Videos: Is this video of a USPS employee kicking packages the real deal?

A video was posted to Facebook this week of a Houston County USPS mail carrier kicking and dropping packages.|


We sent Jacob Reynolds to the woman’s house to verify if this video is what it appears to be.

After Vontressa Williams’ brother shared the video it got hundreds of shares.

WMAZ wanted to know, is this video the real deal?

Source: Verify: Is this video of a USPS employee kicking packages the real deal? |

32 thoughts on “Videos: Is this video of a USPS employee kicking packages the real deal?

  1. Tin Man you MUST be Postal management! You have a keen sense to look the other way and find other reasons besides the truth.

    The video doesn’t lie, stop making a fool of yourself.

  2. The Postal Mismanagement Cultural Marxism Diversity Program for the sake of Diversity has killed the Post Office… our PD&C on Long Island, NY 117/119 I feel like I am working in Bombay, India instead of Long Island, NY………..last month we got the results that out of 133 PD&C’s in USA we are 132! 8 months to go and glad I have invested in shares of UPS and FDX…..this place is too far gone to be fixed. my stock can only go up. if the Postal Circus is in business 10 years from now I would be very surprised!

    • You can toss a few coins into the wishing well on that statement. Both the ring dings and grape soda weigh much less. The brain loves sugar and instant pleasure. You know what I am buying at the store today.

  3. CCA or not, there’s several things here that are wrong, kind of like the back of the kid’s “Highlights” magazine where they are supposed to find out different things that don’t belong there. And “Tin Man”, for shit’s sake learn how to read and write! Your spelling and punctuation is horrible.
    First, the issue at hand: she may have slipped and dropped the package accidentally. I know I’ve dropped a few in my career, but never on purpose, nor did I chuck packages out the back door like they were bales of hay, or just kicked them out of my way. You can scoot a package with your foot maybe, but there is no question this person was lazy as hell. No excuses here – you can’t blame management for a damned lousy performance. I knew high ranking union officers and I was one for 17 years who had their blame game down pat – no matter what the carrier did, it was ALWAYS the management’s fault. Sometimes it wasn’t, and like it or not, the NALC should never support or advocate slop carrying but they always do. It made it hard for me as an officer because while there were severe problems at various points of my career, which I’m glad to say is over now, being a retiree recently, I was not sympathetic to goof offs and carriers who did piss poor jobs, called in all the time, screwed PTF’s and OTDL’s by giving twice or more as much swings as authorized, etc. It makes all of us look bad, just like this woman.
    Second, the CCA system is a very tough one, and terribly unfair. Some good people go literally years before they get routes of their own and start getting the benefits everybody else gets, and their pay is only about half of a topped out carrier. Both the managers and NALC mishandle this situation. Because the NALC is very lax about representing CCA’s, management can run roughshod over them and they often do. The union was asleep at the switch when this program got passed, and although I’d never run for national office, one of the first things I’d demand contract wise would be an immediate return to the PTF program.
    Third, the CCA and some regular employees allow themselves to be programmed like robots. They run like hell, are sloppy, and told to ignore change of addresses. They stuff boxes full with vacant cards in them, stuff boxes full at empty houses, ignore vacation holds and make little effort in too many cases to try to learn at least a few names. No letter carrier, regular, carrier technician or CCA should ever allow themselves to be pushed into working through lunches and giving management 30 minutes of free work, skipping breaks, or working so fast it causes tons of misdelivered mail. I can count on my rural carrier and his sub to screw my mail up and deliver it to neighbors usually once a week, and that’s inexcusable.
    Third, cameras are everywhere. Why haven’t some people figured that out yet? The GPS scanners follow carriers in real time, yet some deviate too far off their routes, pad lunch breaks, and other stupid stuff they will get caught red handed doing. This carrier was lazy, indifferent and didn’t think about getting busted. And you could tell just what kind of attitude she had immediately. If carrying mail isn’t your thing get out. You are a disservice to the customers and fellow workers, who don’t need your piss poor attitude. In my 32 years+ I did my level best to be the most accurate and efficient carrier possible, and that’s what all carriers should do. If you don’t want to put in an honest day’s work, get out.

    • Leave me “Tin Man” out you old coot, so this camera caught a bad time. We all work or used to work under surveillance 24-7, so who gives 2 cents about your goody two shoes rant. You were or are no better than the next worker in this postal menagerie. She didn’t do any criminal activity, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Your assignment for today! Bend over for eight hours and touch your toes, that way you get some good scaring tissue in your throat…we all know where that goes next. At least some of us einstein.

  4. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to retire after 31 years , I have knee , wrist , and back issues , I am just worn out !!!!
    , God forbid I retired with a disability, I would rather be in pain than to have to look over my shoulder whenever I had to lift something! All I can say to you new guys is “hang in there ” I would like to say it gets better ! But then I would bea liar! During my 31 years I have always worked another job in addition !

  5. Good grief
    These people must have perfect backs and hardy hand gripping hands,
    ya ever think the package was just to heavy and slippery
    the packages on the ground just got a nudge
    lets see, you got 800 customers today
    you give each customer that extra 2 minutes
    800 customers (times) 2 minutes=1600 minutes
    divide 1600 mines by 1 hour (60 minutes)
    that’s over an additional 26 hours
    ha ha ha
    you not sleeping, you not watching tv, you not looking at film and playing on computer
    you think doing repetitive motion into excess hours without the proper rest is healthy?
    you bend your back over all day, with those stomach fluids bouncing into your throat, you got some serious health results.
    Give me a break
    get off your duff and unload some trucks slackers, see your spine in a year

    • Amazon will look and resell the same item, if the box is damaged, they reduce the price a little. No one looses here.
      Customers back?
      Get in the truck and start unloading slacker, why don’t you start lifting heavy stuff all day.
      Back seat drivers everywhere, the road is filled with milk trucks
      Oh Tin Man you did it again

  6. It’s a hard job, lots of micro-managing, lots of bosses screaming at cca’s and rca’s to hurry up or else…that being said, develop some skin, even as a cca, excercise your rights to a harassment grievance if you are being leaned on to hurry up too much, and stop doing stuff like this, it makes yourself (and the rest of us who wouldn’t do something this stupid) look like a bunch of lazy morons…happy easter!

    • Put me in Cuba, smoking refer, running shine, sweeping the cigar factory.
      I got one of the best brooms from the “broom cobbler” came directly from 2 custodians career employees that gazed at this broom for 30 plus years each. That was a 60 year old broom on the “broom cobblers” monthly sale flyer. I don’t use the broom, I glassed in the broom and just keep the refer coming to think of the day I will use it. Took out a plot and some simple life insurance in case I don’t make it.

    • What a bum of a comment. I am going to your house and outside on the street smoke refer all day. Taking my chair too. You will unwind from your trip then

  7. That’s a CCA for sure, she acted like she doesn’t know the box is heavy, but she loaded the truck herself.

    You’re fired!

  8. Good luck getting any discipline! From the video, you can tell the mail person, did not try to properly pick up the big package. She was holding the scanner in her left hand, so when she tried to pick it up, it lost balance and fell. What truly amazes me, is that she did not even care! Typical lazy CCA hire! Good letter carriers treat other peoples parcels as if they are delivering their own! I have been doing so for nearly 30 years!

    • Hey battle breath, leave her alone, you unhappy corn cob.

      The incident happened the worker moved on to the next logical work choice.

      We all know you would of had a trauma breakdown, and waited for the boss to show up or filled out a 3971 for administrative time. This may have put you over the edge for a disability.

      You got a real problem with pleasure in disciplining others in your subconscious

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