Video: Texas Man claims mail carrier stole package meant for his mom and deceased sister

6/28/17 HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Roderick Dearborne was cutting hair at his shop on FM 1960 when his wife called to tell him the box with the Mother’s Day gifts they had ordered was empty. When he got home and checked his security camera, he was shocked.


The gifts were for his mom and late sister.

“It’s Mother’s Day so I’m like let me get it, take a little something to her grave,” he said.

Dearborne thought security video would show a thief on his porch.

“You’re thinking a kid came up here. You’re thinking it’s somebody, you’re not thinking the mail lady,” he said.

When Dearborne looked at the tape, he says he saw the mail lady sitting across from his house. Then, she drove up the block and handed a package off to someone in a SUV.

source: ABC News Houston

3 thoughts on “Video: Texas Man claims mail carrier stole package meant for his mom and deceased sister

  1. OIG is a joke…………DIEversity………..bottom of the barrel while 7000 sit on their ass at Elephant Plaza. it just one big race to the bottom. buy UPS and FDX stock.

  2. This will be hard to prove, all the letter carrier has to say is she handed off a pkg to another patron. No way to tell if that pkg going too the suv was this man’s pkg. Along with saying the pkg was empty when she received it what’s OIG going to do?

  3. Do not give out mail on the street!!!
    When I was a PTF I was a sub on social security check day (1980s) and a woman asked me for her check as soon as I started my deliveries. She was upset because I said no. She said “The regular carrier gives me my check”. I told her I don’t know her and she would have to wait until I put it in her mail box.

    This morning I had an Amazon package and the tracking said it was delivered and handed to a resident. The only residents at my house are me and my wife and it wasn’t handed to us.

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