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USPS Proposed Rule To Amend Regulations for Post Office Closing-Consolidating Process - This proposed rule would amend postal regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices  |


PMG Announces Seven USPS Districts Eliminated, Executive Ranks Reduced - About 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the redesign that also includes the closing of seven district offices and offers limited financial incentives to those who meet specific qualifications. VER Offering for 2011 Organizational Redesign |  $20,000 Special Incentive Offer FAQs  |


PRC Issues Advisory Opinion On Ending Saturday Delivery

The Commission stands ready to provide further assistance as the deliberations progress. Senator Carper Reacts to PRC Opinion | Senator Susan Collins Statement |  PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery | |



Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC  |


Oversight Hearing To Scrutinize APWU Tentative Contract


PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |



Demoted Postal Manager Appeals Part-Time Status to MSPB - A former Postal Manager is attempting to circumvent the seniority provisions of the APWU National Agreement.  |


Former APWU National Officer Found Guilty For Theft Of Union Funds  |


Rural carriers reject USPS proposal for wage freeze, benefits cuts  .|


NALC: USPS News Release On Contract Negotiations Is Full Of Spin And Distortions - and distortions aimed at influencing public opinion. NALC wants its members to know that we are responding to press inquiries regarding the USPS release    |



Postal Service Echoes Enron Abuses  - The need for reform at the top and a complete overhaul of the current USPS culture is evident when you look at the scandals revealed recently, including the Bob Bernstock scandal in July,  |


PMG Potter: Give U.S. Postal Service The Freedom To Compete  |


USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says -"The Post Office has 200,000 people who should be retiring," Rep. Darrell Issa said in a speech Wednesday to The Heritage Foundation. USPS had 568,301 employees at the end of August. "When I say retiring I mean we don’t need them. But let’s bear in mind it’s just not the guy at the post office; it’s the thousands of people who are doing maintenance at post offices that we don’t need to have so many of."   |


Former Oklahoma Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $642,808 From Bulk Mail Customers    |


Senator Collins: OIG Audit Shows Stunning Evidence Of Excessive Postal Execs Perks - The U.S. Postal Service pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums for 835 of its top employees, an expensive perk that occurs at no other federal agency, . Archive: Postal Execs Compensation & Perks Reported Last Year |  Audit: Ex-Postal Service execs return as private contractors, make more money  | Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts  |



GOP Rep. Darrell Issa: Time for another government bailout

Postal employees have incentives for holding tight to negotiating positions.  NALC responds to recent media attacks on postal workers   |



OIG Says USPS Overfunded Its FERS Retirement Obligations By $6.8 Billion  |  



Postal Service's History of Seeking Five-Day Delivery to Cure Financial Woes



Top USPS Attorney Says They Are Two Sets Of Rules Governing Use Of Postal Equipment - Replace a broken USPS - Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times by Wayne L. Johnson, Commander, Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps (retired) |



April 30,  2011

Postal Service Hosts Forum for Workers Affected by Consolidation
Poor Turnout for meeting on Post Office closings in West Virginia
App lets you mail handwritten notes and cards from iPhone

Omaha: Letter carrier operations to be consolidated

Feds bust Sacramento mail carrier in stolen drugs probe

APWU: New Address for Grievance Appeals
Ballots 'misplaced,' raising concern over all-mail vote

Another Post Office Closes in Omaha

Contractor sentenced for stealing $56,000 in fuel from postal service

Lifelong Love of Sunol for Retiring Postmaster

Some Yakima postal operations may move to Pasco

Smithville, Mississippi Post Office Destroyed by Tornado

USPS makes changes as audit warns of "flawed" contract data

How Arlington lost its post office in five days

Retirement awaits 37-year Gustine postal worker

Video: Meeting Draws 150 To Save Lancaster Postal Service


April 29,  2011

OIG Finds USPS Mystery Shopper Program Compromised

USPS responded by basically saying No harm, no foul . But bonuses were given out based on mystery shopper scores. Some managers had an unfair advantage - We determined that the integrity and objectivity of the Mystery Shopper Program was compromised, because information regarding the program is posted on the contractor’s website where it is accessible to the general public. Specifically, we found that information regarding mystery shop sites, as well as the dates and scenarios of scheduled evaluations, was available to anyone who accessed the contractor’s website.    |


Postmasters Letter To PRC: USPS Must Comply With Existing Laws On Closing Post Offices -The National League Of Postmasters and National Association Of Postmasters of the US submitted a letter to Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway. The Postmasters are in opposition to USPS' proposed changes to regulations making it easier to close Post Offices.   |


All USPS BOG Public Meetings to be available online starting May 10

"Beginning May 10, 2011, all open session meetings of the Board of Governors will be available via live audio webcast."  |


85 Year-Old Postal Worker Retires After 50 Years

George Witherow’s first job for the postal service was “facing letters,” manually adjusting letters by hand so that they could be processed through a machine. His final job was working as a review clerk, he said. Witherow recalled that when he started, a stamp cost three or four cents and there were no ZIP codes. Photos of retirement party  |


PRC Approves USPS Request To Sell ‘Gift Cards’ At Post Offices

PMG Names Giselle Valera As USPS VP and Managing Director, Global Business

Postal Carrier Robbed In North Wichita

Fort Smith AR mail processing to move to Fayetteville
Russellville AR mail processing center consolidating to Little Rock


April 28,  2011

Guffey to APWU Members: Don’t Let Anti-Labor Politicians Stop You From Voting - Some very powerful politicians have set their sights on postal employees, APWU President Cliff Guffey has warned, and union members must respond decisively. “Anti-labor members of Congress have said the union’s tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement is too favorable to workers,” the union president noted. “They favor contracting out virtually all of our jobs. “I have a simple response,” he said. “I encourage every APWU member to get actively involved in union affairs — and to start by voting on ratification of the tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement. APWU: Additional Q & A About the Tentative Agreement  |  


USPS and British Royal Mail Team Up to Sell Official Royal Wedding Collectibles

Postal move plan booed

Campaign under way to save Leonardsville Post Office

Sioux City demands copy of Postal Service study

New United States Postal Service Proposal Unfair To Staten Island Residents?

US Postal Service considers closing 4 Montana offices



April 27,  2011

Crime-fighting postal inspector transferred out of U.S. Virgin Islands

Outrage Over Vandalized Flag At Post Office


April 26,  2011

USPS proposes to move operations from Four Kansas Mail Processing Centers - Postal Service in Kansas to Hold Public Meetings on proposal to move mail processing operations from Hays, Colby,  Hutchinson and Independence Customer Service Mail Processing Centers (CSMPC)  The initial analysis indicates net local savings of $40,000 in Hays, KS and  $99,000 in Colby, KS.   |  

Two Kentucky Post Offices Closed Due To Flooding

USPS Study proposes moving Frederick, MD Mail Operations to Baltimore

Daisy, GA: Town Fights for Post Office

Postal Service master key lost in Napa

Hallmark Introduces Postage-Paid Greetings Cards for Mother’s Day

USPS Closes Ohio Post Office But Will Continue Lease Payments For 4 Years

Butte residents speak their minds on USPS consolidation plan
Bristol TN mail processing operations moving to Johnson City
Alexandria's mail-processing operations to move to Shreveport

Oshtemo Post Office sees dramatic drop in business after it moves to new location

China Post is Aggressively Expanding

Sioux City: Postal Workers Picket Possible Local Closings

United Parcel Service Volume Down in First Quarter

Direct Marketing Agencies Among Leaders in Social Media


April 25,  2011

USPS To Record Daily Activities Of Carriers For Use In Upcoming NALC Contract Talks

 USPS notified NALC that it will use cameras to record  time spent on office tasks starting today. The review will involve data collection and analysis of all office activities on selected routes for one day, with the route serviced by the regular carrier or carrier technician. The data is being collected in preparation for upcoming contracts talks. Last year USPS notified NRLCA that it would be placing video cameras in some LLV’s and POV’s on rural routes for use in contract talks.  |  


OPM announces steps to get full pensions to new retirees sooner

In response to a Federal Times story last October detailing the problem of incomplete annuities for new retirees, OPM Director John Berry ordered Zielinski to increase interim payments to as close to the full amount as possible. Zielinski hoped those changes would be in place by the end of December. OPM has missed that deadline, but Zielinski cited these signs of progress: OPM now takes 117 days to finish processing a claim. Last October, it took 138 days.|  


USPS Cancels Public Meeting To Discuss Possible Closure Of Leverett, MA Post Office

Mindful mailman saves life

Editorial: Cutting Saturday mail service is not the answer


April 24,  2011

Explosion Destroys Missouri Post Office


April 23,  2011

Cutbacks, automation slow mail delivery in Chicago suburbs

the U.S. Postal Service has consolidated mail routes and deployed automated mail-sorters — changes that are causing headaches in some Chicago suburbs and could be a forewarning for others. In Highland Park, residents complain they have received mail as late as 7 p.m. In Barrington, the village newsletters were delayed by up to a week, so the calendar listings were outdated by the time residents got them. Mail also is arriving later in Park Ridge. |  


Five dogs attack North Carolina letter carrier

Five dogs have been confiscated from former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield’s property following an attack that required the hospitalization of a postal carrier Thursday. Mary Bolton was delivering a package that was too big to fit in Mayfield’s oversized mailbox. She drove through the gate, past the “No Trespassing” sign and the “Beware of Dogs” sign as she made her way to the Mayfield house. She encountered a group of five dogs. They attacked her. She  is out of the hospital and recovering, but is in a lot of pain. |  


Why Mail May Matter Longer Than We Think


April 22,  2011

Burrus: Agreement is Not Fair

The agreement will permanently reduce the wages of APWU represented employees to a level in existence prior to the 1971 Postal Reorganization Act when collective bargaining was afforded postal employees.  The standard for the work performed by clerks, lower level maintenance and motor vehicle employees will be reduced to the new levels established in this agreement.   As  current employees leave postal employment, the compensation level for work performed will be set at the lowest level applicable.     Postal management will refuse to pay $28.00 per hour for work that the union has agreed can be performed by the 2nd tier work force at $16.00 for new hires and at $12.00 per hour by casuals who have been integrated into the regular work force. .|  


What Happens If the APWU Rejects the Contract?

What the arbitrator would choose is open to speculation.   APWU members have little clarity regarding whether they would fare better in an arbitration proceeding that follows the rejection of this agreement than what is offered in the contract that they must vote upon.  Each arbitrator looks at the information in front of them independently and contract arbitration following the rejection of a contract by the vote of the rank and file is rare.  The 2007 arbitration that resulted in a NRLC - Postal Service contract followed the rejection of a contract by NRLC rank and file members.  That arbitration decision may provide some guidance as to how an arbitrator will develop his/her decision. |  


Customer wants to understand post office's 'triage' procedure

In need of some postage stamps, I went to our Lincoln Post Office and found myself in a line of about eight people. A lady postal clerk left her station behind the counter to jovially announce that she was going to “triage” the folks in line (?).She proceeded to write on a small piece of paper why each person was in line. Then she handed the small paper to that person. After completing this triage of each person, she then returned to her place behind the counter and announced “next”. I asked her what was the reason for this triage operation. She said it was Post Office direction. |  


Davis Junction postal worker fined for burning ads

North Carolina window clerk accused of defrauding USPS of tens of thousands of dollars
West Virginia Delegation: postal closures unlawful

Customer wants to understand post office's 'triage' procedure

Town post office spared 

Man sought in post office box break-ins caught

Henning post office reopens 6 months after fatal shootings

Gov. Branstad implores Postal Service to curtail its closures

Post Office Finds Missing Package Containing Woman's Ashes

Two Postal Workers Accused of Stealing Mail


April 21,  2011

Postal Union Brings Back Work, but Divides It

In the complicated tangle of tradeoffs, the contract allows the Postal Service to save money and the APWU to shore up its finances to offset declining rolls. Current workers get a mixed bag, including disrupted schedules, and future workers may never attain the current level of pay and benefits.    |  


The real financial health of the Postal Service
USPS IG Letter to the Editor of The Washington Post -Taxpayers are not at risk for postal pension and health-care liabilities — the Postal Service does not need or want tax dollars. The Postal Service has set aside more than $300 billion for this purpose, funding obligations at more than 80 percent. This is not counting $82 billion of overcharges my office has documented, which if returned, would fund the obligations at more than 100 percent — an uncommon feat anywhere. If the Postal Service went out of business tomorrow, its real estate holdings, worth tens of billions of dollars, would more than cover remaining liabilities.    |  


Postal Service Offers Big Savings in Small Package Shipping

“This new service is designed as a solution for e-commerce merchants looking to boost sales by offering free or discounted shipping charges for online purchases,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “It has tremendous appeal for commercial shippers requiring a cost-effective ground service for delivery of packages over shorter distances."   |  


Postal truck strikes, kills Chesco toddler

Experts Weigh In On Likelihood of Huge Catalog Postal Rate Hike

Yuma: USPS asking for public's help in string of mail thefts

Post Office Loses Cremated Remains

All-Electric Conversion of the USPS Long Life Vehicle (LLV) (PDF)

Balm residents object to potential closing of post office

The Postal Service Role in the Digital Age Part 2 (PDF)

Frustration spreads as list of dying post offices grows in Iowa

Canada: If postal workers strike, no one will care


April 20,  2011

PRC: Postal Service unlawfully discriminated against GameFly

To remedy this unreasonable preference, the Commission orders the Postal Service to establish two parallel rate categories within First-Class Mail for roundtrip DVD mail. One category establishes that DVDs sent as presorted First-Class Mail letters to subscribers will not be subject to the non-machinable surcharge when returned. The other rate category provides that DVDs mailed as First-Class Mail flats to and from subscribers will not be subject to an additional ounce charge.The Postal Service is given 60 days to implement this remedy.   |  


Burrus Editorial: It’s All About Me

I have written a number of opinion letters criticizing the tentative agreement; however, while forcefully advancing my position I realize that there is a countervailing position as expressed in the hypothetical letter below reflecting the sentiment of many APWU members.   |  


Schumer Urges Postal Service To Reconsider Consolidating Utica Processing Plant - Sen. Charles E. Schumer wrote to PMG urging him to reconsider the proposal to consolidate the Utica Processing Plant with an out-of-town facility. In his letter, Schumer joined local officials in noting that closure of the top-ranked Utica Processing facility would present significant challenges to the local economy, impact the timely delivery of local mail, and put up to 150 local jobs at risk. In the face of rising gas prices, Schumer also believes that consolidating the plant, and putting more mileage on postal service trucks and employees’ personal cars, makes little economic sense given the current climate.   |  


USPS: Certain Photos Of Obama Or Romney Not Allowed In Workplace

On April 4, President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for re-election. As a result, only official photographs of the president can be displayed in USPS workspaces. Photos of Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, also must be removed from workspaces. Romney announced his candidacy for president April 11.   |  


Residents get candidate mailings days after election

Union not happy with Lancaster PA consolidation plan
USPS Loses Cremated Remains

Frustration spreads as list of dying post offices grows in Iowa

Oshkosh mail facility to close in cost-savings move

SUV Slams Into Texas Post Office

Postal Service Initiates ePacket Service with Hongkong Post

Zumbox Announces High Volume Digital Postal Mail API Program for Large Mailers


April 19,  2011

APWU Didn’t Just Think Outside Of Box To Reach Tentative Agreement

Safeguards Jobs, Creating New Opportunities - Many provisions of the APWU's tentative agreement with the postal Service directly affect the Clerk Craft. Highlights of the entire agreement can be found on pages 6-9, but several Clerk Craft items deserve additional attention.  |  


Motor Vehicle Director Activist Wins Major NLRB Case Against USPS

"Jerome Pittman, former director of the MVS Craft for the San Francisco Local, filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge that resulted in one of the strongest Consent Orders ever issued against the USPS by the NLRB — and which the USPS ultimately agreed to. As a result of Brother Pittman’s charge, the NLRB instructed the USPS to keep precise records of union requests for information, and to train management personnel on their obligation to provide such information."   |  



Automated Postal Center frustrates local last-minute tax filers

It was about 8 p.m. Monday at Vancouver’s main post office and about 25 people were lined up to get their IRS returns postmarked before midnight. Not by a postal clerk, but by a single, 6-foot-tall, blue Automated Postal Center that takes only debit or credit cards.   |  


At One Post Office, Tax Day is a Reason to Dance and Sing

Post office machine frustrates local last-minute tax filers

Defense to Ask Judge to Suppress Confession in Henning Postal Murders

The United States Postal-Online Ordering-eMailbox-Bank Service?


April 18,  2011

League Of Postmasters urging action to stop USPS cloaked plan to close rural post offices  

 "We want to remind everyone if you have not already done so to contact all your members of Congress as soon as possible regarding Title 39 CFR Part 241. This is just a cloaked plan to close 1000s of Post Offices. We believe the long term impact to the Post Office brand, overall customer trust and service, especially to rural America has not been fully consider with this change."  |  



Postal Worker Attacked, Left Unconscious Outside Post Office

A postal worker who had been attacked from behind was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital after being found unconscious on the ground outside his local post office early Monday morning, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said.   |


Burrus: Justifying Your Decision

"I have read the justification/excuses for electing to support an agreement that transforms postal employment in a very negative way for existing and new employees far into the future and the reasons fail to pass the smell test. " |


USPS To Test Postage-Back Guarantee For Top Advertisers Direct Mail Campaigns -

USPS hereby gives notice that it intends to conduct a test of an experimental market-dominant product. The experimental product is the “Mail Works Guarantee.” The top advertisers in America represent $90 Billion in total expenditures for media advertising. The USPS share is currently 3.1% or about $3 Billion annually which represents a huge revenue potential for the Postal Service. Thus, this new product will be offered to a group of companies who spend a minimum of $250 Million annually on advertising  These companies will be offered a postage-back guarantee to test advertisements for their products through First-Class Mail and Standard Mail. The market test will begin on or shortly after May 16, 2011. |


USPS: Dancin' In The Streets -'Every Door Direct Mail Is A Hit'

Rural post office on the chopping block

Postal employees picket in Lenoir

Shandon post office is more than just mail

The Price of Printing Bad Stamps

Tramp Stamp?

Fewer post offices open later on tax deadline day in age of e-filing
Postal worker accused of stealing gift cards


April 17,  2011

Massive Losses for APWU in Tentative Agreement by Olympia, Washington APWU President Clint Burelson

Burrus: Something is wrong with this picture

Postal worker accused of stealing gift cards
Threatening To Go Postal, Retired Postal Worker Arrested
Chicago Mail Carrier Robbed At Gunpoint
The Washington Post Does Not Understand the Postal Service
Postal worker hit by bus in Philadelphia

April 16,  2011

Editorial: Postal Service must cancel its Statue of Liberty stamps

New York Daily News - "Because the image they chose of the Statue of Liberty was not that of the much photographed monument. It was of a half-size replica built in 1997 - for Las Vegas' New York, New York hotel.The postal people, who apparently learned how to say sorry from Charlie Sheen, are cavalierly unrepentant. "We love the design," said spokesman Roy Betts, who insisted: "There is no error on the stamp." Huh? The only mistake the Postal Service made, Betts said, was in describing the sticky little squares as Statue of Liberty stamps as opposed to casino-kitsch Statue of Liberty stamps." Video: Who’s That Lady? New Stamp Features Wrong Statue of Liberty | Statue of Liberty stamp gaffe a genius move  |


Dead Letter Mail: Digital Posts May Herald End to Carriers
Video: Who’s That Lady? New Stamp Features Wrong Statue of Liberty


April 15,  2011

Oregon Mailman suspended after relieving himself in yard

"Don Derfler's own wife didn't believe him when told her the mail carrier was defecating in public. Then he showed her the pictures. Derfler saw it all from his living room window while he was baby sitting his son Wednesday afternoon. "He started pulling his pants down and started defecating and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures," said Derfler. Officials with the U.S. Postal Service say they are disheartened and disappointed. " Is it a reason for letter carrier to be fired? Video: Postal worker in deep doo-doo after using yard as toilet   |


PRC Chair: No Five-Day Postal Delivery Anytime Soon

“It’s not likely Congress would act to remove the six-day requirement in 2011 or 2012,” Goldway told Del Polito. “It’s possible farther down the road.” Admitting that she is no expert when it comes to Congress, Goldway said it appears that outside of Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE), there isn’t strong support for five-day delivery on the Senate side. The House side also seems to favor six-day delivery, she said." Half of Online Sellers Unfazed by USPS Move to 5-Day Delivery  |


USPS Delivers a Greener America

Oxnard mail distribution center to close in July

Pawnee Postal Worker Struck and Killed by Train
Man speaks about postal worker's assault
Cops hunting suspect who attacked 58-year-old postal worker in Queens
Get to know your postal guy


April 14,  2011

Unbelievable Treatment of Passport Customers At Portland, Oregon Post Office -

By Patty Olson/ Legislative Director - APWU Portland OR Area Local- "With revenues declining within the postal service one would think that customer service would be one of our most prized asset. Why then would a customer service retail supervisor send passport customers 2 to 5 blocks away to make copies of their ID? Why would this supervisor instruct the employees to tell a wheelchair-bound passport customer that he must leave to go make copies of his ID?"  |


House Hearing Sets Troubling Precedent

By the close of the hearing, Chairman Issa reluctantly agreed to consider the pre-funding requirement. But clearly, the panel had more on its mind than liberating the Postal Service from the unreasonable and unfair mandate. And so did postal management. Committee Republicans directed most of their questions about the proposed contract to Donahoe, Guiliano and USPS Governor James F. Miller III. But the timing of the hearing, just days before a ratification vote by APWU members got underway, seemed designed to spook union members. "  |


Veribest post office closure meeting packed - When Jones said he had not received opinion surveys delivered to 96 post office box holders, the crowd said they were sent to the address listed — in Fort Worth — so Jones would not have received them yet." They are in the mail," quipped one gentleman, stirring the crowd to laughter.


Great Falls: Postal study finds savings of $500,000 in consolidation

USPS Seeks to Close Bryn Mawr Post Office

The Post-Postal Society?

Texas postal worker indicted in med thefts

 USPS to aid small business marketing efforts

Postal Service Patent Management Continuation (PDF)


April 13,  2011

Oversight Committee Passes Bill Targeting Tax Delinquent Federal Workers

"The bill makes an individual who has a seriously delinquent tax debt ineligible to be appointed, or to continue serving, as a federal employee. Chaffetz introduced an amendment in the nature of a substitute which exempted uniformed military personnel from this act.".  |


USPS OIG Unable To Determine Why Supervisors Deleted Employees Timeclock Rings

 USPS "OIG received a congressional request from an Oregon Congressman on behalf of his constituent, the vice president of the Salem Associated Postal Workers Union Local 604." The OIG received similar requests for  Manchester, NH, are also happening in Oakland, CA, Missouri, Kansas, and Ohio, and that "the problem is widespread and systemic within the Postal Service."  We also found questionable deletions of clock rings by supervisors in the Dover, NH; Gastonia, NC; and Parkville, MO Post Offices. The report found Post Office improperly charged safety talks and informational meetings to operation code 782 , Training. OIG recommends in part: . Establish and implement controls in the Time and Attendance Collection System to document supervisors’ justification of changes to employees' time. |


PMG Announces One More Vice President Leaving USPS

PMG Pat Donahoe recently announced three vice presidents, Linda KIngsley, Pranab Prah and Tim Healy are leaving USPS. Postcom reported Susan Plonkey was also stepping down.|


Knoxville Tenn. MVS Director’s Follow-Up Video On Tentative Agreement

Knoxville, Tennessee APWU MVS Director's Follow up video "on the tentative agreement we are voting on and what I believe the impact could be to not only the MVS craft but the Postal Service as a whole." First Video  |


USPS Releases New ‘Go Green’ Tote Bag

Ohio Letter Carrier Indicted For Mail Theft

Montana Secretary of state expresses worry on effect of postal closure on mail ballots

Mobile teen charged with carjacking postal worker

Wheeling could lose more postal jobs


April 12,  2011

More Non-Traditional Full-Time Jobs Q & A On APWU Tentative Agreement

By Clint Burelson, APWU President, Olympia [Washington] Local - “Here are a few more questions and answers [on Non-Tradtional Full-Time jobs] that I think the membership should be aware of before they vote on the proposed contract.  I believe that if all Clerk Craft employees were aware of the details and impact of the NTFT jobs, they would unanimously reject this contract - Q and A on Non-Traditional Full-Time Jobs that APWU Members Should Know Before Voting - By Clint Burelson, APWU President, Olympia [Washington] Local - The Non-Traditional Full-Time positions will significantly affect current workers at the Post Office in a negative manner. Based on my understanding of the proposed contract, I have created a few key questions and answers regarding the impact of NTFT jobs on current workers. **note: small update to clarify the first sentence. PostalReporter has no public opinion on the tentative agreement.  |


Report says Obama will endorse plan that would cut feds' benefits

The White House's deficit reduction commission — proposed basing retirees' pensions on their highest five years of salaries, instead of the current method of using the average of their highest three salaries. The Simpson-Bowles plan also calls for deferring cost-of-living adjustments for civilian and military retirees until they reach age 62.  |


Postal Supervisor Charged With Conspiracy To Defraud USPS Of More than $300,000 - A Birmingham, Alabama vehicle maintenance supervisor and two maintenance vendors have been charged in federal court with conspiracy to defraud the Postal Service of more than $300,000 in a billing kick-back scheme. A federal grand jury in March returned a 56-count indictment against Nalls, 41, of Birmingham, charging him with mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the Postal Service through payment on false claims and conspiracy to conceal payments he received through the scheme using the Voyager credit card.  |


USPS Workforce Size and Employment Categories, 1990-2010

The only groups to show an increase: Headquarters, Rural Carriers, Bldg. and Equip. Maint. Personnel Vehicle Maintenance Personnel, Non-bargaining Temporary, and Motor Vehicle Operators. Clerks show the biggest decrease over 23 years. In the CRS report covering 1987 it showed clerks numbers at 296,360. At the end of FY2010 clerks had decreased to 157,168.|


USPS To Offer Business Mailers Three-Percent Discount On First-Class and Standard Mail -The Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission to temporarily adjust the prices for its market-dominant products, First-Class Mail and Standard Mail. This adjustment will take effect at 12:01 AM on July 1, 2011, and expire at 11:59 PM on August 31, 2011. The change will provide commercial mailers an upfront three percent discount on the prices for First-Class Mail and Standard Mail letters and flats, which include a mobile barcode inside or on the mailpieces.   |


USPS IG: Postal Service Would Benefit From Its Own Workers Comp Program

Also, FECA places no age limit on receiving benefits. This is substantially more than other employees receive when they retire. Though unintended, FECA has become a lucrative retirement plan. FECA is in need of significant reform. Such reform could reduce the substantial risk for fraud and improve program efficiency and effectiveness, while protecting reasonable benefits for legitimate claimants. OWCP Director: Proposals To Amend Federal Employees Compensation Act  |


Postal Service Begins Civil War Stamp Series

Letter Carrier Carjacked in Mobile

Five More South Carolina Postal Employees Charged With Filing False Claims for Unemployment

Zumbox Signs Agreement With New Zealand Post to Deliver Digital Postal Mail

Accused Erie postal worker enters special probation program

Some Lincoln postal operations may move to Omaha

OIG: Could RFID Make the USPS the Premier Delivery System?


April 11,  2011

An Agreement For Our Times

APWU: We have a tentative agreement! Noah Webster defines “watershed” as “an important point of division or transition between two phases, conditions, etc.; a crucial deciding point, line or factor.” Clearly, this is a watershed agreement. Updated: Highlights of New Tentative Contract Agreement Although this says a minimum of 800 positions will be created in the Clerk Craft to perform “administrative and technical duties” (like TACS) that are currently performed by EAS personnel, we were told in the APWU briefings that Lead clerks will replace lots of 204b’s and other supervisors in Function 1 and 4.   |


Opinion: APWU Members Before Voting No On Tentative Contract..

APWU members should think carefully about the 2001 Goldberg award and what happened to the rural carriers in 2002 before voting “No.” An arbitrator doesn’t reward bad faith bargaining. That’s a fact! .  |


Letter carrier is a hero

Bairoil WY again fighting to keep post office open


April 10,  2011

USPS Seeking Vendors For Small Footprint Flat Sequencing System (FSS Lite) USPS is currently conducting market research and seeking to identify potential sources for a Phase II of our Flat Sequencing System (FSS) Program.  Our Phase I designed machine currently in deployment is a large system that was primarily intended to accommodate high mail volume processing runs and targeted for our most highly populated flats mailing markets.  Phase II is seeking and envisions a smaller footprint FSS (FSS Lite) machine as a solution to efficiently, reliably, and accurately sort and sequence flat mail to the order in which the mail is delivered on a letter carrier's route (Delivery Point Sequence or DPS). .  |

Will Ratification of the APWU Tentative Agreement Preserve Our Jobs and End Excessing?   By Fred Jacobs Oakland APWU President.. Maybe. The minuscule pay increases; the back-loaded, waived and deferred COLAs; the lower starting salaries for future employees; the increases in employees' share of contributions toward healthcare coverage could preserve craft jobs. Although rumors are saying otherwise, there has been no official announcement on a VER for craft employees. However read on...  |


New Regulations On ADA Amendments Act of 2008 Broadens Definition Of Disability - On March 25, 2011, the EEOC issued new regulations governing the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). The regulations greatly broaden the definition of "disability" under the ADAAA, making clear that to "substantially" limit a major life activity, an impairment need not be "significantly" or "severely" limiting, as was previously established by Supreme Court precedent. Conditions covered include cancer, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder. |

Detroit Letter Carriers Dodging Vicious Dogs and Bullets

Postal services resumes deliveries in Little Rock neighborhoods where carrier was robbed


April 9,  2011

Court Rejects Postal Workers Lawsuit To Delay Voting On APWU Tentative Agreement- A Motion filed by three Postal Workers in a Case Vs. the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) has been Denied and Dismissed.. This was an attempt from these individuals to stop the Tentative Contract Agreement voting process...."  |

Letter carrier tackles purse snatcher

Letter carrier caught between job, caring for special-needs daughter
Postal worker charged with passing fake money
Merced man pleads guilty to counterfeiting postage

Post Office wants street-side mailboxes installed because of dogs


April 8,  2011

NAPUS Leaders Design Strategy to Stop USPS Illegal Regulatory Changes

NAPUS President Bob Rapoza briefed the National Executive Board on Thursday, April 7, on strategies to derail an illegal Postal Service attempt to implement regulations that would make it easier to close post offices, deny communities their statutory due process rights, and would violate the existing statutory definition of “Postmaster.”   |


Post office says Ohio consolidation not smooth

Delivering for America ... six days a week
Phoenix: Postal inspectors target 'volume' mail theft

US Postal Service struggles with falling revenues

Some postal operations to be moved out of Reading facility

USPS Web Site Infected by Exploit

A plea to save Park Station post office 

Social Security stopping mailed earning statements


April 7,  2011

Politicizing postal bargaining

NALC: This week's unprecedented congressional hearing on a negotiated agreement between the U.S. Postal Service and one of its craft unions shows just what letter carriers and the rest of the postal workforce are up against in the 112th Congress.   |


Some APWU Contract Savings Would Come at Expense of Other Postal Unions

Deadtree Edition's headline is misleading. Some of the duties being reassigned from management groups were craft jobs in the first place. "The contract also includes provisions that will return to postal employees a significant amount of work that had been outsourced or assigned to managerial personnel." In addition, postal unions are not required to be in 'solidarity' with management associations. Management employees fall under the PRA of 1970 and therefore excluded from collective bargaining.. "So much for "Solidarity Forever": Much of the U.S. Postal Service's projected savings from the proposed contract with its largest union apparently comes from reassigning duties currently performed by members of other postal-employee associations."  |

USPS: When customers can’t find the stamps they want Post Offices get unfavorable rating

How The Government Shutdown May Affect Current and New Federal Retirees

USPS RIBBS Customer Support Center Site Hit With Malware

Postal Service Five-Day Delivery Plan Faces Long Odds in Congress

Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive Set for May 14 Throughout Nation

Postal Service Honors Suppliers For Outstanding Performance

USPS Processing Operations Move to Roanoke


April 6,  2011

Republican Assault on Postal Labor Contract Fizzles

NAPS: Tuesday’s House oversight hearing into the tentative APWU contract and postal worker pay fell far from its billing as “Wisconsin Comes to Washington.” House Republicans appeared unready to take on the nation’s largest postal labor union, the Postal Service or the newly-minted labor contract the two have struck. NAPS Call To Action: Postal Improvement Bills Introduced in House  |


APWU Members Against Ratification of Tentative Agreement

Randy Zelznick has created a page on 21st Century Postal Worker for APWU Members against Ratification of the APWU Tentative Contract Agreement.. note: readers have inquired as to my opinion of the tentative agreement. At this time I have no public opinion of the tentative agreement. APWU Ballots Mailed, Due Back May 10-Vote on Tentative Contract |


Video: House Chairman Over USPS Does Not Know Rate Of First Class Postage – Says Americans Want To Keep First Class Postage at   '47 Cents'  (video link updated)   |


USPS Will Not Be Affected By Government Shutdown

Mail Will Get Delivered, Post Offices will remain open but Passports Will Not Get Processed. NO Shutdown For USPS | PRC To Close If Government Shuts Down  |


Treasury may borrow federal retirement funds in debt emergency

The government could temporarily tap tens of billions of dollars from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, and the Thrift Savings Plan's Government Securities Investment Fund, or G Fund, both of which are invested in U.S. Treasury securities. In that case, retirees' pensions could be affected. Adcock said that, if that were to happen, any impact on retirement payouts would be "the least of their problems because we'll face a worldwide economic collapse. |


Postal Governor Miller peddles nonsense at House hearing

NALC Activist Alert - “The House Government Oversight committee should not be deceived by Miller’s disgracefully misleading testimony,” Rolando said. “Gov. Miller should know better than to tell fairy tales to Congress. His testimony is an insult to the hundreds of thousands of hard-working postal employees who have helped the Postal Service survive the Great Recession and who provide high quality service at the most affordable postage rates in the world. “ Note: USPS Board Of Governor James C. Miller III, (whose term expired in December 2010) was invited as a Board member but he chose to present his 'personal' views on the Postal Service.    |


Falsifications Are Running Rampant In the City Of Oakland Operations
by APWU Local President Fred Jacobs- It has been brought to the attention of the APWU that some of the City of Oakland management are deleting or changing employees' clock rings, falsifying employees duty assignment work schedules and falsifying PO Box scan times. The APWU encourages all City of Oakland employees who have knowledge of these serious violations to report them to the APWU office. archive: Falsification Of PO Box Distribution Time  |


Maintenance Craft Questions and Answers On the Tentative Agreement

Opinion by Cliff Guffey: Collective bargaining can be win-win

Thieving Tennessee postmaster gets 5 years’ probation

Congress Holds Unprecedented Hearing into USPS-Union Agreement

Jury fails to reach verdict in trial of postal contractor accused of stealing veterans' medicines

Lynchburg mail processing to consolidate with Roanoke

Rep. Issa criticizes Postal Service contract with union

Taxpayer Alert: The Coming Postal Service Bailout

Residents Urge USPS to Keep Post Office in Tariffville



April 5,  2011

Video: Heated Exchange Between Congressman Ross And APWU Guffey At Oversight Hearing Congressman Dennis Ross queries Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on why Pay for Performance is not used for bargaining unit postal employees. Also, Ross accuses APWU President Cliff Guffey of paying members to vote on the Tentative Agreement. Guffey tells Ross, I am not buying members votes, "I realize it is a common practice on your side of the table." APWU: Guffey Defends Collective Bargaining At House Hearing |  Watch the hearing on  |


Issa Says Oversight Team To Strengthen USPS And Spare Taxpayers From A Potential Postal Bailout - Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) says on his Facebook page: "The question at hand is whether or not the USPS can continue to operate with unsustainable pay and benefit growth. All signs (like rapidly declining mail volume and consumer demand) point to no, so ...Darrell and the Oversight Team are heading this off to strengthen the Postal Service and spare taxpayers from bearing the burden of a potential postal bailout." Issa captures USPS problems by using graphics on his Twitter page to illustrate "Why does USPS spend 80 cents of every dollar on labor costs?" and "USPS vs. Private Sector.| Rachel Maddow: This little ‘Republicans hate the post office’ hearing   |


Lynch Bill seeks multi-billion dollar rebate for US Postal Service

Democrats in the US House of Representatives have put forward legislation to relieve the US Postal Service from a multi-billion dollar financial burden. Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch, ranking member of the House oversight committee’s postal subcommittee, unveiled HR1351 today in Congress. The bill seeks to correct the calculation system used to work out payments from the USPS to its Civil Service Retirement System pension pot. Congressmen Introduce Bill: USPS Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011  |


The Battle Between Public Unions and the Government Goes Postal

The battle between public-sector unions and the government may have reached a peak in Wisconsin earlier this year, but it’s another conflict that could deliver the fight to all corners of the country through rain, sleet, and snow: the one at the United States Postal Service. |


More on the APWU Health Insurance Deal

Editorial: Rural mail- USPS taking wrong approach on PO closings

Postal Service set to defend labor deal

USPS Inspector General: Not a Postal Service bailout

Proposal to move Helena postal services to Great Falls sparks protest

USPS: A dead monopoly walking

Audit Report - Retail Customer Service Operations Realignment in the Hawkeye District (PDF) -

Audit Report - Huntington, WV Processing and Distribution Facility Consolidation (PDF) -

Audit Report - City Delivery Efficiency Review - Chicago District (PDF)


April 4,  2011

Oversight Hearing Preview And Testimony: Are Postal Workforce Costs Sustainable? BOG Louis J. Giuliano: The Board unanimously supports the tentative agreement. It allows roughly 20 percent of the APWU workforce to be temporary, at a cost 50 percent lower than our permanent employees. BOG James C. Miller III-the current law governing our labor negotiations is biased against management and in favor of labor... they might even consider giving the unions the right to strike and management the right to lock out. The most obvious proposal is to demonopolize and privatize the Postal Service. PMG Patrick Donahoe: the  negotiated structural changes that resulted in a two-tier career pay schedule for new employees that is 10.2 percent below the existing schedule. We will also be able to increase the use of non-career employees from the 5.9 percent today with restrictions, to roughly 20 percent totally unrestricted. APWU Cliff Guffey: Some postal commentators have sought to compare the Postal Service to Federal Express and UPS with regard to the percentage of costs that come from workforce-related costs. I want to point out that it is not a valid comparison for at least two reasons. USPS defends union deal ahead of grilling in Congress |


APWU: More Questions and Answers on the Tentative Agreement

While the schedules of FTFs can be changed via a posting on the preceding Wednesday, the daily and weekly work-hour guarantees would remain in place. In any case, each of the full-time assignments will have the benefit of the posted work-hour guarantee instead of two hours per pay period – the guarantee PTFs currently have.   |


USPS Says Labor Contract Would Save $3.8 Billion

Of the $3.8 billion in savings in the contract, $180 million comes from having workers contribute more to their health-care expenses, Donahoe said. He said the savings won’t cut the 80 percent of the postal budget devoted to labor costs. |


USPS: Taxpayer Information for Tax Day-2011

Two Miami Post Offices to Close on June 3

Alert California Letter Carrier Foil Burglars Attempted Getaway After Robbing House

Deadline To Opt-in  To USPS Special VER Incentive Offer Coming Soon

USPS Mobile Now Available For Android Devices

Florida: David Postmaster Pleads Not Guilty

Postal Service Complaint Department, Open for Business

Postal workers fear study will move processing of mail and jobs to Harrisburg


April 3,  2011

Congressman Issa Asks: Can USPS Survive Paying Higher Wages While Workload Decreases? Are Postal Workforce Costs Sustainable? Can the United States Postal Service survive as its employees are paid increasingly higher wages while their workload decreases? Currently, 80 cents of every dollar the Postal Service spends goes to workforce costs. As of 2003, the Postal Service paid a 34.2% wage premium[ PR emphasis] to its employees over comparable private sector labor, and wages have only risen since.PMG Patrick Donahoe, APWU President Cliff Guffey and two members from the Board of Governors are set to testify. Issa erred in some of his comments on Postal Workers. note: slight correction on part about 80%.Issa set to grill postmaster general over finances, union contract. | House Oversight Committee Hearing On APWU Contract To Be Shown Online  |


Letter carrier alerts authorities to Lansing house fire

One house stops mail for many

Letter Carrier 'Hero of the Year' Arrested on Drug Charge

History of the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees 1913-1945

Little Rock: Postal carrier robbed at gunpoint


April 2,  2011

USPS OIG Report Shows Significant Degradations In Service After Lima Consolidation

“Significant degradations in service occurred” after the postal service closed Lima, (Ohio) P & DF the report said. On-time performance and customer service declined, and the public let the postal service and IGl know about it: The Cincinnati District Consumer Affairs Office received 610 complaints while the OIG separately received 410 complaints  Customers reported delayed, lost and damaged bills, payments, packages and medicine. Congressman. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana,  who asked for an expedited audit, said" The level of postal service failure, outlined in the audit, is 'staggering,'  |


Three accused of trying to rob Kentucky post office

California postal worker arrested on fraud charges

APWU: Management Must Convert PTFs

The Case of the Disappearing Mailboxes

Postal service vehicle shot, mail taken

Catalog Mailers May Get Hit With Massive Postal Increase


April 1,  2011

Massachusetts APWU Local Urges NO Vote On Tentative Agreement

The Northeast Massachusetts has put together a list of issues contained in the new National Contract proposal that National APWU leadership is not addressing. It is the view of this local that this new contract proposal does grave damage to the rights of present members.  |


OIG: USPS Exceeded Planned Overtime Costs In FY 2010 By $1.15B

Management did not adjust the plan based on anticipated personnel reductions associated with the VERA and, as a result, they did not budget for the additional overtime required to offset those reductions and maintain operations.  As a result, the budget for overtime and workhours was not accurate and the Postal Service may not have fully realized the anticipated cost savings resulting from the VERA and other operational efficiencies. see updated note : Last year reported that some USPS Districts are utilizing  temporary 'change of schedules' to avoid or circumvent paying employees overtime. Therefore 'Out of Schedule'  hours and pay are more than likely not reflected in the OIG's audit report as overtime.  |


USPS Second Guessing Decision To Change Mystery Shopper Program

After USPS implemented changes to the unpopular Mystery Shopper Program, some postmasters and managers are second-guessing the decision. PR note: Three clerks in my office were disciplined for not asking all the questions under the old format.  Although it is agreed that clerks cannot be disciplined for failing a Mystery Shopper Survey, Bay-Valley District management claimed "internal mystery shopper surveys" are not included in the agreement.  So hopefully  changes in this program will remain the same.  |


Postmasters: USPS Trying To Bypass Law On Post Office Closings

The LEAGUE is concerned that the Postal Service is trying through regulation to accomplish what it has not been able to accomplish through legislation. They are trying to get the unfettered ability to close as many small rural Post Offices as it wants without taking in to account all the reasons they are there, to serve the needs of rural America. NAPUS and League Leaders Commit to Joint Effort to Protect Post Offices |


 Appeals Court Upholds Firing Of Letter Carrier Who Refused To Work Saturdays For Religious Reasons -- Hosea Harrell is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  After being fired from his position with the post office in Warrensburg, Missouri, Harrell brought suit against the Postmaster General, alleging violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for religious discrimination and failure to accommodate as well as a violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. The accommodation requested by Harrell that he be given every Saturday as a scheduled day off would have violated the CBA, and the USPS was therefore not required under Title VII to grant Harrell's request. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the USPS, and we affirm.  |


USPS: First-of-its-Kind Contract Moves Forward

Postal carrier retires after 41 years

Editorial: The good, the bad and the ugly of postal service changes
Will PRC's Opinion Help or Hurt Five-Day Delivery Prospect?

USPS Unaware Carrier Accused of Stealing Mail Had Criminal Record

School bus, postal truck collide

New PMG Brings a Refreshing Change to the USPS