Voluntary Early Retirements for City Carriers in FY 2014?

The Postal Service is predicting a huge number of retirements–41,000–in FY 2014 that starts October 1, 2013.  That is only possible if the Postal Service offers Voluntary Early Retirements with an incentive to city carriers.  The new NALC contract allows the USPS to replace career City Carriers with non-career CCAs up to a maximum of 15 percent in each District.

Last year, FY 2013, about 43,000 postal employees retired.  In FY 2015 the Postal Service expects the number of retirements to drop sharply to about 12,000 annually.  That appears to be the end of large-scale VER incentive offers.

The Postal Service’s projections are in the Five-Year Business Plan (click on graphic for larger view)

USPS Projection on the number of employees thru 2017

USPS Projection on the number of employees thru 2017

Don Cheney
Auburn WA

37 thoughts on “Voluntary Early Retirements for City Carriers in FY 2014?

  1. Anyone notice that the only ones opposed to stopping Sat Delivery are the full time union officers that already have Saturdays off? All us working carriers would love to attend some of our kids and family functions.

  2. I just bought back 4 years military time and that puts me at 27yr. next month. I have been thinking of nothing except the next chapter of my life, without the postal service. Tired of getting screwd bc a manager/supervisor shoots me wop bc they feel like it and they say oh it was a mistake. The only people who appreciate you are your customers. I had OT on another route in a rainstorm , and the street quickly flooded. I had so many people blowing their horns giving me a thumbs up , saying great job and it wasn’t even my route. I get back and mgmt. wanted to know why did I make penalty time. I was walking in over knee deep water while your shopping on the computer. Its time to go. Put up with people who don’t know how to run a business or treat their people long enough. Didnt they pay some guy or firm millions to tell them what to do financially. Shame on them. Wow !!! Who authorizes that penalty time. Just make the VERA ANNOUNCEMENT. I’ll take the best gift the P.O. could ever give me. Early parole

  3. It is sad to note that how many fed up people are working for the USPS…do you guys think that management intentionally violates the contract just to make us mad? has anyone experienced the COR adjustments in their office? I really used to like going to work and delivering the mail but after 30 years it sucks to work at the PO!

  4. If it wasn’t for the union, you could trim enough lazy f#*($%@ to save the Postal Service.
    Been a city carrier for 30 years and will not stay for any empty promises.
    Getting rid of Saturday delivery will stop all the weekend sick calls.

  5. I just want to know who is the guy that wrote this article and got all us city carriers foaming at the mouth? Is it credible or just yanking our chains again. Bring it on I don’t care at this point what we get I just want the opportunity to run after 25 years. Its hard to do your job when they don’t LET you do your job!!

  6. Get rid of Postmasters…you don’t let them manage their office anyway. Why have them. Another incentive or not and I am gone!!!!

  7. For the clerk who asked what about a vera for the clerks, You just had one. You guys had to be out by Jan 1, 2013 and got money to leave with. You apparently missed the boat.

  8. Early out for city and rural carriers would be the time to reduce wasted cost by eliminating 6 day street delivery.
    Saving in work hours and fuel cost with increase in parcel and shipping market should move near breakeven point. Revenue generation with intelligent business cost reductions would move closer to breakeven bottom line. Eliminating or consolidating small community cluster which no longer serve any purpose other than providing high salaries for postmasters selling stamps and boxing mail or may have 2-3 rural routes is not cost effective but an ignored by Congress. Issa plan would save USPs in time.
    Parcel delivery 5 days a week is business USPS should seek as this market will continue to grow.

  9. The early incentive, could give you 40k easy, and break even in 1 year. CCA gets 25k less salary, no hbp, no tsp and or retirement contributions. Why can’t congress figure out that you don’t have to prefund 75 years of hbp bene’s when we haven’t hired a full time ee with benefits in 10 years, and any 30 year old is not going to live to 105. Just fund it for 50 tears and what about the total # of ee’s that we have now as compared to 2006 that need prefunding. It all goes to the general fund black hole, never to be seen again.

  10. Judy, mgmt. has never honored a contract before. They break it on a daily basis.

    What makes you think they’ll honor a no layoff clause ?

  11. All the Et out there, I understand you hate…blacks, brown, yellow, reds and postal employees I could go on, but just let me say that being stupid is not an excuse. In this world of ours, yes it belongs to us all, there are good and bad, smart and dumb, motivated and unmotivated in everything; jobs, positions, careers.

  12. Boston Carrier, I don’t think they can lay off that many carriers by stopping saturday delivery, they are covered under the no lay off in our contract, maybe not 100 percent of them, but the vast majority are. I think, I pray there is a buyout coming.

  13. Exactly boston carrier. THAT is where that 40k less carriers is coming from, not some incentive.

  14. looks as if the P.O. thinks that the loss of Saturdays is a certainty. Can anyone think of anything else that would eliminate that many jobs ?

  15. In my office we now have 4 carriers out on injuries.
    One new CCA with limited English skills and is 62 yrs old
    and forced overtime daily.
    Avg age of City Carrier is 53 yrs old in our office…

  16. Thanks Don for your article. I’m gonna try and hold out for a buyout…….like someone said above: this is not the job we signed up for. So true…. 39 years in trying for 41 11 will never make it now!

  17. more postal propaganda. does not get any better than this. Really can mngmt maybe focus on keeping us in business for a change instead of martini lunch fodder!

  18. Just offer VERA already Donahoe I don’t care about incentives, just want to get the Hell out without penalties. Offer it now and watch how many of us leave! This is not the job we signed up for anymore

  19. ANY incentive to take the VER should be accompanied by a NO penalty (2% per yr early) for those retire before 55 yrs old.
    If they don’t do this WITH some cash, then it does not make sense to take the VER. We are not stupid Mr. Donahoe.

  20. Wow, could there be any more maybes, ifs, ands, or buts in one article ?

    It’s the postal circus folks. Anyone with more than a year in, should know don’t believe nothing until you see it from them, and then, be careful believing it won’t screw you somehow.

  21. So the clerks and mailhandlers get a $15,00 incentive to retire, the postmasters got $20,000, and the carriers are getting offered a VERA? Good luck with that.

  22. This is the final round of the “Game of Substitution”…in other words those leaving will be replaced by the new lower wage employee. The framework for this can be credited to APWU President Cliff Guffey, along with the loss of the 40 hour work week, massive increases in health care premiums(..rate increases by the provider network + the 1% he levied on the membership) and a temporary employee workforce.

    Perhaps instead of demonizing anyone who spoke out against ObamaCare and getting exemptions for themselves Guffey and company should have demanded that Pelosi and the Keynesian Socialist that make up the Democrat Party actually let the people read the bill before it was voted on.

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