Video: Texas postal employee caught on camera tossing packages

LUMBERTON, TX – A recent social media video showing U.S. Postal worker caught on camera carelessly tossing packages in a Lumberton neighborhood Sunday has frustrated some residents.


“The lady was in a very big hurry and seemed anxious but it didn’t matter to her if anyone was looking, she would still toss them,” said a Lumberton resident who didn’t want to be identified.

While in the car, the Lumberton resident says she witnessed the employee mishandle more than a dozen packages.

source: KBMT TV

2 thoughts on “Video: Texas postal employee caught on camera tossing packages

  1. Oh my, they finally caught another one on video, this one will probably be promoted to supervisor in the next couple of days, she already has the resume to be promoted. Get the job done at all cost, it doesn’t matter if you destroy someone’s package, destroy their lawn, or miss deliver mail, just get the JOB DONE at all cost.

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