OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — What would you do if suddenly you stopped receiving any mail. It happened to a Bay Area woman who didn’t get a single piece of mail for months.

At first she thought someone was stealing her mail. Later she found out that the U.S. Postal Service was returning all her mail to the senders. She didn’t know what bills were due and when and had to keep checking with utility companies, insurance companies, and banks. That’s when she came to us for help.

Adriana Diaz of Oakland was really worried. Every day she checked her mailbox and every day it was empty.

The mail carrier said she was on a list of residents who had moved out and left no forwarding address. The post office was returning all her mail to the senders.

USPS stops delivering Bay Area woman’s mail

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  1. Brb says:

    The postal service is not allowed to deliver to a vacant address. If the letter carrier was given a list showing which homes are vacant, he/she would have to cease delivery. It seems that the problem doesn’t lie with the postal service rather the landlord who turned the list in.