Wisconsin Postmaster fined $500 after theft of $5,332 in postal funds

MADISON – A former postmaster of Mason who threw away a 30-year career after stealing $5,332 in postal funds was fined $500 Wednesday in federal court.

Rodney Hunt, 60, now of Minneapolis, took the funds by issuing multiple money orders made payable to himself between Aug. 20 and Sept. 28, 2012, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Connell.

“While this is a serious matter, the defendant understands his wrongfulness and his prompt confession and paying restitution before being charged makes supervised release unnecessary,” said Adelman.

Adelman agreed to let Hunt pay the fine in $100 monthly installments beginning Dec. 5, the date he receives his pension check.


Former Mason postmaster fined after theft of postal funds

7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Postmaster fined $500 after theft of $5,332 in postal funds

  1. J. Eric Ghiz, the former postmaster from White Sulphur Springs, WV, stole $7,000.00 then LIED ABOUT IT WHEN QUESTIONED AND WAS DEEMED OF DUBIOUS CHARACTER. Yet his rich aunt paid it off and he was fired but gets a full pension upon retirement AND no criminal charges were fired. Ghiz now TESTS PATERNITY TESTS for LabCorp in Charleston, WV. Go figure.

  2. I agree, he should not receive pension and spend time in jail. Did pay back what he stole as article states restitution. Managers are a bunch of……..

  3. Unbelievable. What a scum bag. Any one else sees jail and this lowlife walks away with a petty fine and a pension. Now we see why PO is losing money. They take care of management. This lowly piece of trash should rot in a cell.

  4. Are your serious? Steals over $5000 and just has to pay it back and $500 fine? That’s it? This is a manager for crying out loud, he should get jail time just like any craft employee would for stealing $10, but I guess who would expect anything different from Management who all the way to the top get away this crap, just the higher up you are, the larger the amount!

  5. You got it bob.

    Wanna bet, as is the case with most eas scum, that he has a relative in district, etc. ?

  6. If he’s 60 years old, with thirty years in, he didn’t throw away anything.

    He has a nice, fat pension awaiting him, and as usual with postal mgmt., gets away with an act that would have a craft person serving time for.

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