Video: USPS staffing shortage is blamed for Charlottesville VA residents not getting mail

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -NBC29 is investigating a postal problem plaguing Charlottesville.


 Those using the United States Postal Service (USPS) say their service is spotty and in some cases, they haven’t seen a delivery in at least a week.

Postal carriers out on the road Wednesday say the mail delay is due to a staffing shortage. They add something has to change because the mail isn’t being delivered on time.

Mail carriers say they’re working until 9 p.m., racking up, in some cases, 40 hours of overtime in a pay period. They’re even bringing in mail carriers from Fredericksburg to help.

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Source: Some Charlottesville USPS Customers Say They Aren’t Receiving Ma – NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

9 thoughts on “Video: USPS staffing shortage is blamed for Charlottesville VA residents not getting mail

  1. your mail is late because Richmond PDC don’t get it to you on time . NOT HARD TO FIGURE IT OUT WHY MAIL IS LATE… JUST ASK ANYONE WHO WORKS AT RICHMOND PDC……

  2. It’s a brainless postmaster who doesn’t know how to manage is the problem.. let’s just call it like it is

  3. It is the toolbags in charge who are responsible for
    these idiotic staffing issues. Management, under Article 3, manages
    or mismanages. Lately it has been mismanagement because
    these toolbags are only interested in upping their pay
    for performance bonuses. Less overtime, less hours, less
    maintenance, etc etc etc. The toolbags purposely short staff
    and try to get more and more out of the workers to the point
    where sick leave is rampant, there is no morale at all, people are
    getting totally fed up and the service shows it because of the
    unethical, immoral, evil toolbags ruining the service.

  4. Good job NALC of screwing over the letter carriers here VA! What joke this union has become lol. I read this months postal record nothing was mentioned of these horrible working conditions! Fred Rolandoand William Young have brought this union to ruins. Fred your out in 2018!

  5. This is the work of incompetent leadership who are more interested in pocketing “savings” at the expense of customers and the wear and tear on carriers who are ridiculously and unsafely overworked because the USPS doesn’t want to hire anybody.
    No matter how many times we hear about similar stories, it does no good, except maybe in cases where lawmakers step in. Megan Brennan is inept, totally indifferent to the needs of the customer, and needs removed along with any upper level manager who supports cutting service in any form.

  6. Why are they not hiring I work in an office with nine city routes and we have hired 4 CCA’S So what is their problem

    • My office has 9 routes also plus T6. We also have a PTF. We now have 5 ccas on the books.

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