Why was the mail Delayed ?

From Communities and Postal Workers United:

Many people think, what is the problem? The mail only has to travel an extra 50 miles to the new sorting facility and 50 miles back, an extra couple of hours. What’s the big deal? Why is the mail being delayed days or even weeks?

The problem lies in the Postal Service, #1. Attempting to do the same job with fewer employees and #2. The merged facility does not have enough docks and dock space, floor space and infrastructure to handle the volume of mail. The facility is overwhelmed ! ! !

On paper, the newest sorting machines are capable of sorting the volume of mail. In reality, trying to move this volume thru existing doorways, load and unload the mail into trucks and tractor trailers, move the mail within the building is impossible. Mail comes in faster than it can be sent back out and creates a log jam. So mail sets. The longer the time mail comes in faster than it goes back out, the bigger delay. The building can hold only so much mail, so then the facility reloads the mail onto trailers, and stores the mail at a satellite location until volume drops to the point at witch it can be sorted and delivered.

Delay of Mail – Frederick, MD

Delay of Mail – Memphis, TN

Delay of Mail – Lima, OH

Delay of Mail – North Carolina

Delay of Mail – Montana

Delay of Mail – West Virginia

Delay of Mail – Georgia

Delay of Mail – Kansas

Delay of Mail – Virginia

Delay of Mail – Wyoming

Delay of Mail – Texas

Delay of Mail – Pennsylvania

Delay of Mail – Other

Delay of Mail – Colorado

Delay of Mail – Connecticut

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  1. Imagine that, delayed mail. Here in western pa four plants were consolidated. The mail went to a big facility for processing. One year later part of mail was sent to our sister site a mile up the road because of plan failure. Now copious amts of OT are used to process the mail. The time window to get the mail in, unloaded and processed is not doable. Should of left things the way they were instead of disrupting the lives of a few hundred employees and gaining NOTHING in efficiency and timely delivery. Gotta love the top guys at the USPS (not) Cannot wait to bail out of this sinking ship.

  2. I recently sent an important letter from Middletown NY to Frederick md. Took nearly 4 weeks to reach there! Guess I shud use Fed Ex or UPS next time!

  3. They won’t be able to Privatize until the Postal Service is completely and utterly in the crapper, and in order to get there, they have to destroy service, and call it “Progress”

  4. Scott, Postal management does not work for the good of the post office. They have done everything possible to keep rates low for the large mailers. With 1st class mail down by 25% there is no longer enough money to subsidize bulk mail. Some of the largest mailers are still paying less than 10 cents an ounce, the the same as when I started for the P.O. over 35 years ago!

    The BOG are are political appointees and do what Congress asks them to do. There are several associations for large mailers and they all donate to Congress and hire lobbyists to keep getting low rates. Postal management meets with these large mailers on a regular basis and outsiders are not allowed to attend. There was a court order a couple of years ago to allow union reps to attend these meetings, but the reps are still refused entry.

  5. I retired on Jan 31, 2013 and I can tell you now that I am ecstatic!!!!! Only bad thing is I have gained a few pounds!! My back was killing me, my hands were hurting, my shoulder was hurting. It has taken all this time for my should to be feeling better. My back still hurts at times. Hands are 100% better. After the two of us left, I heard that they didnt replace us! I just couldnt imagine that since we could hardly get the work out as it was. Now with 2 less people. All I can say is I bet the ones that were the supervisors pets back then (and didnt do as much work as the ones that left) are working alot harder now!!!! jUst wait till x-mas for mail being delayed! U better use UPS OR FED EX! That is if you want your mail to get there on time. Post office is pushing people to their limit, and the customer is going to pay in the end by being unhappy!

  6. This is the scenario around the country. Rush, rush, rush…forget about ergonomics, it doesn’t make sense in this environment. How can you get those trucks loaded when they leave in 5 minutes, no issuing late slips, that cost money…and you’re worried about your back??? Take some aleve, and get those dispatches made. hurry, hurry.!! “We don’t have time to request you help. are you kidding me? we are short handed as it is!’ “Put a mirror under his nose Joe and tell me if he’s still breathing!”


  8. Upper level management is deliberately eroding service to appease Donohoe, who whores for Darryl Issa. They want the Service to fail. Donohoe will get big bucks if he succeeds in ruining the Service and destroys the unions to boot and is already taking God knows how much under the table.
    I do not understand why the BOG or the President don’t fire this piece of shit. The Service can survive and thrive if it were in the hands of competent business oriented people who respect labor, but instead you get ass kissers with no business degrees who got where they are by having their heads up somebody else’s ass, or trading sex favors, or just knowing the right people. Some of the most vile mean spirited liars and cheats I’ve ever known were star management material. I’m not saying craft doesn’t have their share of equally bad people, but they can’t hurt thousands of employees through their incompetence like management can and does.
    Getting Issa and Donohoe out of the picture is critical.

  9. Our former plant manager had 38 trailers of mail stored at a facility near us. It’s been going on for years and will only get worse. There is talk of closing big stations down at lunch time for an hour because they don’t want to staff if properly. They are only going to drive business away.

  10. USPS mgmt. strikes again…………and again……………….and again………..

  11. I heard in that the Denver office just a few weeks ago processed mail that had been sitting in a truck in their parking lot since before Christmas! Now reports are coming in that mail that used to be processed in Colorado Springs, CO. is being sorted in Salt Lake City, Utah because Denver can not process any more mail then they have taken from surrounding offices.

    I have friends that work in Albuquerque, which is supposed to be a gaining plant that collection mail has been moved to Texas.

  12. Another great idea that looks good on paper but in reality does not work!! Some things may look good on paper but when its implemented just does not work!! They need to check with someone at these facilities with working knowlwdge before they make these changes to see if they might work!! But then again–oh well!!

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