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News from Postalblog

PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |



Demoted Postal Manager Appeals Part-Time Status to MSPB - A former Postal Manager is attempting to circumvent the seniority provisions of the APWU National Agreement.  |


Former APWU National Officer Found Guilty For Theft Of Union Funds  |


Rural carriers reject USPS proposal for wage freeze, benefits cuts  .|


NALC: USPS News Release On Contract Negotiations Is Full Of Spin And Distortions - and distortions aimed at influencing public opinion. NALC wants its members to know that we are responding to press inquiries regarding the USPS release    |



Postal Service Echoes Enron Abuses  - The need for reform at the top and a complete overhaul of the current USPS culture is evident when you look at the scandals revealed recently, including the Bob Bernstock scandal in July,  |


PMG Potter: Give U.S. Postal Service The Freedom To Compete  |


USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says -"The Post Office has 200,000 people who should be retiring," Rep. Darrell Issa said in a speech Wednesday to The Heritage Foundation. USPS had 568,301 employees at the end of August. "When I say retiring I mean we don’t need them. But let’s bear in mind it’s just not the guy at the post office; it’s the thousands of people who are doing maintenance at post offices that we don’t need to have so many of."   |


Former Oklahoma Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $642,808 From Bulk Mail Customers    |


Senator Collins: OIG Audit Shows Stunning Evidence Of Excessive Postal Execs Perks - The U.S. Postal Service pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums for 835 of its top employees, an expensive perk that occurs at no other federal agency, . Archive: Postal Execs Compensation & Perks Reported Last Year |  Audit: Ex-Postal Service execs return as private contractors, make more money  | Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts  |



GOP Rep. Darrell Issa: Time for another government bailout

Postal employees have incentives for holding tight to negotiating positions.  NALC responds to recent media attacks on postal workers   |



OIG Says USPS Overfunded Its FERS Retirement Obligations By $6.8 Billion  |  



Postal Service's History of Seeking Five-Day Delivery to Cure Financial Woes



Top USPS Attorney Says They Are Two Sets Of Rules Governing Use Of Postal Equipment - Replace a broken USPS - Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times by Wayne L. Johnson, Commander, Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps (retired) |



February 28,  2011

OPM IG Releases Study On USPS OIG’s Proposals to Change USPS Funding of Retiree Benefits

The OPM OIG study also concludes that generally the proposals would have a lasting negative effect upon the retirement programs and trust funds and have little, if any, positive impact upon the USPS's ultimate long-term profitability. In addition, the result of these proposals would be to shift costs fro m USPS ratepayers to the American taxpayers. It is unclear, however, what the effect would be upon USPS employees' or retirees' rights

 if the USPS ceased making its required payments into the FEHB is possible that the OPM would have to exercise its regulatory authority to disenroll USPS employees and retirees as a class in order to continue providing health care coverage to all other FEHB Program participants. Dueling Inspectors General or Revenge of the Creditor |

OPM: Postal Service proposals could undermine funding of retiree benefits|


Postal Worker Fired For Excessive Use Of Military Leave Wins Partial Court Victory…AGAIN!

Richard Erickson, a distribution Clerk was removed from his position at Fort Myers P & DC. Erickson filed an MSPB appeal under USERRA, asserting that he was improperly removed because of his military service and requesting that he be reinstated. MSPB found that USPS violated USERRA by removing Erickson from his position but nevertheless denied him any relief. The AJ’s decision was based on the determination that Erickson subsequently waived his reemployment rights under USERRA by abandoning his civilian employment in favor of a military career. MSPB  denied Erickson’s appeal TWICE and the Court of Appeals has remanded this case back to MSPB TWICE. Erickson filed this appeal in 2006.  |


APWU Members To Protest At White House Regarding Protection of USPS on March 7th

A protest on March 7th 2011 at the White House 'Regarding the Protection of the United States Postal Service' organized by active and retired APWU rank and file membership. The demonstration primarily focuses on a permanent solution and payback to/of the   CSRS and FERS pension overfunding to save postal worker jobs rather than the temporary 'relief' measures proposed by the Obama administration's budget plans allowing further   dismantling of the postal service.  |


Editorial: Not all post offices should pay their way

"Some conservatives want to end the postal service’s monopoly and let private companies deliver rural mail. Rural residents, of course, would be charged rates commensurate with the cost of delivery. A move in that direction, however, would be a tragic break with history and a breach of the social contract, one that would be economically and sociologically devastating to much of rural America. PR note from APWU: ...among the reasons USPS provides "for closing stations and branches is that there are fewer “procedural requirements” for closing stations and branches than for small post offices. They also said that 34 percent (now 35%) of current postal revenue comes through alternative access, and that they are striving to increase that percentage."    |


 OMB Director Will Not Testify At House Subcommittee Hearing On USPS Woes

OMB Director Jacob J. Lew,  according to the press release was invited to testify at the House Subcommittee on USPS on Wednesday, March 2nd. But Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) tweeted that OMB is refusing to  testify at the Postal Service hearing this Wednesday.   |


Blind Postal Mail Processing Clerk Determined To Lead Normal Life

Despite pressure from the USPS to retire, that wasn’t an option for Frank Facio, a 29 -year San Diego, CA Postal Employee and Delivery Bar Code Sorter (DBCS) machine clerk:  |


Bypass mail safe for now, but future of subsidized program uncertain
Mail carrier nominated as postal hero


February 27,  2011

February A Record Month for USPS Consolidations

It's My Job: Kenneth Simmons, carrier technician with Postal Service

Somerville postman delivers big role in 'The Fighter'

Small towns mourn fast-closing post offices

Letter carrier retires after 37 years

USPS: Should some Gary operations consolidate into South Bend?


February 26,  2011

After More Than 100 years Historic New Jersey Post Office Set To Close

Post Offices Should Keep Downtown Presence

Did newspapers burst the Postal Service’s bubble wrap?
Postal worker gets prison for mail tampering
Editorial: Postal service can't abandon downtowns


February 25,  2011

USPS Net Loss For January 2011 is $451 Million – YTD $781 Million

USPS released its fourth month preliminary financial report of the 2011 fiscal year (unaudited) . USPS reported a net operating loss of $451 million for the month of January 2011. This same period last year saw a $592 million net loss. In October USPS saw a net profit of $283 Million, November 2010 net loss $456 million, December 2010 net loss $156 million. After four months USPS reports a net loss of $781 million for Fiscal Year 2011 (same time last year it was $890 million).   |


The Battle in Wisconsin: ‘Are We Next?’
An Urgent Video Message from APWU President Cliff Guffey - “I want to make sure that every APWU member understands the importance of what is happening in Wisconsin,” says union President Cliff Guffey in a video message. The nurses, teachers, firefighters and police of Wisconsin are fighting for the fundamental right to have a voice at work…“for the American values of freedom, fairness, and the right to speak, organize, and negotiate for a better life.”“If Gov. Walker succeeds in taking away the rights of middle-class working people, other states will follow his lead — and attacks on our right to negotiate will not be far behind,” Guffey says.   |


House Subcommittee Hearing: Pushing the Envelope -The Looming Crisis at USPS

The Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy will hold a hearing on March 2, 2011. The hearing titled  "Pushing the Envelope: The Looming Crisis at USPS"  will  examine the fiscal situation of the Postal Service and potential areas for postal reform.   Congressman Dennis Ross (R-Fl) is chairman. |


Federal and Postal Workers:  Preparing, Formulating, and Filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS or CSRS by Attorney Robert McGill

Former Maryland Letter Carrier Convicted Of Destroying Mail

Post Office Closings

Choosing a Road for the Postal Service in the Digital Age

USPS Carrier Crashes Through Cemetery Fence
‘B.S.’ called at Fort Smith Postal Service public hearing
It's worth preserving the small-town post office

 Dodging delays at the GJ Post Office

Tennessee man indicted in Henning post office shooting


February 24,  2011

USPS: Halfway There – 50 Phase 1 FSS Machines Now In Operation

More than 14,000 letter carriers now are receiving sequenced flat mail each day. Route adjustments — made possible with FSS — are ongoing, with more than 500 city routes eliminated since the first FSS machine went online. .  |


APWU Bargaining Committee to Meet -- But There is No Tentative Agreement

APWU President Cliff Guffey has called the Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee to Washington, DC for a briefing on contract negotiations, but he said a tentative agreement has not been reached. The panel will meet on March 2 with members of the union’s negotiating team.  |


Management Association Presidents Meet with Postal Leaders

On February 23, 2011 the national presidents of NAPUS, the League and NAPS met with Postal Service Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President Megan Brennan and Vice President of Delivery and Post Office Operations Dean Granholm to discuss issues surrounding the implementation of the Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) program in post offices.  |


USPS OIG: Bridging the Digital Divide

In a white paper (PDF) released today, the Office of Inspector General analyzed the changing digital landscape as the first in a series of papers on the Postal Service role in the digital age. |


Man's Artwork Destroyed In Mail

Med student failed to insured package valued up to $25,000 .." when Llamas went to pick up the box in Miami, it was destroyed, with some of the items missing. He believes they were stolen by someone working with the postal service. "Two paintings were missing as well as two gold rings," he said. The wedding rings were priceless gifts from his mother, and he says his artwork was worth up to $25,000. Everything else was damaged or destroyed.  |


Post Office Closings | Wichita Falls (Tx) processing center will close

USPS Resumes All Mail Services To Egypt

USPS Seeks To Re-Classify Commercial First-Class Parcels As Competitive Product

Indiana postal worker charged with theft

Rockford postal distribution consolidation studied

Senator Tells PMG West Virginia Can’t Afford Any More Cuts To Postal Services

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Government Employees


February 23,  2011

Business as Usual’ Isn’t Good Enough, Guffey Tells APWU National Officers

Union activists cannot conduct “business as usual,” APWU President Cliff Guffey told national officers at a meeting in Washington this week. With the Postal Service facing a financial crisis and union membership declining, APWU leaders must take the skills they have honed in the grievance procedure and apply them in the legislative arena and other areas of union activity, he said |


Postal Problem: Huntsville Hammered By Mail Delays

Post Office Officials Say Reduced Staffing Contributed To Tuesday Tieups

A deluge of mail and not enough carriers to deliver it caused problems Tuesday throughout greater Huntsville.Postal workers were late by hours on several routes, with some carriers working past 8 p.m. Postal Service officials did not rule out the possibility of future delays, especially on days that fall after national holidays. .|


Mail Truck Topples Over, Driver Insists On Finishing Route

A mail truck toppled over after a wheel came off in Colorado Springs. The driver was uninjured and insisted on finishing his mail route for the day.   |


Continuing to Negotiate with the APWU is a Smart Business Decision
The Postal Service's negotiations with the APWU will likely extend until after March 25th when Postmaster General Donohoe  announces the Postal Service's cuts in management employees.   At that point the Postal Service will likely announce a significant reduction in the number of districts in a move that could follow a USPS - Office of Inspector General report's recommendations to cut between 14 and 32 districts and up to three more areas.   These cuts, if they are in this range, will communicate clearly to production employees the seriousness of the situation and that sacrifices will be shared by management as well.  |

There's light at end of the USPS budget tunnel

How to protect yourself from mailbox theft

Local postal workers go beyond call to service

Postal worker accused of spitting feces on police officer during DUI breath test

Glenwood CO mail sorting could move to Grand Junction
USPS to study Rockford IL plant

Like other communities, Orangeburg losing Automated Postal Center

San Angelo: Postal carrier base to move


February 22,  2011

USPS Drops Policy On Direct Marketing Co-Branded Products and Services to Postal Employees? USPS recently announced: “Effective immediately, Management Instruction AS-333-2004-7, Direct Marketing and Co-Branded Products and Services to Employees, is obsolete.” This “Management Instruction – AS-333-2004-7″ was at the center of a lawsuit filed in 2007 by a 10-year employee in Seattle, Washington. Over 100 Postal Employees had “opted-in” to join the complaint claiming their rights under the Privacy Act were violated. Many of the Postal Employees were unaware the Management Instruction existed or that Postal Employees could “opt-out” of the initiative. |


Cash-Starved Postal Service May Buy Time With Obama Quick Fix

U.S. Postal Service Goes Live With New Teradata Capabilities

USPS pension puzzle 

For Most Publishers, Snail-Mail Editions Still Beat Apps
Small Town Fights To Save Post Office

Letter: Closing Hickory facility will cost Postal Service more

No mail damaged in truck fire at Norfolk post office

Postal union is fighting possible consolidation of services with Jacksonville

Picket planned at Butterfield Station Post Office


February 21,  2011

OIG: Pay For Performance: Fair and Balanced Or Subject To Manipulation?

"Ask postal employees about the Postal Service’s Pay-for-Performance (PFP) program and you’ll hear a wide range of opinions as to why they think the program is not working. Many believe the program is unfair and can be subject to manipulation. The OIG plans to initiate a review of the Postal Service’s PFP program. We would like to hear more about your thoughts on the subject." [link corrected]  |


Will You Ever Be Able To Retire? When it comes to being able to retire, federal and postal workers are in better shape than most Americans.

Competing In Competitive Markets
Palm Beach Post Office Sold
Post Offices For Sale

Postal worker reflects on 41 years, fun and anthrax survival
USPS Faces Greater Downsizing Or Huge Price Hikes

Alabama: Postal contractor reindicted on charges of stealing veterans medicine from mail


February 20,  2011

Tweets from Congressman Dennis Ross and Possible Implications for Postal Unions

In the last few days, Representative Dennis Ross has made a number of tweets regarding the conflict between the Governor and the teachers unions in Wisconsin.   While none of the tweets mention postal issues, they may provide a hint to stakeholders and policymakers  regarding the tone on labor issues that the House will take when discussing changes required to return the Postal Service to solvency.  ..."private sector unions were needed in the 20s and 30s. They are even helpful in some ways today. Public sector unions must go.." "Governor Scott Walker has courage. As someone who has witnessed just how low public employee unions will stoop, I salute him." PR note: Reading how Ross feels about Unions why in the world was he a special guest:. "Speaking to the Letter Carriers installation dinner tonight in Lakeland. Going to speak the truth as I see it about the postal service." |


Opinion: Will Post Office Closures Drive More Senior Citizens To Facebook? by Suzette Coston - Today, like the rest of us, many Senior Citizens were left stunned by the announcement that over 2,000 area Post Offices all across the United States will close their doors permanently. At a time in their lives when their transportation options are often limited, trekking across town to another postal facility the elderly view this as a major inconvenience. The neighborhood Post Office, to many seniors, is more than a place to mail a letter or purchase a stamp, it is a vital part of their community, but the Internet and social networking are quickly gaining ground. No one disputes the time saving value of the Internet or the many ways in which Facebook has revolutionized the ability to reach out across the world in seconds. However, there is still something to be said about walking in to your local Post Office, greeting neighbors and supporting your own community. |

Post Office Closings

This page will serve as a hub for reporting news of post office closures across the nation. The information below is for post offices that have been closed or in the process of closing. This page will be updated as needed. |


Tuscaloosa Files Restraining Order In District Court to Keep Post Office Open - The restraining order alleges that the Eastside Station is improperly classified as a “post office station,” when it actually operates as a “post office.” This distinction is key because the requirements for closing a post office, such as public hearings and a notification process, are more stringent than closing a post office station.  The post office is scheduled to close Feb 26 |


February 19,  2011

Postmasters League Overview Of President Obama’s budget proposal

Former postal employee receives probation in workers comp fraud case
Missouri: Rural post offices seem safe from cuts so far

City proposes consolidating post offices

Sen. Begich Meets with PMG Donahoe to Discuss Alaska Issues

Postal carrier is always upbeat

Postal Service to consolidate East Texas facilities

CHP officer and postal contract driver place each other under "citizen's arrest"

Feds probing officer-USPS Contract Driver altercation

Wisconsin is 'ground zero' for battle over unions


February 18,  2011

Former Texas NPMHU Prez accused of defrauding Postal Workers Out Of $225,000 - A Fort Worth federal grand jury indicted a former Mail Handler and union leader who allegedly defrauded postal employees of more than $225,000. Woods helped to file class-action lawsuits against the Postal Service, which in turn agreed to compensate mail handlers, the release said. Woods is accused of creating and operating a scheme in which more than $225,000 of the settlements would be paid to him and his chief stewards. Note: the 25 counts of wireless fraud is based on number of times money was direct deposited  via USPS into his bank account.  The USPS OIG initiated the investigation.  If found guilty Woods "may" be ordered to pay restitution to USPS - not the postal employees (all employees involved were not union members). |


NAPUS Committee Requests PRC to Review Post Office Closings

Last week, NAPUS Post Office Preservation Committee Co-Chair, Retired Postmaster Keva Richardson (Thurman, IA) filed a letter with the PRC, which asks the Commission to review USPS plans to close more than 2,000 Post Offices around the country. Specifically, Committee Chair Richardson is asking the PRC to determine if the Postal Service is violating §101(b) of Title 39 of the United States Code, which ensures nondiscriminatory postal services throughout the nation, and helps safeguard small town and rural Post Offices.  |


NALC: Collins’ bill is a good start, but it needs work

While those are good starts toward solving the Postal Service’s financial problems, there are unfortunately two key provisions in the bill that prevent the NALC from throwing our full support behind it. While the NALC can support some of the provisions in S. 353, we need to keep working with her and all of our friends in Congress to take out or amend other provisions in her bill before we can give it our full backing.” |


Postal Workers Class Action EEOC Cases Against USPS

The following are summaries of some class action EEOC cases pending and/or settled against USPS.  There are more class action cases that I will post at a later time. Most of the cases involved injured or disabled employees but some involve veterans, USPS forcing employees to take unnecessary medical exams.|


Coburn introduces bill to fire tax-delinquent federal workers

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) is reintroducing a bill that would require federal agencies to fire employees who don't pay their taxes. The legislation, if approved, would mean that anyone with a "seriously delinquent tax debt" could not work for the government, according to Coburn's office. He first introduced the bill in September, but it is now co-sponsored by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). |


Postal Service Price Adjustments Set for April 17

APWU Stands in Solidarity with Embattled Wisconsin Workers


February 17,  2011

Editorial: Postal Service needs fewer supervisors, more workers

What we need is fewer supervisors, especially as the work force has been so diminished, and that money put into hiring more workers. If, indeed, the Postal Service is looking to close down the less-efficiently functioning branches, is it going to fire the supervisors who are responsible for this lack of efficiency or just punish the residents of the town and the carriers and clerks who have to fight to try to do their jobs effectively? Once again, the rich benefit and the poor and elderly are being assaulted by their own country. What a reputation for a nation to have. It is time for this nation to set its priorities right.  |


The 'Bailout' Talk Has Begun. Or Has It?

The Daily Caller today has an incendiary headline on President Obama's budget proposal regarding the Postal Service.  "USPS Gets Short-term Relief from Obama’s 2012 budget, But Some Call it a Bailout"  The headline suggests that that there are individuals who are familiar with postal policy who are willing to call what the President proposed a bailout.  However, the quotes of two conservative critics contained in the article suggest that finding anyone to use the word bailout took a great deal of effort.   |


GAO: Foreign Posts’ Strategies Could Inform USPS’s Efforts to Modernize

The foreign postal operators (foreign posts) in industrialized countries in GAO’s review have been experiencing declining letter mail volumes and have modernized their delivery and retail networks to address this challenge. As requested, GAO reviewed the innovations and initiatives that foreign posts are using and the lessons the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) might learn to help it address plummeting mail volumes and record financial losses. USPS currently manages more retail outlets--approximately 32,500--than all of the foreign posts we reviewed combined. In addition, USPS has twice as many delivery points as any foreign post we studied. |


Federal Disability Retirement Benefits for the Postal Worker: The Decision is Always a Personal One to Make-  Editorial by Attorney Robert McGill- It the adversarial nature and confrontational requirements of filing a grievance, or a formal EEO Complaint, or an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board, or even becoming involved in a class-action lawsuit – is it worth the aggravation, or should one quietly “move on”? Sadly, this has been a haunting question which has plagued Postal Workers for the past decade or more. The workplace culture has become an altered landscape. There has not been a craft which has been left untouched. Whether as a result of increasing competition from private delivery companies, or because of the yearly deficit and chronic loss of revenue from email, technology, and top-heavy upper and middle management salaries, it is always the Craft Employee at the Postal Service who suffers from the trickle-down reality of a decaying system.   |

Sources: Suspect confesses in Henning post office murders

Sources said after the suspect was arrested, he confessed that he committed the post office murders in Henning, Tennessee. Word of the confession spread quickly in Henning on Wednesday. Paula Robinson and Judy Spray, both workers at the post office in Henning, were found shot to death inside the post office last October.  |


Dog owner admits misdemeanor in scuffle with mail carrier

Hallmark and the U.S. Postal Service Launch Postage-Paid Greeting Cards

USPS: Critical Mail — Just the Ticket for Important Documents

No changes planned for bypass mail in Alaska

Postal regulators seal branch's fate

PRC: Congressional Budget Justification (PDF)

PRC: Order Revising Postal Service Market Dominant Price Adjustments (PDF)

DMA: PRC Says USPS Postage Increase Within Price Cap



February 16,  2011

Video: Postal Credit Cards Used For Adult Stuff

From innovation to Monty Python: An interview with the USPS Inspector General

Daytona postmark ending with merger | USPS to Close Daytona's Main Office
Las Cruces: Plan to study USPS consolidation unwelcome delivery for many

Appeal fails to save Albany's Delaware Avenue post office

Trustees urge postal officials to retain Mineral Ridge post office

Anthrax report casts doubt on scientific evidence in FBI case against Bruce Ivins


February 15,  2011

APWU Opposes Plans To Remove Bullet-Proof Glass at Some Retail Facilities

First and foremost, we believe that security and safety of employees should come first and should be the primary purpose of any risk assessment.  Moreover, if the Postal Service is serious about improving the customer experience, they should start with restoring sufficient staffing at the counter to eliminate long lines and waiting time.   |


What do House Republicans Think About Budget Changes Relating to the Postal Service?

Maine: Houlton postal employee accused of stealing drugs from mail

Postal worker, surgeon help give girl new ear

Postal workers: Closing facility would shred service

USPS Extends Contract for Wireless Industrial Vehicle Management Systems

Obama Hints At Changes To Postal Service Workforce


February 14,  2011

USPS, Management Groups Reach Agreement On Salary Protection For DUO Impacted Postmasters

The agreement states that Postmasters and station managers whose EAS grade levels are reduced as a result of implementation of DUO will receive saved grade for two years and indefinite saved salary thereafter provided they adhere to the following: |


Residents Circulate Petitions To Reinstate Mail Carriers Who Were Caught Drinking On the Job

An effort to reinstate two mail carriers who FOX 29 discovered were drinking on the job is gaining traction throughout the community and potentially has union support. A variety of neighborhood petitions have been circulated in recent days and weeks in support of the two mail carriers...The two carriers  were the subjects of a FOX 29 investigative report, during which the station's team brought hidden cameras into McMenamin's Tavern that captured the two drinking multiple beers while on the clock before heading to their vehicles to begin their routes. FOX said the two mail carriers lost their jobs, as did a third colleague.   |


USPS Looking To Streamline Process In Closing Post Offices

Veterans of past wars to save local post offices had better marshal their forces: A new wave of closings is on the way, and the U.S. Postal Service intends to shorten the timeline this time. As many as 2,000 post offices could close by Sept. 30. Previously, it took two years and 57 steps from notification to final decisions, Marion said. “We’re looking to streamline that process,” she said, but she said there would still be a period for public comment. USPS: Moving Retail operations "technically" is not closing a post office   |


USPS Awards Company $45 Million Contract To Provide Managed Network Services

Rural post offices put on notice in face of DIY digital age

When is $600,000 more than $6,200,000? Courier, Express, and Postal Observer 

What LSU's Actions tells Us About Retail Postal Services -Courier, Express, and Postal Observer 

Will the Small-Town Post Office Go the Way of the Letter?  

Will the mail stop coming

When Will the (OSHA) Fines End? Courier, Express, and Postal Observer 


February 13,  2011

USPS Pacific Area VP: Automated postal technology mischaracterized

Letter to North County Times (California) in response to "Return To Sender":  Despite the editorial's claim to the contrary, the FSS does in fact result in a reallocation of resources. The FSS allows USPS to significantly reduce the number of delivery routes by virtually eliminating the manual sorting done by carriers in the morning and expanding the number of deliveries they can handle on the street. FSS also reduces the amount of equipment and back office work space required, which can lead to consolidation of facilities and right-sizing of our network. Labor costs are reduced in affected offices, as letter carriers retire and aren't replaced Postal Service's new sorter won't need breaks   |


Newspaper defends story on Moorhead Woman's campaign to remove carrier

From letter carrier: Thanks to so many for all the kindnesses

Illinois: With post office closed, Hardin residents unhappy Priority murals at the P.O.


February 12,  2011

Postal Manager Can Pursue Discrimination Lawsuit Under Equal Pay Act

A Native American woman can amend her discrimination complaint against the United States Postal Service over claims that the company paid a higher salary to a man with similar job duties...From 2004 until 2008 the Headquarters Postal Manager headed the office's National Performance Assessment program. She filed a discrimination complaint with EEOC because she believes that her male co-worker was hired based on his gender and also paid more money. The Postal Manager also claims she earned a pay-scale level that does not offer annual leave carry-over, paid life insurance, fully paid health insurance or survivor benefits (EAS-25 vs PCES-1 Level). Martin filed an amended complaint on Feb. 11, 2011. Case will be continued Feb 28, 2011  |


Questions surround postal distribution center’s closure

Hattiesburg postal center could move

Post office to move some processing to Kokomo from Muncie

Congress Hears the Truth About Postal Service Finances


February 11,  2011

OIG Audit: USPS Failed To Cancel Credit Cards For 2,491 Former And Deceased Employees

Postal Service did not cancel 2,491 credit cards issued to former employees, including 53 employees listed as deceased in employee records. At the time of our audit, there was more than $37 million in open credit associated with cards of former employees. We reviewed travel card usage for 27,415 employees with high-risk transactions and found that 173 misused their government travel cards. One employee used his government issued travel card more than 50 times at adult entertainment establishments Sen. Carper Reacts to OIG Report |


Anti-Labor Group Says Postal Workers 'Still Partying Like It’s 1999'

Hmm.. I wonder if the anti-labor group is talking about pop artist Prince's 1982 song... Noooo, they can't be talking about his purple highness' song. Take a guess and see the possible answer by clicking on the link above to see what the phrase may mean.. The Citizens Against Government Waste issued the following press release supposedly "Outraged at USPS’ Lavish Expenditures While Fiscal Outlook Worsens". But yet the body of the release talks about Unions and a lot of other crazy conclusions.  |


USPS Considers Consolidation of Ashland, Kentucky Postal Jobs to Charleston

Retirement Planning: Credit for Military Service

Postal Service eyes moving processing from Frederick to Baltimore

Postal worker indicted in $40 theft from mail

USPS spokesman insists expenses must be cut

Mail truck catches fire - Hundreds of residents lose mail in blaze

Mail Carriers Work No Matter What the Weather

Woman Loses Custody of Dog She Tried to Mail


February 10,  2011

Owner Of Houston Pre-sort Company Found Guilty Of Stealing Millions From USPS - One of the largest counterfeit postage loss in the history of the U. S. Postal Service -The former owner of one of the largest mail presort operations in the Houston area has been found guilty by jury of conspiring to and committing mail fraud and possessing and using counterfeit postage meter machines to affix counterfeit postage in his mass mailing businesses, resulting in millions of lost revenue to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) over a four-year period.|


U.S. Postage Stamp Commemorates Former President Reagan’s Centennial Year

U.S. Postal Inspection Service Awards AED Contract to Cardiac Science

Suspended Bangor postmaster pleads guilty to harassment, disorderly conduct


February 9,  2011

package sorter cameraUSPS awards multi-million dollar contract for package sorter and overhead camera systems - VITRONIC Machine Vision Limited today announced that it was awarded a multimillion contract by The USPS for 126 package sorter and overhead camera (PSOC) system kits for use in mail processing facilities  |


Postal Service’s Net Income In FY Q1 $226 Million If Not For Pre-Funding Liability - The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ended the first quarter of this fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2010) with a net loss of $329 million, compared to a net loss of $297 million for the same period in fiscal year 2010. Excluding the cost of pre-funding future retiree healthcare benefits and noncash adjustments to the workers’ compensation liability, the Postal Service would have had a net income of $226 million for the first quarter.  The Postal Service reduced work hours in the first quarter by 6.4 million hours or 2.1 percent representing a reduction of approximately 3,600 full time equivalent employees Non-Profit Times: Pension Prefunding Sinks Postal Service’s Profit | USPS 10-Q Quarter I 2011 Report (PDF) |


Mail Carrier Tries to Get Job Back After Helping Boy

Sherry Rios, a South Jersey mail carrier, is fighting to get her job back after being fired for what she said was a split-second decision to help a boy in danger. |


OSHA cites USPS in Nashville, Tenn., with $70,000 fine for safety hazard

OSHA has cited the U.S. Postal Service on Royal Parkway in Nashville with one willful safety violation for allowing workers to use damaged and unrepaired dock levelers, carrying a penalty of $70,000.  |


Zumbox and KUBRA Partner to Deliver Digital Postal Mail and Increase Paper Suppression Rates for Large Transactional Mailers


February 8,  2011

Postal Employee Weighs In On USPS Fiscal Woes

Longtime Tyler postal employee Paul Shuptrine doesn't believe the U.S. Postal Service is losing money as officials continue to claim. "If something needs to be cut, it shouldn't be customer service," he said. "It could be managed better." He said the public's perception of the Postal Service and the union is sometimes negative, but the public must understand management makes all of the decisions in closing post offices and firing people; not the employees.   |


Readers: USPS Must Develop Psychological Profile Tests To Screen Out Abusive Postal Managers - On Sunday, posted a USPS News Link story, "Redesigning USPS: Changes To Be Announced In Late March." readers responded with varying views of what is really needed to keep USPS afloat. Several readers suggested that before promoting managers/supervisors USPS "must develop psychological profile tests to screen out the thugs, bullies, and misfits that are now clogging the system" in order to have a viable future.  Also, some readers predict that  if  the upcoming VER includes a monetary incentive, it would be a mass exodus from USPS.   |

Reward For Info In Postal Worker's Killing Up To $100K

Postal truck hits bus, hurting 7 people on board

Does the USPS Now Require SCAN Forms for Online Postage?


February 7,  2011

Update: California Congressman Wants USPS To Make AMP Study For Stockton Mail Center Public

 Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, wrote a letter to postal managers today warning about plans to scale back a mail processing facility in Stockton and transfer the work to Sacramento.   |

Postal Maintenance Mechanic Admits Using USPS Computer For Child Porn

The former Postal Employee pleaded guilty in federal court Monday, admitting that he used a government computer at the Utica Post Office to search for, receive and view child porn. Geary was a maintenance mechanic with the Postal Service at the time.  |


How Much Longer for Transaction Mail?

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Concerning Mail Classification Schedule (PDF)

Mail Classification Schedule (PDF)

Muncy postal worker retires after 25 years

USPS Collects Another $3.7 Million In Airline Companies Price-Fixing Scheme

Can banks garnish Postal Retirement check to pay off daughter's college debt?

Roadside rule leaves couple in postal cold

Tyler, TX: Postal Facilities' Future in Question

Oklahoma City homeowners leave goody bags for postal carriers


February 6,  2011

Editorial: 'Postal' and 'service' don't go together

There is a value to small-town post offices that goes well beyond a profit-and-loss statement. The U.S. Postal Service, that quasi-private, misnamed, bureaucratic monster, doesn’t get that. Since it became a curious private/government hybrid, the concept of “service” has been shunted aside by a drive to be a profit-making enterprise. Benjamin Franklin, the nation’s first postmaster, would not approve. The promise of a private-sector-type mail service was empty, not because private business practices are unsound but because the Postal Service’s mission and mandate are not amenable to corporate priorities.  |


Redesigning USPS: Changes To Be Announced In Late March

On Jan. 7, PMG Pat Donahoe announced the beginning of an organizational redesign that will help streamline the Postal Service. The March announcement also could lead to a reduction in force (RIF) or voluntary early retirement (VER) for specific groups of employees. If implemented, the VER option will be announced along with the new organizational structure.  |


Mail Handlers 2011 National Negotiations: Official Call For Bargaining Proposals - With preparations underway for negotiations over the terms of the 2011 National Agreement between the NPMHU and the Postal Service, the National Office has issued its official call for bargaining proposals from all members and Local Unions. |

Study Says 2016 Is the "Tipping Point" for eBill Usage

Houston loses its 24/7 always open Post Office

Unacceptable - Postal service should scrap closure plan

We don't have to give up Saturday mail delivery

OPM: Retirees Fed Tax Withholding Increases, Annuity Check Decreases In 2011

PRC Names Margaret Cigno Director of the Office of Accountability & Compliance


February 5,  2011

USPS employees predict winner of Super Bowl

Ex-postal worker admits mail theft

Postal Mortem

Unbundling Postal Prices

Postal Workers Split $46.5 Million Lottery Prize

Mail man saves a life on route


February 4,  2011

NALC: We Cannot Support Sen. Collins Federal Workers Comp Reform Bill

The NALC cannot support the legislation as drafted. It makes no provision for the loss of regular retirement benefits under CSRS and FERS suffered by FECA recipients who are separated from the Postal Service—since such injured workers get no years-of-service credit over the period of their injuries once separated, and since their annuities are based on their high-3 average salaries at the time of their separation, not at the time of regular retirement.   |


Minnesota woman campaigns to get new mail carrier

The woman has been filing complaints dating back to August about the carrier who handles the route that includes her home.. The woman has a long list of concerns with her carrier... She claims he has delivered mail as late as 9 p.m., blocked her driveway with his truck and declined to ring her doorbell when the mail arrived after 2:30 p.m. Google Street View Of What’s Sitting In Front Of Infamous Moorhead Woman’s House | Letter: A lot of nonsense on the front page   |


NAPS Headquarters Newsletter

USPS Puts Mail Sent To Egypt On Temporary Hold

NYC mail carrier pummeled with frozen snowballs

Printer Praises Postal Plant Consolidations

Mail carriers plow through — if they can

Please, please Mr. Postman, it's been a long time

CO.: Glenwood mail sorting could move to Grand Junction

The postal service and its ‘process’

Woman pleads guilty in federal court to theft of USPS funds

Port Wentworth (GA) to fight post office closing


February 3,  2011

OIG Paper: Fundamental Questions for the Future of the Postal Service

This paper poses eight fundamental questions that we believe are critical for determining the role of the Postal Service in the 21st century. We discuss some alternatives for responding to these questions, but we purposefully do not suggest answers. There are many possible answers. Policymakers, especially elected officials representing Americans, should engage in a disciplined, deliberative process to reach decisions about these foundational issues. The questions and some alternatives appear in Table 1. Clear and decisive responses to these fundamental questions are needed to develop a coherent, consistent postal policy for the present and the future.  |


Three New York Postal Employees Charged With Stealing Money

The three postal employees were arrested on January 20 and charged with one count each of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree and Petit Larceny. All three defendants face up to four years in prison. The postal employees allegedly stole money by ringing up customer purchase amounts that were less than the actual purchase price, also called “short-ringing.” The postal employees sometimes made no entry at all for a purchase and pocketed the cash.  |


Obama Budget to address "major financial concerns" of USPS

USPS plans consolidation study of Bluefield WV plant
How to Stem the New Flood of Mailers as USPS Eases Junk Mail Restrictions
Letter to the Editor: Congress to blame for for Postal Service troubles

Springfield: 16 postal trucks stuck in the snow on Tuesday

26 tubs of mail found in rural carrier's home

Michigan: Postal workers in Romulus win Mega Millions jackpot

Northville postal carrier retires after 40 years on the job

USPS Truck Involved in Chain Reaction Crash


February 2,  2011 

USPS Seeks Supplier For Replacement Of Delivery Vehicles (LLV)

The USPS is actively evaluating various alternative vehicle technologies for the eventual replacement of our fleet of delivery vehicles. Our technology with a good potential is a fuel-efficient gasoline drive train. The vehicle shall be used on multi-stop delivery, relay, collection, and parcel post routes.  The vehicle shall carry payloads up to 454 kg (1,000 lbs) and operate over hilly terrain, semi-improved roads, as well as city streets, and make as many as 700 starts and stops per day to deliver letter mail, parcel post, relays, and to collect mail from street letter boxes in addition to stops and starts required by traffic conditions.   |


Postal Service 'AMPs' Up Facility Consolidations

Dead Tree Edition - In the past seven days, the U.S. Postal Service has announced it is considering the closing or downsizing of seven distribution centers as it steps up efforts to shrink its mail-processing network. The latest announcements mean that more than 15% of the country's approximately 260 processing and distribution centers are the subject of Area Mail Processing studies, which can lead to work being shifted to facilities in other cities. While the media pay attention to the recent announcement that 2,000 small post offices might close, the less publicized AMPS process could be equally significant for the USPS's workforce, cost savings, and customers. |


Senator Collins Introduces Federal Workers’ Comp Reform

Senator Susan Collins, Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee today introduced legislation to stop the costly and escalating abuses of the federal workers' compensation system. The bill would reduce workforce-related costs government wide by converting retirement eligible postal and federal employees on workers' compensation to retirement when they reach retirement age.   |


Yuma mail now delivered on foot to save costs

mike martin, officer in charge of the yuma (arizona) post office, said the new delivery method is more cost effective and efficient, as well as safer for the mail carriers. “Before there was a lot of starting and stopping, hopping out of the vehicle. It was costing us a lot in starters, in gas, and causing physical injuries, twisted ankles, knee problems. “They continue to drive, but there's a lot more walking. You might see some leaner mail carriers,” he noted.   |


Senator Asks PMG To Study Impact On Communities When Closing Rural Post Offices - Senator Conrad urged Donahoe to gather input from the potentially affected communities and study the impact a closing would have on these areas." In many cases, the post office is the bedrock of a community. Shutting it down could have a ripple effect, impacting the local economy and closing off the community to the outside world," Senator Conrad said.  |


APWU Urges PRC To Make Repeal of Pre-funding Mandate a Priority

Repealing a provision of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act is “so critical to the welfare of the Postal Service” that it should be the exclusive focus of a report to the president and Congress on the effectiveness of the law, the APWU wrote to the Postal Regulatory Commission on Feb. 1. The provision, which requires the Postal Service to pre-fund health benefits, costs the Postal Service more than $5 billion annually and has driven the USPS to the brink of insolvency. |


OP Ed: In praise of snail mail

USPS Board Of Governors To Meet Feb. 9 In Washington, DC

USPS Introduces Three New Flat-Rate Products

Postal Service unable to maintain full service due to snowstorm

Post Office plans to deliver on Wednesday; not so with UPS, FedEx

Kentucky: Meeting Held Over Possible Post Office  Move


USPS Proposes Removing Salary Protections For Management Employees

The LEAGUE of Postmasters is adamantly opposed to this revision. Mark Strong, President of the LEAGUE has requested a meeting with PMG Pat Donahoe with regard to these revisions. We are very disappointed that after months of working on DUO and specially addressing RIF in which we were assured that no Postmasters salary would be impacted that less than 30 days later this change has been proposed. Presidents Of League, NAPS, NAPUS Meet with PMG   |


February 1,  2011 

Florida postal worker faces charge of defrauding patrons

A Homosassa Post Office worker was arrested on Jan. 27 following complaints from several postal patrons their property had been stolen or was missing. On Jan. 12, a couple reported that a $9,000 Rolex watch they had mailed from a jewelry store using a post office service from Homosassa never arrived at its destination. The couple also produced receipts showing the watch was sent out and the watch insured for $4,000.  |



Minneapolis Woman Tries to Mail Puppy To Georgia

Minneapolis police are investigating a bizarre case of animal cruelty where a woman literally tried to send a puppy through the U.S. Mail. The Postal Service says the dog almost certainly would have died if the sealed package wasn't seen moving on its own.  |


Love Is in the Mail at a Post Office Near You

Delivering to Empty Houses
Editorial: When it comes to mail delivery, don't leave rural America behind
Dozens of Rhode Island mail
carriers hurt this winter
Marketers' secret weapon: direct mail