Will USPS resume Network Rationalization Consolidations/Closures Schedule in 2016?

Will USPS resume Network Rationalization Consolidations/Closures Schedule in 2016?USPS Network Rationalization Consolidations List Updated 12/25/2015

According to APWU: From 2006 through 2013, the USPS consolidated over 256 mail processing centers nationwide. Another 10 facilities were stripped of their mail processing in April and May of 2015. We used to have 673 mail processing facilities – we have lost over 39 percent of our facilities.

Last year,USPS announced major changes to the Phase II-2015 USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation schedule..  USPS suspended all remaining closures and consolidations from a scheduled move date in 2015 to “To Be Determined.” Some Postal Employees were told USPS suspended plant consolidation/closures until April 2016.

After USPS consolidated and/or closed mail processing facilities service standards were not met in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015 (January through March), despite the fact that the standards were lowered. “During this time, management moved mail and employees to different shifts in order to handle the consolidations/closures and the degraded service standards.”

Service performance results for April and May continued to show that USPS was unable to meet the degraded service standards, especially where mail processing operations were shut down and consolidated with another facility.

According to SavethePostOffice: The Postal Service released its on-time performance reports for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (July 1 – Sept. 30, 2015).

Compared to the third quarter, on-time performance for most types of mail has improved, but performance remains significantly down from the same period last year (SPLY) — before the changes in service standards and operations at processing plants went into effect on January 5, 2015.

For example, during the third quarter of FY 2015, single-piece First Class mail (SPFC) had an on-time performance record of 78.1 percent for 3-to-5 day mail.  During the fourth quarter, 81.9 percent of this mail was delivered on time, an improvement of almost 5 percent.

But compared to the same period last year, on-time performance for single-piece First Class mail with a 3-to-5 day delivery standard declined from 91.3 percent to 81.9 percent, a drop of 9.4 percent.  That’s also well short of the target of 95.3 percent.

Will USPS resume Network Consolidations and closures in light of  unstable results in service performance ? Well, we will soon find out.

USPS puts nearly all plants scheduled for consolidation or closure on hold

USPS puts nearly all plants scheduled for consolidation or closure on hold

USPS Network Rationalization Consolidations List Updated 12/25/2015 (pdf)

18 thoughts on “Will USPS resume Network Rationalization Consolidations/Closures Schedule in 2016?

  1. I can’t even mail a letter to a location in the same city in under 5 days. The week before Xmas I didn’t receive one xmas card, but the Monday before Xmas, I got 11 on one day. They were all mailed from the same area, had a postmark of the 12th, so why did it take 10 days to receive them. Because Nashville P&DC but the mail in the corner because the packages were freaking everywhere. They had no time to process letters. We have cut our own throats by closing the smaller processing facilities, but who cares right?? The post office is controlled by morons that work in cubicles and have no concept of what it’s really like. Then there is this new Gallup poll we have spent millions on to know how your feeling. Why not read comments from the postal sites. Wouldn’t be hard to compile some answers. IDIOTS!!!

  2. Bet you didn’t know in the old days we had our own Express Mail distribution hub in Indianapolis IN. And our own Evergreen Airlines to fly it there. We could guarantee overnight almost everywhere. Very few place were two days like Saipan Micronesia or Nome Ak or maybe Ketchikan AK floated along the inland passage.
    In1998 with a dispatch of time of 1700 we made up collector bags that nearly filled three nutting trucks to the top handle. The four of us everyday worked like an the ants in an upturned anthill getting it sorted.
    Little jumper planes flew it from our plant to where Evergreen planes were located to take it to Indianapolis. The collectors bags were HASPed out to other Evergreen planes to fly out to their destinations.
    Now we made a pact with the devil and can’t make two days to a place just over the state line three hours away. Or even worse I know of two towns across the state lines from each other. Express Mail is two days despite the fact standing on the front steps of one Post Office you can the flag flying from the top of the other seven miles away.
    Inbound is almost as bad or worse as FedEx/Integrated is a two hour drive from here. Inbound arrives at about 1130 when all the carriers are gone and and most days is kept for next day distribution. That is if the supers hide it from the Postmaster and/or Plantmanager.
    FedEx will always be twelve hours ahead of us everywhere we go and our inbound is ghost of what was.
    I will always wonder how much that congressman representing Memphis TN got from FedEx to force us into this eight billion dollar a year “partnership”.

  3. According 2,”30 Year Causal Observer”,only momentum”works. Was,it”momentum”,that seriously downsized the Queens,NY P&D.C. ;as of Aug.1st? ,after all other major postal-plant closures/consolidations were indefinitely postponed. Oddly,under the original plans,”Queens,NY P&D.C. was slated 4 a total closure,as early May 16,2012. Instead,not only didn’t it close,it kept all mails and the week super-storm SANDY furiously blew ;it gained SBPS. Perhaps,it was”momentum”and also a super-natural combination of blessings and curses?

  4. First class volume continues to decline but junk mail and parcels have increased in our office so much that we are 30 minutes to an hour overtime most days….. so yeah when you average it all out volumes really haven’t changed

  5. The USPS webpage:


    with this document:


    shows that it was updated yesterday. If you click on it, you get a ‘file not found’ error. This does not bode well. Until the Nationals start actually directing the public’s attention to the law being broken:


    nothing will change and I guarantee that the ‘rationalization’ will continue. This has been in the works too long and Corporate still hasn’t reached its goal of 400k career.

  6. They are not management. They are bureaucrats. We had a monopoly on letter mail and plenty of money. So anybody with a GED and knew how to golf or be a ‘yes’ person became a manager.
    Then along came the Internet and you needed real business people, but were stuck with incompetents and their friends and family in mgt. And the USPS imploded.

  7. The Postal Service is doing every thing possible to gut service. Management loves long lines at the window, just watching people becoming angry. And, management enjoys having carriers overburdened, so that mail is delivered late. As long as management is given bonuses for wrong decisions, things will continue to go just as planned!

  8. It said it before and I’ll say it again. People in high places have to do something to justify their job regardless of the consequences. Cause their getting paid a lot. Now let the record show that their still making decisions without consequence to their actions. That’s the problem.

    • “still making decisions without consequence to their actions. ”

      The Postal Service has managed to separate authority and responsibility. From the bottom to the top. Until that changes – nothing changes.

      Supervisors must be given a job to do, the authority to do it and be held responsible for failure and rewarded for success. From the bottom to the top. None of this happens. Ever. That’s why nothing works except momentum. All the outside management gurus are telling them the same thing.

  9. What this Carrier says is true. Every statement above is what is happened to the Postal service. Congress might be able to correct some of this but They are no different than upper management in the post office. They are only out to get or fix their only agenda. I received a flat from UPS 2 day delivery with 3 sheets of paper in it. I was first thinking now this is a violation of first class delivery held by the post office, then I thought The post office doesn’t have first class delivery anymore so the competition is stepping in and taking it over. BTW I don’t thing they spent 49cents to send it probably 1.25. Which means people are spending more money to get reliable delivery of their letters. Bottom line is hang in there UPS and FedEx the Post Office will be out of business soon and you can have it all .

    • How the hell UPS violated “first class delivery held by the post office”?
      When UPS carries your mail, they can call it what ever they want. They just don’t have access to your mail box, get it?

  10. Until people stop mailing stuff nothing will change. Until our volumes plummet management won’t care. Everyone said it would happen and drive business away. Yet here we are still making a profit, and volumes really haven’t changed. Same thing could be said for 5 day delivery if it ever gets here. All smoke and mirrors and nothing has changed or will

  11. It appears that after the Queens,NY P&D.C. lost all incoming letter-sized and flats 2 the Brooklyn, NY P&D.C.;completed,as of Aug.1,2015. No other mail-processing facilities r targeted.

  12. The words “rationalization” and “USPS” have no business being in the same sentence.

    Nothing done by the usps, is rational in any form.

  13. The ongoing problem here is Mgmnt’s ignoring customer Service by gross understaffing of windows and underserving of the Customer with reduced hours and underperforming service standards.

  14. When will this stop-when does Mgt. figure out (even when proven wrong) that not even meeting the “downgraded delivery standards” is not just some minor sham when they telegraphed the slow down like it was a good idea? It was deliberate and the proof is they downgraded the delivery standards beforehand because they knew it would slow service. So they said it would only ruin the system just a little bit and now it’s worse than that because standards of delivery are not even close to what they said they would originally damage it in the first place.
    Why didn’t they listen when everyone asked a simple question like: “Why downgrade delivery standards”– Why DOWNGRADE what makes us GREAT? That is not a plan. It’s narcissistic and while we are at it–isn’t that the way Mgt is when it’s boiled down to it’s most basic element?
    No one in the private sector would purposely say “hey” lets downgrade our product or service and then raise fees! No CEO would do that or the stockholders would put them to the stake.
    The objective is to raise delivery standards for the fact that it is common sense. I remember just a few years back when we got a letter in-state in no more then two days and from New York to Cali in three days. In the Plants all over the country we were constantly working at getting delivery standards higher and higher. You could not go to work in mail processing or delivery or at the windows and not know what our overnite scores were!! It was awesome…and as Postal employees we knew the system worked and not only that-everyday it was getting better and better and we were shooting for almost 100%!! What in the world are we shooting for now?? When I deliver my route I am embarrassed to look at postmarks on letters I deliver! I know everyone who works for the GREAT USPS knows what is being said here.
    So WHY do we have to endure more cuts in delivery standards when the fingers are all pointing at MANAGEMENT THAT IT IS NOT WORKING?
    Where do we go from here and what is the delivery standard we are shooting for?
    Yes Sir ahhhhh yes Mam just throw the letter into the system and hopefully it will arrive sometime next month…C’mon now is this for real people?!
    How much of this are we supposed to endure to absolutely ruin something that did not need to be fixed?
    It’s the old Postal axiom: “If it ain’t broke fix it”?
    Or is it the definition of insanity…

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