Vigil held for Georgia postal worker killed over weekend following accident

5/18/16 NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — A vigil was held Wednesday night for a postal worker killed over the weekend in Newton County.

Hillary Hicks was thrown from her truck when it was hit from behind as she pulled back onto the road after a delivery.

Vigil held for Georgia postal worker killed over weekend following accident


At Wednesday night’s vigil, Hicks’ husband said his wife now has a new job.

“I think somehow or another, the Lord got mail for her to deliver up there. You know, he’s got work for the angels, he’s got work for her,” Willie Hicks said.

Hicks’ son, who also works for the U.S. Postal Service, says this tragedy won’t stop him from doing his job. He says he will continue on as a postal worker because he knows it would make his mom happy.

Vigil to be held for postal carrier killed over weekend

Hillary Hicks, 56, of Decatur, was killed on Highway 81 near Booger Hill Road in Oxford Saturday.

She had pulled over to the right on Highway 81 northbound. According to witnesses, Hicks pulled onto the east shoulder of Highway 81. As Charles Reisinger, 58, of Akron, Ohio, attempted to pass the mail truck on the left, Hicks pulled back onto the road while attempting to make a left turn into a private drive to deliver mail.

Reisinger, who was traveling with his 8-year-old son, told Georgia State Patrol officers he had attempted to avoid the collision by steering right. Witness Shepherd Davis of Lawrenceville, reported that Reisinger had nowhere to go and everything happened so fast.

The mail truck was struck from behind, rotated counterclockwise while overturning, coming to a stop 33 feet away on private drive.

According to Post Master Deborah Kinsey, Hicks had been working at the post office for approximately 10 years. “She was just an outstanding carrier. It’s been pretty emotional. Our carriers are supporting each other, talking about safety every day. We have some new carriers here and they’re a little afraid.”


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  1. ALL condolences to, the family of one of our own lost in the line of our mission for US.

  2. The US Postal Service has GREAT EMPLOYEE’S. Let’s Support them so we can better’
    serve our public. just saying…………

    • Mark what discipline she passed away? Look that was my aunt whom lost her life. So there will be no discipline.

  3. Too bad, sad it happened….waiting for the disciplined for not having her seatbelt on.
    And the family missed out on the $10,000 “bonus” for passing wearing one.

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