions protect Americans from being indentured servants to giant corporations that have no concern for anything but bottomline earnings. Contracts are negoiated for workers protection. Cliques and/or politics exist in all froms of life from fire ants to elephants.

  5. 6 day mail delivery is a dumb wasted expense. BLOOD SUCKING POLITICANS ONLY CONCERN IS GETTING VOTES REGARDLESS OF NEED. Paper communication among business and individuals is a thing of the past. Advanced communications in the 21st century has made using the postal service to deliver a written message in a 2-3 day time frame is history. Pre funding retirement benefits does not affect demmand for postal products and services.
    The cell phone has reduced need for landlines; changing times as a result of advancing communication. Politicans need to accept reality and quit playing Mr. Zip in postal wunderland.

  6. If I take an early out from USPS, as a dues paying member of the APWU, will I be able to receive an annuity or lump sum payout from the APWU Retirement Fund for its members?

  7. Sandy do you keep the benifits the union has negotiated for youor do you donate them back to the service?

  8. yes most carriers do want 5 day..and to stop door to door…this is very old school and should of stopped 10 years ago..down with this shitty union

  9. To Ray: Where do you get your facts from> Most carriers DO NOT LOVE the idea of 5 days a week and hope it never happens! Learn the truth before you post remarks like that. I am a letter carrier. Are you?

  10. IT IS TIME CONGRESS STANDS UP FOR THE WORKER AND FOR THE USPS WORKERS. CONGRESS YOU CREATED THIS PROBLEM JUST FIX. EITHER PARTY CAN AND SHOULD SOLVE THIS and, I would add that the unions can’t and/or wont. Keep paying dem dues though! Think of all those poor career union officials that won’t be able to go back to the workroom floor when the unions go under. Poor slobs…oh wait, they won’t be going back cause they’re all retired! Oh yeah, and on top of that, they’ve got golden parachutes called the APWU Officer Only Retirement fund that was paid for by our dues money! Ain’t life a bitch?


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