Westlake Ohio Postal Worker Denies threatening to bring gun to work

WESTLAKE, OH — Police were called to the Westlake Post Office Tuesday morning. A disgruntled employee reportedly said she was going to bring a gun to work. The employee was later located by officers at her home and denied making any such statements.


A spokesperson for Westlake Police said post offices are federal property and would usually fall under the purview of a federal agency. However, since there are no federal law enforcement outposts nearby, local officers responded to the scene.


Westlake Post Office Threat: Employee Denies Involvement

6 thoughts on “Westlake Ohio Postal Worker Denies threatening to bring gun to work

  1. A gun will solve every problem. Terrible stupidvisor, mother in law, bad day, or any other issue that troubles you a gun will take care of the problem. What is wrong with people? In the past few years people have gone nuts. A professor from Columbia University said that people are violent because we haven’t evolved that far from Chimpanzees. He calls it the Chimpanzee syndrome.

    • “did u know 1 in 6 people have some level of mental defect?” Most of them post regularly on postalreporter.com right Larry?

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