8 thoughts on “Video: Why do conservatives want to kill the USPS?

  1. Unions are killing the Post Office because they support laziness and dont do their jobs right. Management is over killing it by not treating their employees right…..slavery with no $$$ for the hard workers that do right.

  2. Dem union bosses wanna blame odders as day tol yo to vote fo der boy. Dey noed he was a bum and wood keep de econmy in sewer as he be too stoopit not to. Yo union fools canna think fo yo selfs– so yo gittin what yo voted fo.

  3. When in doubt blame Republicans and definetly Conservatives is such a crock a shit….I have never in my life time seen a president get so many passes.. He is destroying this great country and people blame republicans…OPEN YOUR EYES…Its Obama’s policies that are terrible. He wants 5 day too, not just republicans..The unions are the one to blame. Keeping the pathetic workers who kiss there ass. My union rep walks in and has no idea my name because I do my job and the guy un the corner who bangs in all the time and late for no reason gets a hug…23.44 a pay check, are you crazy, for what, 1.0% raise…Keep paying to the union and kissing their ass. Good Luck

  4. The unions are killing the USPS. Because they continue to give money and support to the Democrats and Obama. Remember Obama supports 5 day delivery and the Democrats voted for S.1789 DONT GIVE TO COLPCE!!! IDIOTS

  5. Now I’m a letter Carrier in the USPS and you know how much on average my salary has gone up in the last 30 years (Not including COLA’s)? …… “Approximately” 1.2% “A YEAR”! WoW…. the unions are killing the PO!! With that measly 1.2% a year! But the Republicans say we’re “overpaid”! I walk about 3 miles daily in all manner of weather carrying a bag of mail weighing 30-50 pounds (don’t use a pushcart). Let our politicians do that for a few days. I see Local and State civil services get 3-5% yearly raises or more and “I’M OVERPAID”!

  6. There are 2 skip payments of pre funding, BUT usps still report loss without paying the pre funding.
    What the heck?

  7. How are unions killing the post office? I notice both parties seem to hate the federal unions in particular, and as you indicate, place the Service’s woes on us. How we can be responsible when we only earn a modest middle class salary, much less than the auto workers who basically bankrupted their employers with salaries they knew were not possible? True, they felt that they had earned their piece of the pie in the UAW, but greed got the best of them.
    The postal unions are smarter than that. They understand the Postal Service is still our employer, and are not trying to make it fail with ridiculous wage demands. Ask anybody in a state or region where the cost of living is sky high, like California, and ask those carriers if they can get by on one salary. Even in states with a more affordable cost of living if you have kids especially, you still need two wage earners to make ends meet. My wife is 100% disabled and if it wasn’t for the fact that we couldn’t kids, we’d be suffering.
    But to hear Donohoe, Issa and the fucking Republicans tell the tale, we’re getting too much. Fact is, they hate the middle class above all else because they want it all for themselves. They’re so greedy and corrupt they can’t understand by wiping out the middle class they will destroy the economy. If people can’t spend money on durable goods, cars, and a few extras here and there only the most basic business can survive. Investment houses and banks will go down the toilet. FDR understood a healthy business class depended on the spending power of the consumers, and if you took away their money, you would be in the bread line right behind them. I doubt the lessons of the past mean a damn thing to anybody any more. As the saying goes, those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it, and in this case, millions will be drug down to a third world status as a result of the GOP mindset and the idiots who can barely pay their bills who still vote against their own best interests because they believe the horseshit about taking our guns, prayer in school and other crap.

  8. Without the Pre-funding burden, the USPS would have posted a profit every quarter this fiscal year. The $16 Billion loss this guy speaks of is due to the pre-funding ($11 B-2011 defaulted payment and 2012 payment (so the loss is counted twice)) and workers Comp payments. It is clear that the Republicans are after the Unions. They demonize unions at every turn. Why did the car industry collapse? Blame the unions! Forget that the Japanese auto industry is propped up and subsidized by their government. Why is the Post Office losing money? Blame the unions! Forget that Congress is robbing us blind. Not only do they have $45 Billion of the USPS’s money in the pre-funding account, The Postal Service has also overpayed into the 2 retirement systems currently used by it’s employees by as much as $75 Billion. Congress will not release any of that money back to the Post Office because they have already wasted it elsewhere.

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