Video: USPS problems go back to 2006 law

SAN FRANCISCO KGO — We’ve heard about the effect of online bill paying and the impact of the great recession as reasons behind the U.S. Postal Service cutting Saturday services. But far less has been reported about a 2006 law that was really a poisoned pill for the Postal Service.

In 2006, the Postal Service wasn’t in debt. It was making money and handling a record amount of mail.

But then internet bill paying began cutting into the Postal Service’s bread and butter. The great recession pushed revenue down even further and Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, requiring the USPS to prefund retiree health benefits 75 years into the future and to pay all of that money in the next 10 years.

“The Postal Service is the only agency required to make that retiree healthcare benefit,” USPS spokesperson James Wigdel said. “Every other agency is required to pay as you go.”

Some progressive reports have tried to make out the funding requirement as a poisoned pill pushed by small government Republicans intended on bankrupting the Postal Service, but two of the three co-sponsors were Democrats, including Henry Waxman of Los Angeles.

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  1. What absolute clown you are Walt…the plant where I work has 6 carrier units in it and another plant in my city has 1 carrier unit in it. So I know plenty of carriers. Mail volume just isn’t there to support 6 day delivery and honest carriers who aren’t greedy for the overtime will admit that.

    You have made the incorrect assumption that I work on machines. TACS and MPI LAN infrastructure are my primary duties so I travel to carrier units all over the area that I work in everyday. I am also a state licensed electrician and do contract work on the side in that area and make twice what I make at the PO, but I also repair computers for people. So I have assessed my skills and know exactly what my skillset is worth on the open market. I hate to bust your bubble there Walt but the software can’t troubleshoot machine problems to the degree that you imagine, but then I realize that you have no idea what you are talking about in this area and in the area of politics. You, on the other hand not so much…there just isn’t that big of a market for whiners and class warfare loving progressive socialist such as yourself.

    Scheme knowledge?…That’s been replaced by delivery point sequencing. They don’t even do scheme training anymore! Do you even work for the Post Office? In case you don’t know it the PO can bring someone in from a different country who can’t even speak English and in five minuets and for half the money that person can be running a machine that does the sorting. So say thank you to the unions and arbitrators for implementing the lower pay framework for future employees of the PO.

    What a pathetic character you are to derive pleasure from a confiscatory tax policy that you advocate. Here is some “ABC type information” for you Walt in terms that low intelligence people like you should be able to grasp…the lawmakers and their lobbyist “constituents” that you hope will impose those tax rates on Americans are in the 1% that you hate and will never impose those rates on themselves without creating so many “loopholes” that every savvy investor will be able to take full advantage of and exploit them to their benefit. You are truly ignorant to have given yourself over to the predation of thieves in hopes that they will look out for your best interest. Calling you a moron doesn’t even come close to describing what you are. The income inequality that you seem to despise and abhor has grown exponentially under Obama because of his “crony capitalism”.

    It is you that needs to move to a different country…perhaps one more suited to your political ideology…like Russia, Cuba or Venezuela. Are you part of the “Occupy” mentality? You seem like freeloader and “the world owes me” type.

  2. ET you work in a plant you do not know any carriers. If you are talking about the person who delivers your mail I am sure he is not a representative of all letter carriers. Most letter carriers that I know, and I know hundreds of them, want weekends off but realize that 5 day delivery will eventually lead to 3 day delivery. You need to do a full assessment of what you actually do daily (including your crossword puzzle time) and realize that for your semi-skilled labor you are very well paid. I believe that clerks and mailhandlers should be paid a living wage also. The USPS makes about 70 billion annually why shouldn’t the employees who actually move the mail get paid a decent wage? So what automation has reduced the need for scheme knowledge, shouldn’t employees benefit for increases in productivity as well? Should your wages drop because computers now diagnose what’s wrong with the machines and you no longer troubleshoot the way you once did? You talk about your high skill level but you don’t repair much of anything, you simply replace and send the old part back to Topeka. As far as debt, yes I have a mortgage on my home unlike you who I am sure paid cash for your mansion. But I do not envy you, I just believe you and the rest of the 1% should be paying more in taxes. Mississippi is run by a Republican it is one of the worst states to live in. Poor education system, most obese Americans,fewest people with health care. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, they are all shit holes for poor people and they all vote republican because like you they are too stupid to see that their problem is not the federal government, it is actually the people they elect to represent them. Yes I believe the rich should pay more in taxes and I have no intention of marching on Washington because Rush Limpballs made $80 million dollars last year and the government wants to tax him at 50%. Hell if they wanted to tax him at 80% I would not have a problem with that he would still have 16 million dollars. If the makers have a problem with higher taxes let them move overseas and take the jobs with them….

  3. So, a quote from a book published in 1936 is the embodiment of the republican party today?

    Your an absolute fool Walter.

    Most of the carriers I know want 5 day delivery, it seems as though it is a 50/50 split amongst the craft. No one in my unit and a lot of people at the plant care about getting mail on Saturdays. In case you don’t know it, we are in an industry that is going the way of the horse and buggy due to technological advancements. I know that might sound frightening to people like you that have no skills that you can apply in the real world. You need to do a truthful self assessment of what you would do for a living if it wasn’t for the Post Office. Try looking in the help wanted ads and see what private industry pays for wages for unskilled labor. If you have the same mindset as this government does when it comes to finances then it is my guess that you are in debt up to your ears, living on borrowed dollars and can’t make ends meat without overtime…in other words, even at your level of pay, you are one of the “working poor”. OH WOA is me…right Walter? And it is all the republicans fault, and let me guess…you are not responsible for any of it…right Walter?

    Your notion that republicans want to destroy middle class jobs is demonstrably wrong. I could just as easily say that democrats want to pay you more in wages but take it all away in taxes for their social programs and/or special interest. All the states that have their financial house in order are run by republican governors. Your screwed up desire to have a federal government that engages in a confiscatory taxation of an individuals’ personal wealth is as un-American as it gets.

  4. ET I did not notice the links that you had posted, they must have been posted while I was responding to your earlier post. Tom Colburn (Republican) just attached a rider to a bill striking the requirement for 6 day delivery. Less delivery days means less City Letter Carriers fewer middle class jobs for my co-workers. This is what Republicans do to blue collar workers. Ayn Rand and her cult drawing philosophy “feed the rich, starve the poor til they are no poor no more” perfectly combines the ideals of the Republican party of Paul Ryan with the limited government ideals of Rand Paul.

  5. What a bunch of drivel!

    I do take note that you are not denying that Mr. Blum(..a democrat) is profiteering from the USPS’s financial problems brought on by the democrats who voted for the PAEA of 2006.

    Your job, mine and anyone else’s job is not in any jeopardy by any republican. You can keep beating yourself up with that nonsense all day long but that doesn’t make it a reality.

    Ayn Rand…what do you know about her philosophy? I doubt that you are smart enough to know what her world view is about. I have total confidence in my thinking skills, between Navy leadership classes and college course work in business leadership I have demonstrated myself. I would wager that your a “slug” at work, one of those people who do not give the service a fair days work for the wages you make. You are doing more financial harm to the service than any republican ever could.

  6. ET, there are no good, moral and ethical Republican politicians at the national level. They are all beholden to their rich corporate masters and gun manufacturers. They use scare tactics to get you to vote against your best interest. You are right I have never got a job from a poor person but I am not looking for one. I am actually trying to keep the one that I currently have, the one that the Republicans believe I should be paid minimum wage to do. Incidentally if you were ever in the Navy it would explain why you now consider yourself a libertarian. It really is too late for you, but rest assured they no longer serve that special Ayn Rand Kool-ade to decrease your thinking cells.

  7. Here Walt…

    …from the above article – “The City of Berkeley finally received a confirmed date from the US Postal Service for the public hearing on the proposed sale of the historic main post office on Allston Way. Towns and cities throughout the nation, like Berkeley, may lose these historic sites which were built with public funds. The giant realty firm CBRE headed by UC Regent Richard Blum advises the USPS on which buildings to sell, and CBRE makes a tidy profit as listing agent when sales go through.”
    …read the caption of the picture moron!

    You can deny the truth of the democrat profiteering all you want but it is true and won’t go away.

  8. Your dumber that a box of rocks Walt…the info on Feinstein’s husband is absolutely true and the only people who won’t believe it are liars like you who have their heads so far up your @ss that you can’t see the truth. I would tell you to ask some of the people you work with about Mr. Blum with but I have a feeling no one where you work likes to talk to you because your a senseless moron who can’t hold himself together if you find out that what you believe in isn’t true…which probably happens all the time.

    “The Sky is Falling…The Sky is Falling!”…right chicken little?

    Have you ever got a job from a poor person you class warfare loving communist? Your “broad brush” painting of republicans demonstrates that you don’t even have two brain cells to rub together. Which explains the lies that you continually spread about them.

  9. ET, you were the one who originally said that he was a Democrat. I said he was a Republican because they are the ones who hate working people and love the rich. How can I prove a negative? How do you expect me to prove that the Democrats are not profiteering from the sell off of Postal real estate? You are the one who was claiming that Diane Feinstein’s husband had some secret deal to buy and sell Postal assets, the only people who will believe that nonsense are idiots like yourself. Just because a bill has only 2 sponsors does not mean it should be ignored. Republicans control the house but fortunately for working people they do not control the senate or the white house. HR 2309 will never be see the light of day as long as we keep the evil Republicans from taking the Senate in 2014, and the white house in 2016.

  10. He is an independent moron, not a republican like you said.

    Who cares what you imagine. You cannot imagine that the democrats are profiteering from the sell off of postal real estate but is true none the less and you can’t prove other wise.

    Your idiotic obsession with commission reports and committee votes places you squarely in the “chicken little” camp and a card carrying member of the fools society.

    HR 2309 only had two sponsors, Issa and Ross. Not even the majority of the republicans supported that bill so bag your BS loser.

  11. ET, Just because Walker was appointed by Bill Clinton does not mean he was a Democrat. John Huntsman was appointed ambassador to China by Obama does that make him a Democrat? Linda McMahon ran for Lieberman’s senate seat as well does that make her a Democrat? I chose to ignore/dismiss some of information that you send because it is not relevant to our discussion. I do however, realize that you are easily distracted and lack focus. I am willing to wager that you do not work on a running tour, I just cannot imagine you fixing anything in a timely manner. You are probably easily distracted and spend more time chasing down gremlins than solving problems. Republicans control the House, there are more Republicans on the house oversight committee than Democrats HR 2309 passed on a strict party line vote. It has bearing because it can’t come before the body unless its been voted on in committee. To say it has no bearing or influence on the legislative body shows that you are the one with your head in the sand.

  12. More Lies from Walt…

    David M. Walker (born October 2, 1951) served as United States Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008, and is Founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative. He was considered a potential contender for the Connecticut U.S. Senate seat that Joe Lieberman left in 2012, but chose not to run, and said he would maintain his status as an independent.

    Appointed by Bill Clinton

    You chose to ignore the info because it is true and you can’t address it because it goes against your bias and left wing dogma. Prove it wrong then instead running your pie hole.

    Just keep your head buried in the sand moron…it suits you quite well!

    I knew that it was just a matter of time before you brought up your favorite “boogey man” Issa. I am starting to believe that you have a learning disability and you really did get your job at the PO on the slow learners program. Committee votes are nothing more than a procedural step in the legislative process and have NO bearing or BINDING influence on the legislative body. If your IQ was higher than your shoe size you would know that.

    So ya chicken little, the sky is falling…and the democrats will and are selling off and profiteering from the pieces.

  13. David Walker endorsed Mitt for President he is a Republican. The only thing you have demonstrated to me is your inability to stay focused. That nonsense you are spouting about Feinstein’s husband is not factual so I chose to ignore it. Have you heard about HR 2311 it is the postal reform bill that Issa’s committee has already voted for. Read it. Republicans are out to destroy the Postal Service and carve up the spoils for their wealthy puppet masters.

  14. Walt…you keep talking about logic yet you display a breathtaking abundance of ignorance. I know common sense when I see it and/or read it and you are void of it. I have proven you wrong on all counts…you lose so get over it!

    I have clearly demonstrated to you about democrats profiteering from our financial troubles yet not one complaint from you…absolutely amazing, but not surprising!

    The republicans have never said anything like you said. Just making up accusations out of thin air suits you though because you are a shill for the democrat party. I haven’t heard one republican demand that PMG donuthole make those payments…quit your damn lying!

    I can clearly see that you are incapable of addressing any of my rebuttals to your nonsense. Instead all I get from you is WAH WAH WAH…pre-funding…WAH WAH WAH and on and on and on like a juvenile with ADD. Listen up shitbird…democrats were “all in” on that vote and now they are profiteering from it.

    Where is the “copy and paste” from the commission report and your evaluation and page number…you do know how to read don’t you?

    Focus on pre-funding? Yet you bring up mailer discounts…yep, you have ADD alright.

  15. ET logic and common sense are not your best assets. You keep drifting away from the topic to make points for a discussion that we are not engaged in. Focus on the pre-funding requirement that the Republicans imposed on the US Postal Service. That is a fact. Republicans want the Postal Service privatized. They want the Unions busted and they want low wage employees performing the work that is currently being performed by the bargaining unit. The pre-funding requirement and their endorsement of discounts for large mailers is all part of their plan. What sense does it make for the USPS to give a discount for presorting the mail or printing bar codes on the mail when they have machines that can do the same thing for less than the discount? Donohue is violating the law by not paying the 5.5 billion but with the dysfunctional congress what can they do? Democrats want to stretch out the payments, Republicans want the payment to be made no matter what.

  16. One last thing Walt before I wait for a response from you on the info I posted…obviously the 2006 law isn’t binding either because ‘ol PMG Donuthole hasn’t made the last two payments, and we are still losing money hand over fist supporting a management structure that is utterly oversized and over paid…at all levels!

  17. Now with the Postal Service in financial trouble, Mr. Blum is profiting off the privatization of the country’s post offices. And that’s how he’ll be remembered in the history books about what happened to the United States Postal Service.

  18. The Blum Connection

    The answer to that question may have something to do with the fact that CBRE’s chairman, Richard Blum, has been involved with Tetra Tech for over a decade. For a while, he owned a large part of a company that partnered with Tetra Tech on major projects in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In 2003, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract to a company named Perini (now Tutor Perini) to provide goods and services to the U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan. The contract was eventually worth $500 million.

    At the time, Mr. Blum was the principal shareholder of Perini, co-owning 75% of its voting shares. Because Mr. Blum’s wife is Senator Dianne Feinstein, making profits off the wars in the Middle East gave rise to charges of a conflict of interest. Apparently, at least partly as a result of these accusations, Mr. Blum divested ownership of Perini in 2005, and Senator Feinstein left the Senate Military Appropriations Subcommittee in 2007.

  19. Hey Walt…since I have serious doubts that you read that report please copy and paste the most “devastating” provision within the report and the page number. Then give me your explanation of why you think it is so devastating and tell me if it has been implemented.

  20. Pick up the pieces!…you mean like DEMOCRAT Diane Feinstein’s husband(Richard Blum) who has first rights for the sell and resell of Postal real estate assets? Give me an example of a republican profiteering from the closings so far. That commission, as all presidential commissions are was comprised of an even mix of R’s and D’s, but that’s OK because facts don’t matter to you liars on the left. Just make sure to maintain your silence while the democrat sharks are biting you…TOOL!

    CSRS Retirement benefits?…You mean like Health Care. Do you get paid to shill for the democrats or are you really this stupid?

    McCain…my hero? Your dumber than an ashtray moron! So just because Bush did that makes it OK for your boyfriend Obama to do it? And who said I ever supported any bailout, and you seem to forget that Obama was part of that in that he voted for it and got half of it coming into his first term…more of your “Selective Memory and Outrage”.

    Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true…in this case it makes you out to be the liar you apparently are. Democrats voted for the PAEA there by supporting the “anti-worker” provisions in the PAEA. You are nothing but an anti-American progressive communist. Libertarianism is the ideal form of democracy and those like me who subscribe to it are a reflection of the frustration of the current two party system. The only cult here is the Democrat Party and their zombies like you…you nincompoops are like the BORG and their “collective”.

  21. ET you want to ignore the report but that is what led directly to the PAEA. I have never said that the report by itself was binding on anyone. The 2003 law that you are so fascinated with dealt with CSRS employee retirement benefits, the PAEA was the Republican attempt to prepare the USPS for the future. They (Republicans)failed miserably. I believe that it was a deliberate failure. They wanted the USPS to fail so that their puppet masters could come and pick up the pieces. They would get rid of the Unions and employ $12 part time employees with no benefits, They would raid the pension and health care funds and use it for bonuses for Donohue and the rest of his PCES staff. It is a fact that every onerous anti-worker provision in the PAEA was proposed by the commission or Republican law makers. It is also a fact that the bailouts began under Bush (don’t you remember your hero McCain suspending his campaign to rush back to Washington). I know who is to blame for the problems facing the Postal Service and it certainly is not Obama. Libertarian? Has there ever been a successful Libertarian cult?

  22. What difference does that report make about anything? It isn’t binding on anyone! By NOT saying, or at least acknowledging that democrats “in mass” voted for the PAEA you are saying a lot…it is called a lie of omission. Your first post in this thread set the tone of where you were coming from. Your “point” doesn’t amount to a hill of beans there Walter. The 2003 law did raise the issue of health benefits, it just didn’t deal with them at that time because congress, in a compromising way, was to busy forcing us to pay the military offset to the tune of 27 billion. The two laws are directly related, if you would take off those partisan spectacles and democrat blinders you would see that.

    It’s funny how people like you “howl at the moon” when the republican sharks bite you but say nothing when the democrat shark bites you. So your standard is “who the president is” and who has the majority? What a flipping joke you are…so much for personal responsibility and accountability with you. They(democrats) couldn’t stand on principle and vote that way? Oh that’s right, they got no principles, or morals for that matter because they know that their loyal subjects(..that’s you Walter) will blindingly tow the party line with your half truths and lies of omissions.

    You shills for the democrats…yes that’s you Walter…are a joke, your SELECTIVE OUTRAGE and SELECTIVE MEMORIES would be funny if it weren’t tragic at all levels.

    The economic policies of this president are doing more damage to the USPS than any pre-funding bill anyways. Our future is tied to the economy, and I’m not talking about the phony state that we are in now that supports Obama’s buddies in the banking and health industries. The phony data coming out of Washington these days doesn’t add up, the U6 employment index tells a completely different story that what you are apparently getting from Comedy Central or MSNBC.

    FYI, I’m libertarian. The only fool here is you Walter, Obama bailed out the banks(..hint hint…the 1%) twice and is spending 85 billion a month in buying up their toxic assets in exchange for their support in both his elections.

  23. I meant not all Republican politicians are evil. And any postal worker who supports Republican politicians is either independently wealthy, a PCES or a fool.

  24. ET what difference does it make if the 2006 Act was an amendment to the 2003 law or the 1884 law? My point is that Republicans controlled the House, Senate and Presidency when the PAEA was passed. You are missing my point by continuing to focus on the 2003 law which had nothing about pre-funding the health care benefits of Postal employees who were not yet born. Once again the facts are that the George W Bush commission created a report on the USPS ( George Bush (Republican) asked the House and Senate (controlled by Republicans)to pass comprehensive Postal reform legislation following the principles laid out by the committee in its report. I have never claimed that Democrats were forced to vote for anything. I did state that the political climate back then was a lot different than it is now. The Democrats compromised with the Republicans and voted for passage of the PAEA despite their distaste for the Republican backed provisions in the bill. Not all Republicans are evil, but all proposals from Republicans are anti-worker and for the 1%. Any postal worker who supports Republicans are either independently wealthy, a PCES or a fool. Which one are you ET?

  25. …and I might add that you apparently are OK with the support that the democrats gave by voting for the PAEA because you haven’t lodged one complaint against them…and that makes you a two-faced hypocrite.

  26. Probably it is because you can’t argue the facts…instead of pushing your revisionist history that you liberals are so famous for.

    Do you deny that the 2006 law was an amendment bill to the 2003 law?, because if you do it is you that has substituted reality for fantasy. You have presented no logic or reason, your only complaint is that the republicans had a commission and that somehow forced the democrats to vote for the PAEA…do you see how stupid and childish that sounds?

  27. I actually gave up. Logic and reason did not work with you and the thread was descending into the typical juvenile arena with comments by zam and the other guy suffering from ODS.

  28. WAY TO GO ET! LMFAO!!!! I say that WHILE drinkin my Busch beer. Cheers to you – WHERE’S WALDO?????????!!!!!!!!!

  29. Walt,

    You cannot “amend” something that doesn’t exist!

    In 2006 they amended the 2003 law. Now put on your dunce cap and go to the chalkboard and write that down 100 times or until it sinks in.

  30. Good night Walt!…Life is hard enough without going through it being stupid. You obviously understand nothing and are not as smart as you think you are as evidenced by your obstinacies put on display here.

    One last time…Public Law 108-18(“Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act Of 2003”) mandated congress to revisit the CSRS retirement and health benefits funding question(..if you would actually read it you would see that) and set up the payment timetable and how to escrow the monies collected. Public Law 109-435(PAEA) is an amendment bill to Public Law 108-18 and set forth those provisions, actuarial tables and timelines for funding(..hence the title “Postal Civil Service Retirement and Health Benefits Funding Amendments of 2006”) and codified them into the law that your beloved left wing ideologues voted for and that you can’t bring yourself to admit to…like I said, your nothing but a shill for the democrat party. Your questions about the time table of payments are nothing but a bunch of hind sight and second guessing nonsense that you liberals like to engage in after the fact in an attempt to appear smart. Hind sight is not wisdom and second guessing is not strategy. You should have called your left wing ideologue buddies in D.C. and lodged a complaint, or were you one of those who thought it was a good idea at the time. Your insane insistence on the commission as the reason for the tenets of the PAEA speaks volumes about you…NO FINDINGS BY THESE COMMISSIONS ARE BINDING ON VOTING MEMEMBER OF CONGRESS!

    Did you get your job at the PO on the “slow learners” program? Your imaginary assessment of me is wrong on all counts. Eight years military and 28+ years in electronics wholly qualifies me for my job. I am well known in the plant I work at and never find myself “alone” unless I want to get away from, well people like you Walt. But you, I’ll bet are in management. They seem to be a magnet for sub-par employees like I’m guessing you are. Tell me, did you go from a level 2 custodian into management? That seems to be the trend where I work. Hopefully there will be a RIF in management soon and if you are in management you will find yourself on the outside looking in.

  31. I got ur ODS right here walt. Did you get your APWU member only retirement annuity yet?

  32. enufisenuf, I know who you are. You are not a member of the Union you are a scab suffering from ODS.

  33. If I take an early out from USPS, as a dues paying member of the APWU, will I be able to receive an annuity or lump sum payout from the APWU Retirement Fund for its members?

  34. ET they are tangentially related in that congress attempted to address the CSRS funding issue prior to the commission’s report. The commission’s report and the charge to congress by President Bush to reform the USPS using the recommendations of the report as a guide led directly to the PAEA. There is nothing in the law that you seem to be so insistent on blaming for the pre-funding aspect of the PAEA, that called for pre-funding 75 years of medical benefits for employees who were not yet born. Why not prefund over 60 years? Why did it have to be done in 10 years? On a more personal note ET, do you generally find yourself working alone on projects? Something tells me that most of your co-workers would find you very difficult to work with. You seem to be well set in your ways and logic and reason are foreign concepts to you. Just based on our interaction here, I believe if you were to take the 955 exam and you were honest during the self assessment phase, you would not even get an opportunity to take the exam.

  35. Uh Walt…in case you don’t get it H.R. 6407:Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act(Public Law 109-435) and Public Law 108-18 are directly related. So the one has everything to do with the other. The other titles that this bill was called “Postal Civil Service Retirement and Health Benefits Funding Amendments of 2006”. Is that clear enough for you Walt?

    The sponsor was Thomas Davis(R-VA11)

    Cosponsors of H.R. 6407(PAEA)
    Danny Davis(D-IL7)
    John McHugh(R-NY23)
    Henry Waxman(D-CA30)

    Hardly an attack by the evil republicans Walt! Like I said it was voice voted in both chambers and no records were kept. It passed unanimously in the senate( in hardly anybody voted no).

  36. Hey ET, why all the name calling? You made some good points in your argument, but by calling Walt a bunch of names you just showed that you’re immature. I don’t get it. I made a list:

    Moron–Comrade–Tool–Low information voter–Stooge–Clown–Liar–Zealot–Nutjob. When you call people names like this in a discussion, it weakens your argument. It gives your audience the impression that you are not intelligent. As a fellow Libertarian, I might agree with your message, but your I find your delivery repugnant.

  37. Didn’t Waxman and Issa both receive donations from the unions once? Me thinks so…better check it out!

  38. PUBLIC LAW 108–18—APR. 23, 2003
    ‘‘(B)(i) In computing the actuarial present value of future benefits,
    the Office shall include the full value of benefits attributable
    to military and volunteer service for United States Postal Service
    employees first employed after June 30, 1971, and a prorated share
    of the value of benefits attributable to military and volunteer service
    for United States Postal Service employees first employed before
    July 1, 1971.
    ‘‘(ii) Military service so included shall not be included in the
    computation of any amount under subsection (g)(2).
    ‘‘(2)(A) Not later than June 30, 2004, the Office shall determine
    the Postal supplemental liability as of September 30, 2003. The
    Office shall establish an amortization schedule, including a series
    of equal annual installments commencing September 30, 2004,
    which provides for the liquidation of such liability by September
    30, 2043.
    ‘‘(B) The Office shall redetermine the Postal supplemental
    liability as of the close of the fiscal year, for each fiscal year
    beginning after September 30, 2003, through the fiscal year ending
    September 30, 2038, and shall establish a new amortization
    schedule, including a series of equal annual installments commencing
    on September 30 of the subsequent fiscal year, which
    provides for the liquidation of such liability by September 30, 2043.
    ‘‘(C) The Office shall redetermine the Postal supplemental
    liability as of the close of the fiscal year for each fiscal year beginning
    after September 30, 2038, and shall establish a new amortization
    schedule, including a series of equal annual installments commencing
    on September 30 of the subsequent fiscal year, which
    provides for the liquidation of such liability over 5 years.
    ‘‘(D) Amortization schedules established under this paragraph
    shall be set in accordance with generally accepted actuarial practices
    and principles, with interest computed at the rate used in
    the most recent dynamic actuarial valuation of the Civil Service
    Retirement System.
    ‘‘(E) The United States Postal Service shall pay the amounts
    so determined to the Office, with payments due not later than
    the date scheduled by the Office.
    ‘‘(F) An amortization schedule established under subparagraph
    (B) or (C) shall supersede any amortization schedule previously
    established under this paragraph.
    ‘‘(3) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in computing
    the amount of any payment under any other subsection of this
    section that is based upon the amount of the unfunded liability,
    such payment shall be computed disregarding that portion of the
    unfunded liability that the Office determines will be liquidated
    by payments under this subsection.
    ‘‘(4) Notwithstanding any other provision of this subsection,
    any determination or redetermination made by the Office under
    this subsection shall, upon request of the Postal Service, be subject
    to reconsideration and review (including adjustment by the Board
    of Actuaries of the Civil Service Retirement System) to the same
    extent and in the same manner as provided under section 8423(c).’’.

  39. Hey Walt…commission findings are NOT BINDING on congress…is that clear to you? It is you that is uninformed. You didn’t read PL108-18 or else you wouldn’t have said that, it is mentioned throughout that document.

    So you don’t like right wing ideologues but you love your left wing ideologues…right moron?

    Grow up!

  40. ET the reason why I brought up the commission is because that is where the genesis of the PAEA comes from. I thought since you were an ET you understood how laws were made, but perhaps I have assumed too much. When Republicans control the House or the Senate they assign more members to committees than Democrats. What that means is that the committee to reform the USPS had more Republicans than Democrats. The Public Law that you referenced deals with the funding for CSRS employees. The Bush Presidential Commission was dominated by right wing republican ideologues who have long desired the privatization of the USPS. They had an anti-worker agenda and this was expressed by their report. Not every item in the PAEA was bad for workers or bad for the USPS, but the bad things were put in by Republicans. Republicans owe their allegience to the wealthy and big business but win elections because of the vote and support of the uninformed.

  41. You know Walt, you keep bringing up that commission as though their findings forced the democrats to vote yes on the PAEA…you are a disingenuous liar for taking that position but I have come to expect that from the left wing zealots like you. I really doubt that you read that document you linked to or else you would have seen that everything I said was true about the origins of the PAEA. Did you even look up Public Law 108-18? It is referenced in that document, which by the way is nothing but “assumptive” accounting. That too was voted for by democrats and republicans alike, both parties will compromise and come together on any legislation that gives them money to spend and if you weren’t such a partisan tool of the left you would know that. Why does that make one worse than the other? I know my facts are superior to your “facts” because mine have the benefit of being true, yours on the other hand are distortions based on the political dogma of the left, and what you call name calling is actually descriptions of people like you based on that ideology which you espouse.

    Don’t try to take the high road with me with your “pity” remarks. It is a well known tactic of the left to “project” onto their adversaries the very thing that they are guilty of…in this case not knowing fact from fiction. You proved this the moment you painted the PAEA as a republican attack on the USPS. That is a total distortion of reality and you know it!

    Since you watch Hannity and I don’t why don’t you tell me what “discredited info” he spreads about the USPS, or is that just another way to try and smear your opponent? I am sure your like the rest of the left wing nutjobs and get your news from comedy central or msnbc.

    So now I am selfish for wanting my health care funded? The intellectual dishonesty in that remark is very telling about you comrade Jones. Perhaps you want to fall under Obama Care but I do not.

    Zam made a good point, this current president is racking up debt at a record pace at the expense of our children’s future…today’s debt is tomorrows taxes. When is the national debt going to matter to you retards on the left? If you morons on the left really believe that we can spend our way to prosperity then you are morally bankrupt.

  42. I will sum this up in a few! Maybe we should call Walt “CUNT” like mslsd called Sara Palin. Also, the Postal Service is taking care of “The Worthless” like Obama is taking care of his worthless with FREE OBAMA CELL PHONES AND MORE!! The Unions are failing. Just ask the PSE’s who they are supposely backing? I can’t wait til the Post Office is privatized. With 23 yrs service, it can’t get much worse for me. We will have no retirement after Obama and his cronies tax and withdrawal money from our pensions and health care coverage. And for all you against FMLA COVERAGE: KISS MY WORE DOWN ASS! I will give you the Chapstick to do it. Your face is so cracked from the fakeness you willl need it on more than your lips. Give it to Nancy Pelosi to use to lube up the wine glasses before digesting her wine. She is taking your money and it’s going straight to her winery.

  43. On one level, the prepayment made better sense than “correcting” our end of year surplusses with ridiculous contracts for useless gadgets or unneeded services, just to get rid of money. But right after that came E-Buy! Where we were forced to buy from “preferred vendors” that often charged 7x the price we were paying locally before E-Buy. It was the perfect storm. If you remember, it was right after E-Buy, that our “finacial problems” started. Wer’e not losing money.
    Wer’e being ROBBED!

  44. Paul G, thank you for your kind words. Fortunately I deal with people like ET every day, they have a sense of superiority but when challenged they resort to name calling and repeating the same discredited information that they see on Hannity. They should be pitied rather than ridiculed because they are unable to distinguish between fact and opinion.

  45. ET you make some very excellent points. Your examples of Republican compromise are well taken. However rather than discuss cell phones for illegal aliens or President Obama’s birth in Kenya or the grand conspiracy to take away your guns and house you in a FEMA trailer, let us focus on this one issue. Surely you can acknowledge that since the Republicans took over the house in 2010 there has been very little compromise between the parties. The Republicans say either do what we want or nothing gets done. The facts about the origins of the PAEA are clear. On December 11, 2002 GWB issued an executive order establishing the President’s commission on the Postal Service. I could list the names of the 9 members of the commission but suffice to say there were eight Republicans and one Democrat (of the nine there was also 1 labor leader whose organization had endorsed Bush). On July 31, 2003 the commission issued its report to the President, the report recommended allowing excessive mailing discounts to continue, it called for drastic cuts in postal workers wages and benefits and it also proposed mass closings of mail processing plants and post offices (sound familiar?). In December 2003, President Bush called on congress to enact comprehensive Postal reform following the principles recommended by the commission. In 2005 the Republican controlled house passed HR 22, in 2006 the Senate passed S 662 and both bills were sent to the conference committee (controlled by Republicans) to be reconciled. On December 9, 2006 The Republicans who had lost the house during the November elections passed the reconciled bill which was then signed into law by President Bush on December 20, 2006. As far as your desire to force the USPS to continue to pay 5.5 billion a year because of your selfish reasons, what if they could fund your future health care without paying the 5.5 billion would you support ending the payment then?

  46. Walt says…” I hope you took advantage of the early out so that you can avoid some of the costs that your Republican buddies are imposing on postal workers to reduce the debt.”

    So let me see if I got this straight…if the republicans want us to contribute more for retirement for those hired after Dec 31 2013, that is construed as a “pay cut” but when the president of the APWU negotiates an increase in our health plan premiums that somehow isn’t a pay cut…right? Not to mention that the president of the APWU has set in motion for the reduction in wages for all USPS craft employees, as evidenced by the NALC and NMPU arbitration awards. It is a good thing that Romney didn’t get elected cause he would have undone all the great things that Obama and the democrats have done for the USPS…right?

    And you wonder why libertarians such as myself think you lefties are insane.

  47. ET, Walt has stated facts without attacking you personally. You have stated facts while attcking Walt personally. You should stop being the big bully,It diminishes your credability.

  48. Oh…and Walt, would that be the debt that the “King of Kenya” has racked up? Do you want to try and distort that reality and twist it so it is Bush’s fault?

  49. The problem I have is when people like you lay the entire passage of the PAEA at the feet of the republican party. The republicans always vote for bills that they don’t entirely agree with…that has been happening for a very long time. Clowns like you act as though the democrats hands are clean in all of this and it is sickening. Just like Obama’s first term director of OMB who now works for Citigroup has called for privatization of the USPS and Democrat Diane Feinstein’s hubby has first source rights on the sale and resell of USPS real estate holdings as they come up for sale. The democrat sharks are in the same tank as the republican sharks when it comes to the USPS…more of that compromise you seem to love so much.

    Since your the one with the selective memory why don’t you look up S.380(Public Law 108-18), that is the genesis of the PAEA and look who the sponsors of that bill are. It is only eight pages so low info voters like yourself can read it and follow along. In 2003 the USPS was forced to fund the military buyback portion of people’s retirement to the tune of 27 billion dollars…remember that? More of that compromise you seem to cherish so much.

    As far as the PAEA goes, I want the USPS to pay that money because I am a future retiree and want the health plan portion of my retirement funded. One of the biggest unstated reason for the PAEA is because the USPS puts more people into the OPM retirement system than any other agency. I don’t see a big difference from the PAEA and the Social Security system…both are Ponzi schemes and all the monies collected go to the general fund to pay for things like Obama phones, EBT cards for illegal aliens, welfare subsidies for the people who have lost their jobs due to Obamanomics, weapons for the drug cartels in Mexico and the Syrian rebels, the Arab Spring, Drone bases in North Africa and America, all the other low intensity conflicts going on in the middle east and finally all the vacations that Barack and Michelle take.

    I have given you a few examples of compromise…still like it? It was easy for the democrats to compromise on the PAEA and S.380 because it put money into their hands so that they could fund their social programs that they like better than the USPS. I just wish the “King of Kenya” would pass a constitutionally mandated budget(..also known as Spending Plan) instead of these continuing resolutions that congress compromises on, it has been over 1500 days since we have seen an actual budget presented to congress for an up or down vote…come on Walt…show a little outrage! I really miss all the whining about gas prices and “un-funded wars” from you partisan clowns on the left. We have lost more troops in Afghanistan under Obama’s watch than Bush’s but nary a peep from you fools on the left about that.

    I have been an ET for going on 30 years now. What are you Walt? A DBCS clerk, AFSM100 clerk, Manual cases clerk(030)or manual distribution clerk?…really? You are the dinosaur in the room.

  50. ET, I did not want to make this personal but….Are you perchance one of the 955 exam ET’s? You have a very selective memory. George Bush’s commission made a series of recommendations that the Repubican congress took up. There were some positive things in the PAEA and that is why most Postal Unions and management associations supported it. The one Postal Union that did not was led by the visionary Bill Burrus who saw through the charade when the postal commission was first formed by President Bush. The fact that Democrats voted for the bill even though they did not support everything in it demonstrates that unlike today’s congress they were willing to compromise. I hope you took advantage of the early out so that you can avoid some of the costs that your Republican buddies are imposing on postal workers to reduce the debt.

  51. Ya Walt…you delusional tool. Just because the republicans controlled the house and senate that does not abdicate the democrats from their votes. If that is the standard then what about the first two years of Obama’s first term, when the democrats had total control…and did nothing for the USPS, so you can bag your righteous indignation. I can tell that your a low information voter.

    The truth is the truth…I don’t care where it comes from. You on the other hand are a stooge of the left wing and suffer from a parasitic mental disorder called liberalism, which has been scientifically proven. Good luck moron cause you are going to need it shortly.

  52. Ya Walt…you delusional tool. Just because the republicans controlled the house and senate that does not abdicate the democrats from their votes. If that is the standard then what about the first two years of Obama’s first term, when the democrats had total control…and did nothing for the USPS, so you can bag your righteous indignation. I can tell that your a low information voter.

    The truth is the truth…I don’t care where it comes from. You on the other hand are stooge of the left wing and suffer from a parasitic mental disorder called liberalism, which has been scientifically proven. Good luck moron cause you are going to need it shortly.

  53. The Republicans controlled the House and Senate in 2006. Democrats took the house in the November election. During the lame duck session Republicans passed the bill and George Bush signed it into law before the Democrats took office. This video will only fool those who get their information from faux news.

  54. I sure hope that the liberals that post here and keep whining that the evil republicans did this let this article sink in real good. The only thing that should be added is that this bill was voice voted and no records were kept as to each members vote…GEE…I wonder why? This passed both chambers the same way. It was unanimous in both chambers also.

  55. This combination and some very Poor Management at the top eschelon will break tha bank very quickly. USPS still needs a thorough internal audit of its practices especially in contracting and management of real property and supplies to name a couple.

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