VIDEO: USPS investigate missing mail for residents of some streets in Charlotte North Carolina

VIDEO: USPS investigate missing mail for residents of some streets in Charlotte North CarolinaPostal Service investigates missing mail in Myers Park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —The U.S. Postal Service confirmed they are investigating the disappearance of mail intended for residents of some streets in Myers Park.

The problem came to light in late March when residents of Queens Road West and Westfield Road noticed that some mail they were expecting never showed up.

It happened while the carrier who has worked that route for 25 years, Danny Hinson, was on vacation.

Residents let him know about the missing mail when he returned.

“The first one, like I said, you go, ‘Maybe they didn’t get any mail?’ But when a couple of people tell you, you get suspicious,” Hinson said Thursday.

Hinson took the complaints back to the station off Independence Boulevard where he picks up his mail and sorts it for some of those residents of Myers Park contacted the office of Rep. Robert Pittenger.

Becker contacted the Postal Service in Charlotte and told them that he had learned that the carrier who replaced Hinson may have dumped mail in a dumpster to lighten his load.

But he was surprised that the USPS hasn’t contacted residents in the 10 days since to let them know that they might be missing some mail. read more

One thought on “VIDEO: USPS investigate missing mail for residents of some streets in Charlotte North Carolina

  1. 10 days without management telling customers about the problem? Well, that just goes to show you the ones at this branch obviously are not interested in mail security, only speed. The substitute carrier would have been a CCA or unassigned regular, although I doubt there are very many of them left.
    The regular carrier probably was very upset with good reason about the situation. First, his customers were rightfully furious and demanded explanations and the carrier got no back up from his supervisors. He was no doubt blamed for lots of the missing mail, as I am when I’m on leave. He also didn’t want to be a snitch either, but in cases like this, a conscientious carrier has to report the problem.
    So we see what happens with a CCA workforce that is slip shod, poorly trained, work ungodly hours and some are just skank who don’t give a shit where the mail ends up. The workforce in general is suffering from a generation that has had everything handed to it on a silver platter and has no conception of loyalty to doing a good job, and only thinks of the money. Add to that the management being lazy and indifferent to the concerns of the customer and the overall image of the USPS keeps going down hill.
    Why would it take 10 days to “investigate” dumping mail while a regular was off? Don’t they know who ran the route? What the hell good is all that scan data if the management is so stupid they can’t figure out who was responsible?
    I’ve been off this week, and live in a different city from where I work, and as I putzed around running errands, I saw many more carriers (CCA’s) out of uniform than in. Many dressed like tramps and didn’t look the least bit like a professional carrier. This is what we’re getting now, thanks to the CCA program and incompetent managers who let them run amok as long as they make the numbers.

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