Video: Stinky situation! Postal Employee dumps mail into sewer in Washington DC

It appears a US Postal Service employee last week was tired of delivering the mail, and decided to pull up to a D.C. Water catch basin at Anacostia Ave. and Douglas St. NE and dump mail into the sewer system.

Video: Stinky situation! Postal Employee dumps mail into sewer in Washington DC

It may never have been discovered except Gertrude Troyer who lives near there asked her neighbor, a retired D.C. cop Vincent Wright to snake out a clogged drain at a house she owns.

Wright says he started pulling up paper and on closer inspection discovered that it was mail. He followed the trail to the catch basin and raked out enough mail to fill a wagon. Items included Pepco bills, and what appeared to be a check to a neighborhood company for $10,800.

When ABC7 notified the D.C. office of the US Postal service, the Postmaster Gerald Roane showed up himself with several other employees, who gathered what mail they could would the help of Wright and left vowing to return.

source: Stinky situation! US Postal Service employee dumps mail into sewer

10 thoughts on “Video: Stinky situation! Postal Employee dumps mail into sewer in Washington DC

  1. I’m very upset bc my mail is mixed up in all of the soggy stinky piles of mail that was pulled out of the sewer. I went to the post office severl times asking about my mail due to not sreing a carrier for over a week & asked if I had any mail there & was told no, all mail had went out. On May 11th, 2016 my daughter called to see if I had received a Mother’s day package she had sent me, I told her no, again, I went to the post office, no mail. I have not received my packackage or any other mail in 9 days before mother’s day. Now I know why. The USPS hasn’t made any announcement or updates concerning my mail. Maybe their only concerned about those who had checks, but my mail is just as important to me as those who where expecting checks. My mother’s day package from my daughter’s containing mother’s day cards & a $200.00 picture package of 36 different poses of my only grandchild are sentimental & irreplaceable. I’m just hoping &
    praying that none of it was damaged. So for now, i’m stiil waiting to hear something from
    the USPS. I’m very disappointed in how unprofessional they’re handling this entire “stinky” situation.

  2. Since when does your drain under your sink which connects to the same drain your toilet uses run into the storm drain in the street!!!

    I didn’t know our capitol had open sewers, has anybody looked into that?

  3. Sad but true, you’ll all be blamed from one bad cca. It sucks. It hasn’t but fun lately.

  4. Most postal employees are not happy on the job because of postal management’s rude, incompetence, and lack of managerial skills. No pay raises and benefits = Bad work, bad service from employees. Most employees feel that the Postal Service is not a good place to work for.

  5. Yes it is a sad situation. That comes from laziness. Also, they do NOT need to fire the entire station just because of one new employee who felt as though he/she could make the mail disappear. Would you want to get fired for something someone else did? Think!! A lot of ya’ll try to downgrade US Letter Carriers for what?? I bet you don’t downgrade US when you receive something in the mail that WAS delivered correctly.

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