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Oversight Hearing To Scrutinize APWU Tentative Contract


PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |



Demoted Postal Manager Appeals Part-Time Status to MSPB - A former Postal Manager is attempting to circumvent the seniority provisions of the APWU National Agreement.  |


Former APWU National Officer Found Guilty For Theft Of Union Funds  |


Rural carriers reject USPS proposal for wage freeze, benefits cuts  .|


NALC: USPS News Release On Contract Negotiations Is Full Of Spin And Distortions - and distortions aimed at influencing public opinion. NALC wants its members to know that we are responding to press inquiries regarding the USPS release    |



Postal Service Echoes Enron Abuses  - The need for reform at the top and a complete overhaul of the current USPS culture is evident when you look at the scandals revealed recently, including the Bob Bernstock scandal in July,  |


PMG Potter: Give U.S. Postal Service The Freedom To Compete  |


USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says -"The Post Office has 200,000 people who should be retiring," Rep. Darrell Issa said in a speech Wednesday to The Heritage Foundation. USPS had 568,301 employees at the end of August. "When I say retiring I mean we don’t need them. But let’s bear in mind it’s just not the guy at the post office; it’s the thousands of people who are doing maintenance at post offices that we don’t need to have so many of."   |


Former Oklahoma Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $642,808 From Bulk Mail Customers    |


Senator Collins: OIG Audit Shows Stunning Evidence Of Excessive Postal Execs Perks - The U.S. Postal Service pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums for 835 of its top employees, an expensive perk that occurs at no other federal agency, . Archive: Postal Execs Compensation & Perks Reported Last Year |  Audit: Ex-Postal Service execs return as private contractors, make more money  | Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts  |



GOP Rep. Darrell Issa: Time for another government bailout

Postal employees have incentives for holding tight to negotiating positions.  NALC responds to recent media attacks on postal workers   |



OIG Says USPS Overfunded Its FERS Retirement Obligations By $6.8 Billion  |  



Postal Service's History of Seeking Five-Day Delivery to Cure Financial Woes



Top USPS Attorney Says They Are Two Sets Of Rules Governing Use Of Postal Equipment - Replace a broken USPS - Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times by Wayne L. Johnson, Commander, Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps (retired) |



March 31,  2011

Update: NALC And USPS Agree To New Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process - The National Association of Letter Carriers has entered into a new Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process (JARAP) with the United States Postal Service for 2011. There are three documents that must be read in conjunction to fully understand the JARAP 2011 process. NALC Presidents Meeting Notes – New JARAP 2011 Coming Out  |


OIG Recommends Use Of Part-Time Delivery Unit Assistants For Carrier Duties

 "If the Postal Service used part-time delivery unit assistants to perform most in-office work, these employees could absorb all carrier morning activities except loading and driving delivery vehicles. Having part-time employees case and prepare mail within delivery units could result in annual reduced workhour costs between $621 million and $2.3 billion and greater flexibility for the Postal Service. Additional savings could be generated from carrier route adjustments resulting in longer routes and less office time for the carriers."  |


APWU President To Testify At House Committee Hearing

The union president was undaunted. “Postal workers are part of the great American middle class. Political leaders should find ways to create new and better jobs – they should not try to knock ours down,” Guffey said. “The Tentative Agreement is an example of the benefits of collective bargaining – even in difficult economic circumstances,” he added. “The proposed contract is good for postal workers and good for the USPS.  |


USPS Dangling Incentive For APWU Members To Vote YES On Contract

Under this proposed contract a Postal Support Employee that doesn't join the APWU will lose an employer-contribution of $6,817 annually on his/her family health insurance enrollment or $3030 on a self only enrollment.   |


NY: Man arrested after allegedly assaulting Oneida  postal worker
USPS Reprise For Fuel Surcharge TV Commercial

Mail delivery: More facilities on the chopping block

Accenture Adds Digital Mail to Postal Portfolio

Zumbox and 3i Infotech Partner to Help Companies Increase Electronic Billing Adoption



March 30,  2011

Wisconsin GOP May Ignore Judge’s Warning On Collective Bargaining Law

"Wisconsin's Republican leaders appear to be taking the same confident and bullish approach to implementing their divisive collective bargaining law that they took to passing it, suggesting they may ignore a judge's warning there would be consequences for moving ahead while challenges to the law are pending." Kentucky GOP Senator Falsely Claims Public Workers Don’t Pay For Pension and Health Plans  |


PRC: USPS Should Make Better Use Of Pricing Flexibility In the Law

"For the first time ever, the Commission finds rates not in compliance with the statute, and directs the Postal Service to take action to end the intra-class cross subsidy for Standard Mail Flats as soon as practicable. “The Postal Service has repeatedly failed to use its pricing flexibility, allowing the subsidy to increase over time,” according to Chairman Goldway.   |


Editorial: Voice of the U.S. Postal Service Employee Survey

The majority of our employees understood the Postal Service’s strategic direction and how their work affects the organization’s success. Most responses should be favorable to this question, or is that query designed to compensate for some other lower scoring questions that might follow later on? Seventy-five percent (of 54%) of employees said they are proud to work for the Postal Service. I sure would like to know what the other 25% (of 54%) are thinking. Seventy-nine percent (of 54%) are aware of the security measures in the workplace, and the same percentage believes they have been properly trained to do their jobs. The main analysis of the entire low scoring survey should revolve around achieving maximum participation and high end results.  |


NAPUS Responds To USPS Proposed Changes To Post Office Closing Process

Minnesota Postal carrier indicted for stealing cash and gift cards from mail

USPS Sample Showcase Delivers Results for Product Marketers

Gas siphoned from postal truck in Essex

Almost Three Years Later, US Postal Facility Still on Hold


March 29,  2011

GAO: Ending Saturday Delivery Would Reduce Costs, but Comprehensive Restructuring Is Also Needed - USPS’s proposal to move to 5-day delivery by ending Saturday delivery would likely result in substantial savings; however, the extent to which it would achieve these savings depends on how effectively this proposal is implemented. USPS’s $3.1 billion net cost-savings estimate is primarily based on eliminating city- and rural-carrier work hours and costs through attrition, involuntary separations, or other strategies. USPS also estimated that 5-day delivery would result in minimal mail volume decline. However, stakeholders have raised a variety of concerns about USPS’s estimates, PMG Comments On GAO Report on Five-Day Mail Delivery Readiness   |


McCain Wants Postal Workers To Pay More For Health, Life Insurance And Limit Postal Execs Pay - Senator John McCain submitted several amendments yesterday  to be proposed by him to the bill S. 493. One amendment would decrease the amount of contributions paid by USPS toward Postal Workers health and life insurance. The other amendment would limit the amount of pay compensation for Postal Officers and other employees not to exceed total compensation of the Vice- President of the United States.  |


USPS Considers Closing 15 Texas Post Offices

Will shift sale of stamps and other postal services to Rural Route Mail Service or Highway Contract Route Service. USPS officials are studying 15 post offices in Texas for possible closure as part of a money saving effort. USPS wrote "Initial study results support providing pickup and delivery of mail, as well as the sale of stamps and other postal services by Rural Route mail service [or Highway Contract Route Service]"  |


USPS Presents Annual Awards on Postal History

Rising paper costs, postal price increases force adjustments for marketers

Post office removes photos of namesake

Future for USPS employees still unknown

Canada Post workers holding strike vote

Thompson's Station postal carrier routes being shifted: P.O. isn't closing


March 28,  2011

Senator Wants To Strip All Federal Employees Of Collective Bargaining Rights

During an interview with ThinkProgress in Des Moines this weekend, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), a leader of the Tea Party movement and veritable kingmaker for conservative candidates, made no bones about his desire to diminish the power of public employees. DeMint told ThinkProgress that he “doesn’t believe collective bargaining has any place in government…including at the federal level.” |

USPS Proposed Rule To Amend Regulations for Post Office Closing-Consolidating Process - This proposed rule would amend postal regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process. In addition, certain procedures employed for the discontinuance of Post Offices would be applied to the discontinuance of other types of retail facilities operated by Postal Service employees. PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices  |

Postmasters League: Details Of USPS Redesign

by President Mark S trong: In the Districts, 1443 positions have been eliminated from the existing 5791; this is a 24.9% reduction. The deepest cuts are in Finance with 256 jobs; a 48.95 % reduction. The Areas will be losing fewer positions in Finance to cover some of this work. In the Areas, 306 jobs of the existing 1123 were eliminated, which is a 27.23% cut. With the District cuts in finance the Areas will lose 29 of the existing 299 finance positions, which is a 9.7% cut. There were deeper cuts in all of the other Area functions.  |


USPS Names Ronald Stroman As New Deputy Postmaster General

Ronald A. Stroman will bring more than 30 years of professional experience in government, legislative affairs and leadership when he joins the U.S. Postal Service as Deputy Postmaster General on April 4.  Earlier this month USPS Revised Officer List To Replace PMG In Case Of National Emergency  in ASM from DPMG to COO and Executive VP (currently Megan Brennan) |


USPS Seeking Vendors for FSS Software Maintenance Support

The United States Postal Service is requesting information to pre-qualify parties interested in providing software engineering services for the Flats Sequencing System (FSS) for the Technology Acquisition Management (TAM) organization at United States Postal Service (USPS) Engineering.   |


USPS Issues Frequently Asked Questions On Postage-Paid Greeting Cards

Greeting card companies will pay the Postal Service 50 percent of the postage when the card is sold. The remain­der of the postage will be collected based on scans of the cards as they are processed. If a customer purchases a card but does not mail it, the Postal Service will still retain 50 percent of the postage value. Scan information cap­tured during mail processing also is used to sort the cards.Employees should follow normal First-Class Mail® processing and delivery procedures when handling these greeting cards. Do not obliterate the IMbs. This will ensure that the Postal Service receives full value postage value for each card. |


Is Five-Day Delivery in the Future?

Postal service delivers bill of goods to taxpayers

Postage Stamps Delivered Anthrax Suspect to FBI

Woman's medical marijuana shipment goes missing in the mail

How Does the Mail Get From the Post Office to the Mailbox?

Postal employee marks a milestone

Postal Service tweaks routes to save money


March 27,  2011

USPS Retirement Mess: A Major Barrier To Downsizing

Deadtree Edition- Here's one way labor unions are hindering staff reductions at the U.S. Postal Service -- telling their members the truth about the challenges of retiring from USPS. Consider this statement from a recent article for members of the National Association of Letter Carriers: "The Office of Personnel Management continues to struggle with timely completion of new retirees’ annuities," writes Ernest Kirkland, NALC Director of Retired Members. "Again, each member who is considering retirement should try to have a five-month reserve of his or her anticipated retirement income available prior to retiring. Saving 440 hours of annual leave for payment at retirement will be a great start toward that goal."    |


USPS Renames Napa, CA Post Office To Thomas Kongsgaard

Carol Stream post office to lose 134 jobs

Postal Worker Accused Of Sexual Relationships With 2 Preteen Girls

USPS closing office in Billings, eliminating 40 jobs

Postal Service closing Columbus office, ending 64 jobs

Memphis man sentenced to prison for fraudulent Use of USPS gas cards

Ex-postal employee sentenced to probation for thefts
Anthrax Redux: Did the Feds Nab the Wrong Guy?



March 26,  2011

$50K reward offered after postal contract worker shot at in Phoenix

Postal carrier delivered care and consideration

Macroeconomics and the Mailing Industry

Dennis Henry, former postmaster, admits role in Missouri sex slave case

Leaders have "playbook" to prevent postal consolidation

Envelope factory weathers Internet storm

Self-sufficiency is a Long Way Away

NALC frustrated by continued delays in complete annuity payments

Five South Carolina Postal Workers Indicted For Unemployment Fraud


March 25,  2011

USPS Reports Net Loss Of $1.1B For Month Of February - YTD $1.9B

The US Postal Service released its fifth month preliminary financial report of the 2011 fiscal year (unaudited) . USPS reported a net operating loss of $1.1 billion for the month of February 2011. This same period last year saw a $611 million net loss.  |


APWU: Guffey Defends USPS Viability, Tentative Contract Agreement on CNBC - In a televised discussion of the financial challenges facing the USPS, APWU President Cliff Guffey defended the union’s Tentative Agreement for a new contract with the Postal Service and reminded viewers the nation’s mail system “is the backbone of a multi-trillion dollar business in this country.“   |


PMG to NAPUS: "There Will Be No Layoffs For Postmasters"

The Washington Post article, which quoted postal officials about the Postal Service’s reorganization, generated many calls and emails to the NAPUS national office concerning the possibility of layoffs for Postmasters. Early this morning, the NAPUS President placed a call to the PMG, who later returned the call to Rapoza telling him that Postmasters will not be laid off.


USPS To Layoff Postmasters and Supervisors?

Washington Post is reporting: "The U.S. Postal Service announced Thursday that it will reduce its workforce with layoffs and offers of buyouts and will close seven district offices from New England to New Mexico to help address record losses. Once buyout decisions aimed at administrative staff are final in April, the agency plans to eliminate the jobs of thousands of postmasters and supervisors, many through layoffs, officials said." NAPS Issues Document To Assist Supervisors Impacted By Restructuring  |


NALC: PRC Refuses to Endorse Five-Day Delivery Plan

The three Republicans and two Democrats on the Commission agreed that the Postal Service overstated by $1.4 billion how much it would save each year by delivering mail only five days per week. In particular, the Commissioners found that USPS grossly overestimated — by more than three-quarters of a billion dollars — the savings it would achieve from its letter carrier workforce. The bipartisan Commission also concluded that USPS underestimated — by hundreds of millions of dollars — how much revenue it would lose when customers, faced with no Saturday postal delivery, look to alternatives to get their messages and packages delivered. NALC applauds PRC’s decision on Saturday mail delivery |


Six Ohio Postal Contractor Companies Face Charges of Workers’ Comp Fraud As part of the contract with companies that move mail between post offices, the Postal Service makes payments directly to these vendors to cover workers’ compensation premium costs. USPS OIG special agents contacted BWC after a review of contracts found inconsistencies indicative of fraudulent activity. The task force uncovered several contractors that had received payment for BWC coverage but failed to maintain an active policy.   |


USPS Issues Jazz Appreciation Forever Stamp

Gamefly Says Higher Postage Than Netflix Is Costing Them $730K Monthly


March 24,  2011

PMG Announces Seven USPS Districts Eliminated, Executive Ranks Reduced - About 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the redesign that also includes the closing of seven district offices and offers limited financial incentives to those who meet specific qualifications. VER Offering for 2011 Organizational Redesign |  $20,000 Special Incentive Offer FAQs  |


PRC Issues Advisory Opinion On Ending Saturday Delivery

While the potential reduction in service could compromise the Universal Service Obligation (USO), the
potential savings could provide needed financial relief to the Postal Service. The nature and level of
demand for mail is shifting. The heavier burden on remote and rural areas may be lessened as Internet broadband adoption increases over time. Yet the Postal Service remains a vital, beloved and important institution facilitating economic growth, aiding small businesses, enhancing communications and unifying the nation. A decision to change the existing patterns of postal communications and delivery should be made with care. The Commission stands ready to provide further assistance as the deliberations progress.
Senator Carper Reacts to PRC Opinion | Senator Susan Collins Statement |  PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery | |


Former APWU President Burrus Defends His Comments On Contract

It is anticipated that those who defend the tentative agreement would challenge the points of my letter to reject the conclusions, but the facts speak for themselves. Employees yet to be hired will be affected but they will not be provided the opportunity to engage in the ratification debate. No one will ask them if the contractual changes are equal to a 20% reduction in wages. Would a current member willingly accept a 20% wage reduction for the contractual changes? All members who say yes, please raise your hand. Editorial: One Reason To Vote NO On APWU Tentative Agreement by Dan Sullivan   |


OSHA Cites USPS In Nashville, Tenn With $50,000 Fine For Repeat Safety Hazard In December 2010, an industrial powered tug with defective brakes hit a mail cart, which in turn struck a worker. The Postal Service is being cited with one repeat safety violation for exposing workers to being struck by powered industrial trucks when power tugs were not removed from service after being identified with damaged or defective parts.  |

Why Didn't APWU Compensation Go Down?

Postal workers and consumers express anger at proposal to transfer Flint processing operations

Explaining the Postal Service's job cuts

Postal workers, residents remember 1995 shootings that left four dead

Look-alike postal service website not the real deal

Gay spouses and government benefits


March 23,  2011

House Republicans plan to probe APWU Tentative Contract Agreement

Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-R), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, today announced a full committee hearing on United States Postal Service (USPS) pay and benefits on April 5th. The Committee expects to hear from the Postal Service on their tentative agreement offered to their largest union, the American Postal Worker Union (APWU), last week. The agreement has yet to be signed.  Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-R), chairman of the Postal Service Subcommittee, expressed serious concerns about postal service pay. Washington Post | | Federal Times |


USPS Offering $20,000 Retirement Incentive To Some Management Employees -Each eligible full-time employee will be paid an initial incentive payment of $10,000 on November 11, 2011 (less required deductions and withholdings).  The remaining $10,000 balance will be payable on approximately November 9, 2012 (less required deductions and withholdings).  |


Appeals to stop Daytona, Lake Mary postal merger fail

When your neighbor is the federal government

15 Ark. Post Offices face possible closure

APWU Local 95 Begins Public Awareness Campaign


March 22,  2011


APWU Tentative Agreement Available Online

Every eligible member will receive a copy of the 224-page document in their referendum mailing, along with a ballot, a summary of the changes to the contract, the official statement of the Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee, a letter from APWU President Cliff Guffey, and a return envelope.

APWU Will Start Mailing Ballots April 8-Ballots Due Back May 10 | archive: More APWU, USPS Tentative Contract Highlights |  |


Henning Postal Workers Killed Over $63

USPS shares America's pain at the pump

Minnesota postal employee pleads guilty to stealing cash

Postal worker accused of stealing, selling drugs from parcels sent to injured veterans

Postal Union preparing to picket USPS over Sioux City study

Is Arbitration Better for the Postal Service


March 21,  2011

 Should USPS Management Lead By Example and Cut Their Salaries? Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA)  introduced a bill  that she estimates will save taxpayers millions of dollars by cutting salaries of Members of Congress, the President and Vice President of the United States by 10%.  Should Management lead by example?. As one reader pointed out: "When you consider that management regularly gets bonuses for nothing more than doing their jobs in addition to salaries that range in the GS15 range you arrive at one of the basic problems of the USPS, over compensation of management! In the private sector stockholders reward management for making wise decisions that add value to the bottom line, we however reward officials for incurring losses that run into the billions of dollars every year. The model for the USPS’s financial operations is clearly flawed!"    |

APWU National Officers Say ‘Vote YES!’ On Tentative Agreement

The APWU National Executive Board voted unanimously last week to approve the union’s Tentative Agreement with the Postal Service, and in a video for APWU members, officers working at the organization’s Washington DC headquarters urged members to ‘Vote YES!  |


Republicans Introduce Bill To Eliminate FERS Retirement For New Hires

Republican Senators Richard Burr, (R-NC) and Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), on Thursday introduced a bill (S. 644) that would eliminate the pension portion of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) for all new federal employees hired after 2012.  |


Editorial: Congress is Postal Service's biggest roadblock to success

Turning around the Postal Service's staggering losses won't be easy. It will take tens of thousands of job cuts, a major change in financial accounting, the closing of hundreds of post offices and, most important of all, the elimination of universal Saturday delivery. Postal unions and their allies in Congress are fighting the move. The Obama administration has so far sided with them. The unions are focused on jobs, of course, and the politicians add that concern to worries about upsetting constituents back home  |


March 20,  2011

Comparable Wages?

Courier Express and Postal Observer suggests USPS, APWU  should move toward salaries comparable to UPS, FedEx.  "The hourly rates are comparable to information that I have seen elsewhere.   They indicate the wages that efficient operators can offer. The new contract should move average APWU wages within the range listed here once a significant portion of current APWU members retire." PR note: UPS pays its part-time package handlers and dockworkers $100-$350 per week. UPS also has a turnover rate of over 40%-50% per year and most of its 'inside workers' are college students under 30,  OSHA reports UPS yearly as a company with a high % of injury rates  |


Postal Supervisor Loses Lawsuit on Hostile Work Environment

Upon returning to work the Supervisor was approached by his Postmaster and accused of sexual harassment. The Postmaster told him he had three choices: (1) accept a demotion; (2) transfer out of the Framingham Post Office; or (3) "I'll throw you out." The Supervisor alleged that the Postmaster's  conduct towards him violated USPS regulations and policies against bullying, harassment, threats, and intimidation. As a result of the Postmaster's conduct towards him, the Supervisor's medical condition was aggravated. The Supervisor left the workplace and later retired from the USPS. EEOC and the District court ruled his complaint was untimely and the court was the wrong forum to address his allegations which included his alleged on the job injury.. |


Fake Postal Vehicle - MO for Transporting Contraband?

The stopped vehicle, which had been spotted before by a postal carrier, lacked the red, white and blue stripes down its side, a mirror mounted on the top rear left side of the vehicle and the clearly visible cage in the back. .  |


No rain, sleet or snow, but mail goes missing

Agencies juggle rising fuel costs with cost-cutting

Postal Sensor Fleet Idea Gets Tentative Nod From the USPS


March 19,  2011

USPS Considering consolidation of 4 Kansas Mail Centers
Mail thefts hit 300 in Queens

St. James residents up in arms over postal carrier change

USPS may move Puyallup carriers, won't close downtown post office

Tiny Russell's post office in limbo


March 18,  2011

PRC Set to Advise on Five-Day Delivery

Eliminating Saturday mail delivery would save the USPS $3.1 billion in the first year, and as much as $5.2 billion by 2020. Federal law has mandated a six-day mail delivery schedule since 1983, and Congress still needs to lift the restriction before five-day mail delivery could happen. Goldway says the Postal Service’s five-day delivery plan is just one part of a multi-pronged approach for the future that includes reducing its workforce, adjusting its operations, closing facilities and seeking changes to its statutory charter.  |


NAPS: Congress Needs To Correct Two Massive Errors Driving USPS Into The Red - More than 500 Postal Supervisors, along with many Postmasters, are meeting with Congressional offices on the Hill, March 22-23, 2011.Two massive errors – by Congress and the federal bureaucracy – have caused the Postal Service to approach the brink of financial insolvency. These mistakes were avoidable and should be cured by Congress. This is not a bailout. This is a win-win for government accountability and a solvent Postal Service. If Congress acts to refund the Postal Service for its pension overpayments and restructures its pension and health benefit obligations, the Postal Service will be on a more stable financial footing – without the need to end Saturday delivery  |

APWU Negotiating Team To Conduct Briefings on Tentative Contract Agreement

 Members of the union’s Negotiating Team will conduct briefings on the Tentative Agreement in the locations listed. APWU members who wish to attend a meeting in their area should contact their National Business Agent or Regional Coordinator for specific information about the time and site. note: My eyes must be deceiving me, California is not on the list of briefing locations.?  |


USPS Implements Safety Measures at ISCs To Protect Postal Employees from Radiation

On March 16, the USPS informed the union that radiation detection alarms were triggered at the New York and San Francisco ISCs, indicating a low-level exposure risk. Inspections of these facilities were conducted, and it was determined that it was safe for employees to return to work.  |


Senator Gives USPS a Failing Grade in Keeping Communities Informed About Post Office Closures - While Senator  Mark Pryor agreed that the USPS needs to implement cost-cutting measures to reduce their deficit, he urged the USPS to keep communities a priority in the process.  Specifically, he requested the USPS fairly review post offices on a case-by-case basis, provide clear criteria about post office closures, and notify residents about community meetings.  |

Ohio Mail Carrier Accused of Raping Girl He Met Along Route

A Columbus mail carrier accused of raping a girl he befriended along his route remained in jail on Friday on $750,000 bond. Bobby Russell, an 11-year employee of the U.S. Postal Service, was arrested on Thursday, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported. Police said Russell, 63, started a sexual relationship with the girl when she was 11  |


Benefit helps 25-year-old postal worker

Congressman tells PMG Bronx consolidations are unfair, unwise

Are Tax Refunds a Bailout to Taxpayers?

Postal Service again considers moving Sioux City sorting operation

PRC Goldway says B Of A, Verizon CEO's could help USPS push for reform

No radiation detected from mail or people arriving from Japan
Saginaw post office jobs shift to Pontiac began Saturday; Wheeler station's fate unknown


March 17,  2011

USPS Trucks Could Monitor Air Quality, Road Conditions and Traffic - Telematics, a mash-up of telecommunications and informatics, is the science of scanning the world with wireless devices to extract data, sending this data to a computer network, and using the information to do anything from tracking packages to monitoring the highway speed of grocery trucks. UPS relies heavily on telematics, as does GM with its OnStar navigation system. The federal government could do a better job of capitalizing on the science, according to Michael J. Ravnitzky. So he started thinking about one of the largest mobile networks on Earth: the post office.   |

Japan Still Accepting International Mail

Saginaw post office jobs shift to Pontiac began Saturday

Hawaii USPS Checks Japan Mail For Radiation

Sales Taxes and the Mailing Industry

Mail carrier accuses man of road rage


March 16,  2011

5 Latin Music Legends Honored On U.S. Commemorative Forever Stamps

New Rule Could Lead To More Junk Mail

PA: Armed Robbery at Chestnut Hill Post Office

Texarkana Mail Processing Center to Close

Biohazard drill at post office gets area agencies in sync

Finding joy in the mail: Longtime letter carrier honored for his service

Canadian union members to vote on postal strike

USPS warns of fraudulent mail, phone scams

Rhode Island man accused of terrorizing Rehoboth mail carrier

NALC Offers Support to Japan Postal Group Union

Maryland: Injured Frederick mail carrier buoyed by outpouring from customer

Postal workers planning to picket closure of Flint's mail processing facility


March 15,  2011

Wisconsin slashing of collective-bargaining rights jars federal unions

No one is attempting a union-busting move against federal labor organizations — yet. But given the dramatic change in the nation’s political climate that came with the Republican takeover of the House, it would be no surprise to labor leaders if efforts akin to the new Wisconsin law emerged in Congress. |


Postal Workers Targeted In Bronx Robbery Spree

Letter carrier delivers assistance

A Postal Life: Part Four of a Series


March 14,  2011

APWU, USPS Reach Tentative Agreement on New Contract

“The new contract will safeguard jobs, protect retirement and healthcare benefits, and provide a 3.5 percent wage increase over the life of the contract. The first raise will be in November 2012,” Guffey said. No PTFs in offices Level 21 & above,  204Bs reduced and restricted, Bid Blocking finally eliminated,  The 4 1/2 year agreement will run through May 20, 2015. More APWU, USPS Tentative Contract Highlights | USPS Press Release |  NALC Statement  |


USPS Listed Among Federal Agencies With Poor FOIA Practices

PRC also on list -  In one egregious case, the U.S. Postal Service stated it had “no responsive records.” It said it had never received the Emanuel-Bauer memo asking for progress to be shown in response to President Obama’s first-day call for openness." Perhaps the Postal Service lost that memo in the mail,” commented Nate Jones, the Archive’s FOIA coordinator.  Despite this claim, the USPS added that it had taken steps to address the very issues that the memo identified. |


City Official Sounds Off on USPS Closing Post Office in Seagoville, Texas

The postal system management has totally ingored Seagoville’s requests for a meeting to discuss the 129 year old postal service in Seagoville. Even though a postal employee says they have responded to Seagoville, that is a false statement that can be proved with certified mail receipts, can be verified by the police chief, fire chief, city manager, mayor and a councilman, he has to say that because he works for the postal system and they are covering up the fact they used and accepted false data to make the decision to close Seagoville’s Post Office, or he would lose his job.  |


Does The U.S. Treasury Owe $75 Billlion to the Postal Service?

Postal Workers, USPS Prove Public Employee Bargaining Works


March 13,  2011

USPS Denies Contract Agreement Reached With APWU

Washington Post's Ed O-Keefe tweeted the following:   #USPS spokesman denies rumors of an agreement between the #Postal Service and @APWUnational on a new long-term #labor contract. An APWU National Officer also denied  via email that an agreement has been reached.  |


USPS To Revise Postal Operations Manual On Initiation Of City Delivery Service

 NAPS- USPS plans to revise Postal Operations Manual (POM), Section 64, Establishment of City Delivery Service.  POM Sec. 641.2b currently requires that “at least 50% of the building lots in the area to be served are improved with houses or business places.”  The planned revision will adjust the percentage to 10%.   |


Corporate-Financed Politicians’ Assault On Working People Must Be Stopped Now!

On April 4, the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., NALC will join with the entire labor movement for a national day of action to mobilize public support for the rights of all workers . If the corporate-financed politicians, think tanks and special interests succeed in stripping state and local workers of their rights, it will be only a matter of time before they turn their sights on postal employees and our rights,” the president said.   |


West Virginia is the Test Case for PMG Donahoe's and Congress's Resolve

The entire West Virginia Congressional Delegation has signed a letter opposing consolidation of processing plants in West Virginia. The postal service has proposed five area mail processing studies to consolidate mail processing operations in West Virginia affecting the cities of Beckley, Bluefield, Huntington, Martinsburg, and Wheeling. If Pat Donahoe is to give the Postal Service a chance to have a self sufficient future, then he has to maintain his resolve that plant consolidation is a core strategy for the Postal Service. He must stand up to the West Virginia Congressional delegation and push through these consolidations as quickly as possible. Similarly, it is time for members of Congress that believe a self-sufficient Postal Service should be the core of postal policy to support Pat Donahoe's actions to consolidate processing facilities in West Virginia and all other states. Editorial: Postmaster general should listen to lawmakers   |


Saginaw post office's jobs shift abhorrent, councilman says


March 12,  2011

Fire Department responds to postal vehicle fire

A postal van fire resulted in the loss of the vehicle and some mail...a call was received from the driver of the postal vehicle, saying he could smell smoke. When the driver returned to the vehicle, fire was coming from the engine.  |


Mail carriers often 'eyes and ears' of neighborhoods

Procedural Victory In Post Offices Sidewalks Petitioning Case
Study looking at consolidating Terre Haute, Indy Postal Service processing
Attorneys appointed to represent defendant in Henning postal shootings


Postal carrier voted top Service Person


March 11,  2011

Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC

Clarification from APWU Oakland President Fred Jacobs: The call for action was initiated by APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez via Oakland APWU and sent to PostalReporter : Currently, The Commission is composed of three Republicans and two Democrats. Commissioners [Mark] Acton (R) and [Tony] Hammond (R) terms have expired. Currently, the PRC is considering issues critical to Postal Service employees. Consequently, we are encouraging all Postal Employees to contact their Democratic Representatives to urge President Obama to name a Democrat to replace one of the Commissioners whose term has expired. PostalReporter: There are two vacancies on the USPS Board Of Governors. Governor James Miller's term expired in December 2010.  Currently there are 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans.  |


Food Market Institute Urges PRC To Cancel USPS Request To Market Test Gift Cards - In January of this year, the Postal Service notified PRC  that it intends to conduct a market test of  Gift Cards.  American Express Travel Related Services Company has entered into a contract with USPS  to be the first supplier of gift cards in the experimental product test. However, Food Market Institute,  a national trade association is opposed to USPS selling gifts cards at retail windows. "FMI believes that the United States Postal Service should not compete in commercial markets unrelated to its core postal functions. FMI believes that this government-sponsored competition is unnecessary and exceeds the Postal Service’s authority pursuant to the PAEA."  |


Federal Times Stands By Their Story: USPS To Cut 30,000 Positions in 2011- Federal Times story about USPS cutting 30,000 positions by the end of 2011 created a firestorm throughout the internet community. But if 7, 500 jobs are abolished, 22,500 employees leave through whatever method and  USPS does not fill those 22,5000  positions=30,000 "positions" gone. Some positions are already vacant. |


Postal Contract Driver Admits To Stealing $335, 972 From USPS Through  Voyager Credit Cards - A truck driver formerly employed by a trucking company in Ocean, N.J., admitted today to stealing over $300,000 from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) through unauthorized use of fuel cards given to the company in connection with a contract to haul U.S. mail.|


Wrong Address: Non-Postal Websites Offering Change Of Address Services

USPS Board of Governors To Hold Closed Meeting On March 22

Mississippi : Bomb Squad Destroys Packages at Jackson Post Office

Former Georgia postal workers indicted in fund misappropriations

Report: Saginaw post office jobs will move to Pontiac

Safe taken from Wharton Township post office

Ukiah: Group rallying support for post office


March 10,  2011

Governor’s Attack on Wisconsin Workers Must Serve as a Wake-Up Call

“When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and 18 Republican state senators rammed through a bill in the dead of night that strips public workers of their right to collective bargaining, they sent a clear message,” said union President Cliff Guffey. “I hope it serves as a wake-up call for APWU members and all working people. NALC denounces Wisconsin ambush on worker rights-  “Leaving aside the deceit and the bad faith bargaining displayed over the past several days, what the Wisconsin GOP and Governor Walker did last night was shameful,” Rolando said. “Using a state budget crisis caused by a great recession created on Wall Street to attack the fundamental rights of Wisconsin public employees to bargain for middle-class wages, benefits and working conditions is just plain wrong.” NAPS: The Threat to End Collective Bargaining   |


Part Two Of Qtr 1 USPS Voice Of the Employee Survey Results?

Of those who responded to the survey, 64.6 percent replied favorably to the dimensions, and more than 81 percent say they understand the Postal Service’s strategic direction and how their work affects the organization’s success. Most employees are proud to work for the Postal Service. At least 77 percent say they feel personally responsible for helping USPS succeed as a business and more than half believe USPS promotes diversity of backgrounds, talents and perspectives.   |


USPS: Preparing For Change – What Is A Voluntary Early Retirement Authority

If the Postal Service announces a voluntary early retirement (VER), and if your position is covered in the group receiving the offer and you meet eligibility requirements, a VERA Offer Letter and Annuity Estimate will be mailed to your address of record. To receive notifications in a timely fashion, make sure USPS has your current mailing address on file.  |


USPS ordered to pay legal fees in case of discrimination
The U.S. Postal Service has agreed to pay nearly $200,000 in legal fees on behalf of an employee in the Carthage post office who was discriminated against on the job for being female. Roberta K. Faul had sued the service in U.S. District Court in October 2006, claiming that men working in the Carthage post office were given preferential treatment over women. .  |


NALC Files Grievances on Behalf of Drinking Mailmen

USPS issued Notice Of Removal letters to of Rudy Gray, Melvin Ingram and a third mail carrier. In the meantime, it placed the men on emergency leave, which prohibits them from working or from being paid. But NALC Branch 157, which represents the men, filed a grievance against management's actions.  NALC Branch 157 President Randy Zebin said all three are postal service veterans and each have at least 17 years of experience. This is the first offense for all three of them. |


March 9,  2011

USPS To Cut 30,000 Employees

"The Postal Service's goal is to cut 30,000 employees overall for the year, said Federal Times editor Steve Watkins, breaking the news on Your Turn with Mike Causey. USPS will also announce a drawdown of 7,500 positions on March 25 that include unoccupied positions, administrators, frontline supervisors and managers and postmasters, Watkins said. Federal Times found out about the plans after an editorial board meeting with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe."  |


Another Stumbling Block to USPS Self-Sufficiency: Rising Gas Prices

In addition to declining volumes, the Postal Service now faxes another stumbling block to self sufficiency, rising fuel prices.   Increases in fuel prices used by the trucks, airplanes, cars, boats, and railroads that transport and deliver the mail have a nearly immediate impact on Postal Service operating costs.  Gasoline costs are up almost 28% since the beginning of fiscal year 2011 and diesel prices are up 29%.  |


Video: APWU Members Demonstrate At White House

In response to APWU President Guffey's call for help, Rank and File Members of the American Postal Workers Union demonstrated in front of the White House about CSRS and FERS Pension and Health benefits over funding. Correction of the funding formula and return of overpayments ($75 Billion+) would help to make the USPS fiscally sound, saving jobs and mail service. The USPS is not supported or funded by taxes and the current Obama administration proposes, as part of their overall budget package, "relief" for the USPS by taxpayer dollars.   |  

Former postal worker indicted for worker's comp fraud

Wisconsin GOP bypasses Dems, cuts collective bargaining rights

Snail Mail Hasn't Lost Its Power to Boost Troop Morale

Kentucky NALC Branch President Charged With Embezzlement


March 8,  2011

Michigan postal carrier dies in freak accident

A Dundee postal carrier died when a concrete porch collapsed as she was delivering the mail and a large broken slab fell on top of her this afternoon. Nancy Schafer a veteran mail carrier, was pronounced dead around 3 p.m., about an hour after she was freed. Heavy machinery was needed to help remove the large slab that fell on her chest and body. Dundee Police Officer Tom Redmond said Ms. Schafer was on the phone to a coworker as the collapse occurred and was able to say that she needed help. But the weight of the slab, estimated at more than 500 pounds, remained on her chest and she quickly suffocated.  |


Plans To Close 3,000 Post Offices Never Existed, USPS Says

Recent widespread press reports and public outcry about supposed plans to close 3,000 post offices were a misunderstanding, U.S. Postal Service officials said today.  |


West Virginia Congressional Delegation Questions PMG on Proposed Consolidations

 The Postal Service has announced four AMP studies in West Virginia since last summer – in Beckley, Huntington, Martinsburg, and Bluefield – and already implemented a fifth study in Wheeling. The Postal Service is not pursuing any studies – not one – in twenty-two other states, and yet there have been five proposed consolidations in West Virginia alone. Of those states where studies are being pursued, only seven have had as many or more AMP studies than West Virginia, all of them states with significantly larger populations.  |

Jersey City doctor accused of double billing for treating USPS workers pays $2.25 million to settle case - The settlement agreement is a way to avoid the time and expense of litigation, and not an admission of guilt, White said in a statement.  |

Has Texting Killed Romance? Ashton Kutcher Touts Letter Writing

Former postal worker pleads guilty to stealing mail, gift cards

Postal carrier returns to work after 392 days of rehabilitation

Flint Mayor says city's mail facility 'needs to stay open to keep jobs in our community'

USPS study recommends moving Flint mail sorting center

Closing time change at SeaTac's Riverton PO sparks concern
No decision yet on Oshkosh, Green Bay postal consolidation
Oklahoma postal worker pleads guilty to mail crime
New life for Depression-era murals
Text messages to replace stamps in Sweden

In rural Alaska communities, postal delivery varies greatly
Mail's snail pace has senders in Lima area irate


March 7,  2011

USPS 2011 Organization Redesign FAQs

On January 7, PMG Pat Donahoe announced the beginning of an organizational redesign that will help streamline the Postal Service. The announcement included a 16-percent reduction in the officer ranks of the Postal Service and the impending closure of the Southeast Area .In the event of RIF and/or VER, all relevant information – including timelines and guidance - will be posted here on the Organizational Changes website as soon as details are finalized. USPS will announce its new, reorganized structure on March 25 along with District closures.  |


Video: Eleanor Norton-Letter Carriers Are Indispensable To The American People

 Lately, Postal Workers have been under constant assault from various groups. In fact, it seems like Postal Workers have become "poster children" for the direct cause of USPS financial woes. So, it is refreshing to hear at least one voice at the recent hearing on USPS express appreciation for Letter Carriers.  Unlike, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), Vice-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, who seemed more interested in ways to re-negotiate collective bargaining agreements. ) |

Watchdog: 18 months later, humans prevail over postal automation

MN Public Radio asks "Do you need the U.S. Postal Service?"


March 6,  2011

Is House Oversight Chairman Pulling A USPS Bernstock On Government Time?  

"Attendees at the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may have been confused when they ran into Darrell Issa: Were they meeting the California Republican Congressman and new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee? Or were they meeting the board member of a private company Issa founded called DEI Holdings Inc.? Issa declared he was there as a board member on personal business But his press secretary, standing next to him, declared he was there on official Oversight Committee business, and the Committee paid his way. Also, Issa fired his press secretary last week and hired spokesperson  from guess who.. Daily Caller. The website referenced by Rep Ross in a tweet, "DailyCaller link was to show IOUs being placed in USPS balance sheet. ever b repaid? Not if history is a guide." This stuff needs to be in a reality show.   |


OIG To Examine Major Corporations’ Innovation Practices For Use By USPS

The U.S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General (OIG) intends to award a labor  hour contract to a qualified organization to assist OIG staff in examining innovation  management processes at ten major U. S. corporations to identify best  practices/processes that can be adapted for use by the U. S. Postal Service.    |


Illinois Postal Carriers Head North to Wisconsin

Guilty plea entered in contractor fraud
Mail carrier wins cruise in lottery

Offering sensor network services using the postal delivery vehicle fleet (PDF
The Return of the "Catalog" Retail

USPS To Send Service Out of Arkansas Town


March 5,  2011

Congressman Ross Talks Postal Solvency & Bailouts On Fox News

Rep. Ross was on Fox News saying Postal Workers pay on the average $32 per month for Health Care compared to $125 for other Federal workers. Postal Workers pay 20% of their health premiums, Federal workers pay 28%.-- a 8% difference. .Is this the kind of  "new math" that will get USPS on the road to financial recovery? PR: On a different note, postal pundits don't factor in that the dental, eye care premiums are not subsidized by the Govt. as in the case of the private sector. The private sector also is covered by disability insurance whereas Postal Workers must seek private disability insurance or use personal leave.  I have not read ONE article which correctly outlines Postal Employee benefits... not one!  |


Carper Next In Line to Chair Senate Government Affairs Committee

With the announced retirement of  Senators. Daniel Akaka and  Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and "second-ranking Democrat Carl Levin (D-MI) serving as chair of the Armed Services Committee, Sen. Akaka would have been next in line to succeed Lieberman, if the Democrats retain their Senate majority in the 2012 elections. With Akaka’s retirement, Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE), who presently chairs the Senate postal subcommittee, would be next in line. If the GOP regains the majority, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) will chair." PR:  Over the years "moderate" Democrat Carper has been able to fly under the radar screen on his actions in the Senate.  |


USPS Overtime on the Rise

Complaints about letter carriers out delivering mail until 8 p.m. may not be isolated cases. Payroll statistics the U.S. Postal Service released yesterday indicate that overtime hours per full-time city delivery carrier have increased more than 20% over last year.  |


Employers Can Be Held Liable For Discriminating Against Employees Using Military

Illinois Lawmakers Urge PMG To Keep Mail Operations At Rockford Facility

Postal workers rally against closing of mail processing plant in Utica

Bingaman, Udall question USPS merger study


March 4,  2011

USPS outlines plan to re-route mail to Birmingham


March 3,  2011

Republican Congressman Re-Introduces Resolution to Continue 6-Day Delivery

Congressman Samuel Graves (R-MO) re-introduced a resolution yesterday calling for the continuation of 6-day delivery. Rep Graves introduced the same resolution , H. Res 173, in February 2009  to continue 6-day delivery. Although adoption of the measure would not create new law, it would send a strong signal that lawmakers oppose the elimination of Saturday delivery. The House resolution is a non-binding measure. Regulators work overtime on USPS bid to drop Saturday delivery  |

Florida Postmaster Arrested On Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment Charges

 According to Postal Inspector Michael Mulder, the charges stemmed from a January 15 incident that allegedly took place inside the McDavid Post Office. A female mail carrier alleged that Lee attempted to sexually assault her inside the Main Street building.  |


Postal PTF Clerk And City Carrier Reassignment Opportunities In Alaska

Video: Seagoville, Texas Post Office To Close

Alabama:  Postal Employees at Jack post office robbed

Bronx mail carrier gets two years in jail for selling cocaine out of mail truck


March 2,  2011

Congressman Ross: Reducing USPS Workforce Should Be Primary Focus -

Congressman Dennis Ross, the chairman of the subcommittee, said in his opening remarks to the hearing that modifying pre-funding requirements for USPS retiree pension and benefit funds “do not address the long-term systemic problems and solvency issues” the Postal Service faced. He said work force reductions had to be the “primary focus” of the Postal Service, its unions and Congress to improve financial stability. PMG Donahoe said, "We have reduced head count, in 2006 we had 757,000 employees, today we have about 570,000 and moving forward we think we will eventually break into the 400,000 range,” he said." PR:  Ross, a Tea-Party backed candidate for Congress admitted during a Washington Post interview earlier this year that he knows little about the federal workforce. |


Hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:

"Pushing the Envelope: The Looming Crisis at USPS" - Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton - The Postal Service has been under a perpetual "looming crisis." What have we been waiting for? Donahoe: Adjustments to postal employees' pay and benefits could help. We need to adjust the employee health care contribution. It will take four years to get postal contributions equal to other federal employee obligations. USPS Cuts $9 Billion in Costs – But Congressional Help Still Needed -

Witness Statements PMG Patrick Donahoe | PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway| GAO Phil Herr,| Jim Sampey | Arthur Sackler|| NALC President Fredric Rolando| Excerpts from hearing via Postcom |


PRC Chairman Tells Postmasters It’s Too Soon To Review USPS PO Closings 

PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway is responding to letter from NAPUS requesting a review of USPS post office closings: Last month, “NAPUS Post Office Preservation Committee Co-Chair, filed a letter with the PRC,  asking the PRC to determine if the Postal Service is violating §101(b) of Title 39 of the United States Code, which ensures nondiscriminatory postal services throughout the nation.  PRC Ruth Goldway responded "..since the Service has not formally submitted their plans to us for review, it would be premature to open a docket at this time for this matter."  |


USPS Sued For Patent Infringement

Return Mail, Inc. filed a lawsuit on February 28, 2011,against the federal government alleging that the United States Postal Service is using the company’s patented process for handling undeliverable mail without permission.   |


Suzy the dog faithfully delivers mail to Gurdon families

USPS Suspends International Mail Service to Libya

Letter carrier suspected of bicycle theft

Employee unions to form coalition about feds
Satire: Postal Service Celebrates Another Awesome Day Of Delivering Mail


March 1,  2011

USPS-OIG responds to the OPM-OIG

OPM OIG: "While we understand that the USPS is having financial difficulties, the OPM's administration of the law has not caused this situation. The OPM has complied with the law as written on all accounts. To say otherwise is both inaccurate and obscures the true causes of USPS's current crisis."  USPS OIG: "This is not about the financial condition of the Postal Service, but that the Postal Service was overcharged and subsequently overpaid into benefit funds. In the Unites States there is the rule of law and the accounts must be settled. This issue is fundamentally about righting an inequity."   |


Congressman Ross' Message To "Postal Reporter Tweeps"

Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) tweeted the following message. The message is referencing a tweet he made yesterday about the OMB Director refusing to testify at the House Subcommittee hearing on March 2.  RepDennisRoss:"2 my postal reporter tweeps: DailyCaller link was to show IOUs being placed in USPS balance sheet. ever b repaid? Not if history is a guide."  PR: I'm not sure why his tweet was directed at this website because I don't bother anybody. :) |


USPS Announces Appointment of Acting Controller

Congressman Urges PMG To Keep Gary, IN Mail Facility Open

Postal customers loyal to small Montana facility

Rising paper costs, postal price increases force adjustments

Planned postal rate hike hits marketers, but many remain loyal to mail medium

How Deep Could USPS Regional Management Cuts Be?