9 thoughts on “Video: Sen. Sanders discusses Republicans latest attack against USPS with Ed Schultz on MSNBC

  1. as was stated by the senator there has been major cuts to the facilities utilized in mail processing and delivery not to mention the staffing needed to perform these duties. If Congress looked at how many full time employees the Postal Service currently has and is operating with on a daily basis instead of using numbers from 2006 when the Postal Service was at an all time high, we would already have paid enough into the Pre-funding for the Health Benefits to not need any further payments to be made and the profits from this year can start going to pay of the 15 billion that the Postal Service couldn’t make to the Pre-Funding and start putting the USPS back on track to prosper and stablize itself. But Issa already has plans for the money and will not stop pushing forward with the privatization until he gets what he wants.

  2. the laughs continue…… nothing is going to happen…… its all about following the money

  3. Bernie Sanders has been a champion of the working man for decades. There should be many more like him. Who’s Mr Issa pandering to?

  4. Bernie campaigning for the Unions, must be time for them to give him a payoff so he can do nothing for another 6 years.

  5. The mandate runs out in 2016 on the prefunding…I think they’ll just let it sunset, and hopefully they aren’t able to destroy the service by then in which case we should be fine.

  6. It seems as though Senator Bernie Sanders is concerned, however, here we are again talking about the financial health of the USPS. Nothing will get done in Congress, there’s way to much gridlock amongst those that are sworn to do what’s right for this country. Simply, I agree that the Koch brothers, along with Darrel Issa view the USPS as a gushing-waterfall of cash, and for the most part it will be after they (Koch brothers and Issa) get their way and slice and dice a great American institution. Eventually, it will happen.

  7. get management off the carriers back!! get rid of g. p. s

    get management off the carriers back!! they hold themselves to a higher standard. g.p.s., f.s.s.,d.p.s. all sucks!! doing a pivot plus your route is bullshit! those in management don’t want to do our job. they know it sucks!!

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