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News from Postalblog

Five Postal Supervisors Indicted For Taking Bribes and Lap dances

One supervisor "accepted thousands of dollars in drinks and lap dances at a local strip club, over $8,000 in free work done on a truck belonging to Plumb’s grandson, and a $3,000 paver patio installed in Plumb’s backyard. In addition, on a weekly basis, Plumb used the services of a prostitute paid for by the private contractor. Plumb also accepted Levitra pills supplied by the contractor."  |


USPS To Record Daily Activities Of Carriers For Use In Upcoming NALC Contract Talks - USPS notified NALC that it will use cameras to record  time spent on office tasks starting today.  |  



USPS Proposed Rule To Amend Regulations for Post Office Closing-Consolidating Process - This proposed rule would amend postal regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices  |


PMG Announces Seven USPS Districts Eliminated, Executive Ranks Reduced - About 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the redesign that also includes the closing of seven district offices and offers limited financial incentives to those who meet specific qualifications. VER Offering for 2011 Organizational Redesign |  $20,000 Special Incentive Offer FAQs  |


PRC Issues Advisory Opinion On Ending Saturday Delivery

The Commission stands ready to provide further assistance as the deliberations progress. Senator Carper Reacts to PRC Opinion | Senator Susan Collins Statement |  PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery | |



Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC  |


Oversight Hearing To Scrutinize APWU Tentative Contract


PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |



Demoted Postal Manager Appeals Part-Time Status to MSPB - A former Postal Manager is attempting to circumvent the seniority provisions of the APWU National Agreement.  |


Former APWU National Officer Found Guilty For Theft Of Union Funds  |


Rural carriers reject USPS proposal for wage freeze, benefits cuts  .|


NALC: USPS News Release On Contract Negotiations Is Full Of Spin And Distortions - and distortions aimed at influencing public opinion. NALC wants its members to know that we are responding to press inquiries regarding the USPS release    |



Postal Service Echoes Enron Abuses  - The need for reform at the top and a complete overhaul of the current USPS culture is evident when you look at the scandals revealed recently, including the Bob Bernstock scandal in July,  |


PMG Potter: Give U.S. Postal Service The Freedom To Compete  |


USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says -"The Post Office has 200,000 people who should be retiring," Rep. Darrell Issa said in a speech Wednesday to The Heritage Foundation. USPS had 568,301 employees at the end of August. "When I say retiring I mean we don’t need them. But let’s bear in mind it’s just not the guy at the post office; it’s the thousands of people who are doing maintenance at post offices that we don’t need to have so many of."   |


Former Oklahoma Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $642,808 From Bulk Mail Customers    |


Senator Collins: OIG Audit Shows Stunning Evidence Of Excessive Postal Execs Perks - The U.S. Postal Service pays 100 percent of health insurance premiums for 835 of its top employees, an expensive perk that occurs at no other federal agency, . Archive: Postal Execs Compensation & Perks Reported Last Year |  Audit: Ex-Postal Service execs return as private contractors, make more money  | Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts  |







June 30,  2011

Postal Service cancels execs' bonuses, performance awards

The U.S. Postal Service has canceled bonuses and performance awards for executives, officers and other administrative employees, its chief human resources officer said Thursday. Although the agency had set aside about $7 million for such programs for fiscal 2011, Tony Vegliante said he decided this month to withhold them because of the agency's worsening financial crunch. USPS Statement  on Suspension of Awards Program  |


Who’s Who in the Great Postal Service Debate

The future of the Postal Service is at the center of a national debate about the public realm versus the private realm.  Some argue that the postal system should be seen as a business, some as a public service.  Some people want to privatize the entire system, while others believe that the government will do a better job providing "universal service" at "uniform rates.  |


USPS in Midst of $100 Million Agency Review

The U.S. Postal Service confirmed it is reviewing marketing communications covering strategy and creative; media planning and buying; direct marketing and sales support; retail and promotions; and multicultural advertising for the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian markets."  |


NAPS: Issa’s Postal Bill Would Worsen USPS Financial Condition

"Mr. Issa’s legislation also falls short in failing to authorize new avenues of commerce for the Postal Service as part of a broader, realistic business model for the 21st century."  |


Owner Of Houston Pre-sort Company Gets 14 Years For Stealing Millions From USPS

 In addition to the prison term, Judge Atlas also imposed a three-year-term of supervised release to begin following his release from prison, a $700 special assessment and further ordered Lim to pay restitution to the USPS in the amount of $16 million.  |

Mail Delivery Halted By Dive-Bombing Birds

Catalogers Applaud PMG’s View on Exigent Rates

Residents come out to fight possible closure of post office

Small town Minn. post offices on the chopping block

Jacksonville postal worker given probation for stealing gift cards

Alabama postal worker charged with stealing mail


June 29,  2011

Postal Jobs, Pay, Benefits Threatened by Congress

The Postal Service is in danger of financial collapse, and could close its doors as early as July 2012. A battle is raging on Capitol Hill over what to do about it, and one thing is clear: Our jobs, our pay, and our benefits are in jeopardy!  |


Postal Worker Commits Suicide at Waukegan, IL post office

An employee of the U.S. Postal Service in Waukegan died in a gruesome act of suicide that
began at a downtown Waukegan post office Tuesday night. The 22-year veteran of the postal service worked in maintenance at the Waukegan office.  |


Daytona postmark lives on, despite processing center closure

Postal Vision 2020; USPS at a Crossroads

Mailman meme

Texas mailbox bomber gets 7 years in prison


June 28,  2011

Video:Issa-The Sanctity Of Unions Must Be Respected

Darrell Issa was very supportive of unions just a short time ago. Now Issa and Florida Freshman Congressman Dennis Ross have lodged an all-out "perceived" war against the Postal Service and postal workers. The TeaParty, promoted by Ross, has started an online petition to support Issa's Postal Reform Act  |


OIG Finds Over $400k In Questionable USPS Purchases On Beer, Sports, Gift Cards -

 "This report presents the results of a follow-up audit to determine whether purchases complied with U.S. Postal Service policy and whether imprudent purchases were still occurring related to the SmartPay® Purchase Card and select Accounts Payable Excellence (APEX) system transactions since our last audit." Beer and wine purchases totaling $2,927 were provided at nine events for which the cardholder did not obtain an officer’s approval  |

USPS Announces Nonbargaining Employees Promotional Salary Increase Policy Change - Effective immediately, promotional increases must be limited to the following: Salary increase of 3 to 5 percent for promotions, Salary increase of no more than 8 percent if an employee is promoted more than once within 52 weeks.  |


OWCP announces final rule updating procedures for Federal Workers’ Compensation Act claims - The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Workers' Compensation Programs today released a final rule that revises and modernizes the procedures used in administering claims under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act. The rule, modernizes procedures. |


Gift Cards On Sale At Select Post Offices Starting Today

The new line of “open-loop” gift cards — redeemable at any merchant that accepts the card brand — is part of a two-year market test and is being sold at Post Offices that also sell greeting cards.   |


USPS: Special Mail Processing of 'Hot' Publications To End Friday

Mobile Barcode Promo Glitch for Drop Ship Mail

Not All's Fine at FedEx

Postal Service driver attacked after mail truck's mirror hits boy

Special Mail Processing of 'Hot' Publications to End Friday

Postal Service in "dire financial predicament

PMG: USPS Needs Congress's Help

The truth about the Postal Service
NALC Pres. Rolando for the Bellingham Herald
| Op-Ed piece written by Issa for Wash. Examiner

Postal Service needs comprehensive reforms
Amid Pension Cuts at USPS, Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act

Rep. Steve King Trying To Save Sioux City's Mail Processing Center

"Postal Reform Act" would also reform USPS contracting

Yet Another Unworkable Postal Bill
Canada: Postal workers upset over back-to-work order


June 27,  2011

CNBC Host: Let FedEx Absorb USPS – PMG: Let USPS Absorb Them

"PMG Pat Donahoe appeared recently on “The Kudlow Report,” to represent the Postal Service’s position on the need for congressional action to address the USPS requirement to pre-fund retiree health benefits, frequency of delivery and allow the Postal Service to access overpayments to the Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees Retirement System. Donahoe explains to CNBC host Larry Kudlow that legislative changes are “not a bailout.”  Kudlow says USPS employees on the average make $100,000 a year.   |


U.S. Postal Service Resumes Accepting Mail to Canada

Is Privatization Worse for Labor than the Issa/Ross bill?

USPS: Return $82 billion to sender

Loma Linda postal workers file religious discrimination charges

Iowa mayors join forces to fight post office closures
Canada Post promises mail delivery Tuesday


June 26,  2011

Senator McCain Files Amendment to Presidential Bill To Make it Easier to Close Post Offices - eNAPUS - This week, Sen. John McCain filed an amendment to S. 679, the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011, which would have made it easier for the Postal Service to close Post Offices. Senate Amendment 488 was filed and printed in the Congressional Record; however, Senator McCain did not call the amendment up for consideration.  |

Cora residents fight to keep rural post office alive

Galesburg letter carriers keep a watchful eye

Canada lawmakers pass bill aimed at ending postal work stoppage


June 25,  2011

USPS Reports $4.7 Billion Net Loss ending May – $1.8 Billion More Than SPLY - Postal Service reduced work hours in the month of May by 94,182 million hours or 2.2%. The number of career employees on May 31, 2011, was 567,401, non-career numers were 90,050.  Total mail volume of 12,873,284 billion pieces, compared to 13,125,257 billion pieces in the SPLY, a decrease of 1.90%. Operating revenue of $5,120 billion, compared to $5,270 billion in the same period a year earlier - nearly 77% of Personnel Compensation & Benefits.  |

Turn Email Over to the U.S. Postal Service |

Editorial: Residents Feel USPS Isn’t Hearing Them |  The Times Record


June 24,  2011

Rep. Dennis Ross Issues Postal Service “Overpayment” – Myth v. Fact

Myth: The Postal Service has overpaid by $50-$75 billion into the Civil Service Retirement System and Congress owes this money back. Fact: There is no Postal Service overpayment.   |


NALC Branch: 80+ Carriers Under NRP Returned to Work Will Cost USPS Nearly $2 Million - NALC Branch #1111- Note: The Letter Carriers cited were sent home under the USPS "National Reassessment Process"  (which has now been renamed "ELM546" program).  Some of the Letters Carriers have been sent home AGAIN by USPS after only two weeks back at work.  |


NALC: Issa Misguided, Draconian Postal Reform Bill Is a Missed Opportunity -Sadly, it fails to address the central cause of the financial crisis facing the Postal Service—the destructive and unique mandate to massively pre-fund future retiree health benefits that accounts for 100 percent of the Postal Service's losses over the past four years. Instead, the bill proposes radical changes that would recklessly downsize the U.S. Postal Service in a way that would seriously damage the $1.3 trillion mailing industry and the entire U.S. economy. APWU: Rep. Issa’s Bill: A Reckless Attack On Postal Services, Postal Employees Sen. Carper Statement on Rep. Issa’s Postal Reform Act  |

Letter: Issa Postal Reform Bill Will Put Many Americans Out of Work Including Military Vets - Letter to Issa from Guy Nohrerburg  The wealthiest Congressman in History continues his terrorist attack on the US Postal Service through trying to add an additional government bill, "The Postal Reform Act of 2011". What is it? It is another expensive government paid committee intended to destroy the nations largest civilian employer.  |

Man Indicted on Charge Of Biting US Postal Inspector

USPS Expands Its Facebook Presence

Columbus police: US postal employee robbed

Navistar Awarded Diesel Re-Power Development Contract For USPS Delivery Vehicles

Sula residents hold town hall meeting on possible post office closure

Postmaster calls it a career after 31 years

Columbus police: US postal employee robbed


June 23,  2011

USPS Statement on Legislation Introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa

We strongly oppose a provision in the bill that provides for an additional $10 billion in borrowing authority from the U.S. Treasury. The Postal Service does not need to incur additional debt — we need the money back that is already owed to us. We also strongly oppose sections of the bill that would create more government bureaucracy and slow our progress on streamlining our operations.   |


Congressman Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act

Seeking to prevent another taxpayer bailout, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, introduced today legislation to implement sweeping, structural reforms of the USPS. The  bill creates a Postal Brac, changes union contract , compares pay and benefits with entire private sector, postal workers will pay same % of health premiums as other feds starting in 2015, Authorizes USPS to sell advertising space on USPS facilities and vehicles. The legislation represents the most fundamental reform of the postal service that has been proposed since USPS was first created from the old Post Office Department. ABM Says Issa Bill Includes Potentially Damaging Provision for Its Members  |


Feds say all 5 Detroit postal supervisors in bribery case could plead guilty

"Mancer Holmes pleaded guilty to conspiracy Thursday, acknowledging he took bribes to send mail vehicles to a Detroit repair garage. Assistant U.S. Attorney says two or three additional guilty pleas are expected — and possibly all five men.  Videos of  Holmes taking bribes was taken in Feb. of this year.   |


PMG says suspension of FERS payment won’t affect employees 

Today, PMG Pat Donahoe — in a video message to employees — says the suspension will not affect them. Noting that USPS has a surplus of $6.9 billion in payments to FERS, he says “We simply are stopping this ongoing overpayment toward the annuity FERS retirees receive because we have already met that obligation.” . U.S. Postal Workers Request Assurance Their Retirement Not in Danger - ABC News  note: as several readers have previously pointed out, the majority of postal employees do not have access to the PMG's videos Statement Of NAPS President |  


Ross Criticizes USPS Decision to Close 3 Post Offices in Arkansas

“These post offices are in very rural areas surrounded by many people on a fixed income, particularly seniors, who need postal services close to their homes. Now, folks in rural areas will have to drive even further adding hardship onto those who are already struggling to get by as it is. I have and will continue to strongly urge the Postal Service to explore other cost-cutting alternatives in ways that don’t disproportionately hurt people on fixed incomes or those that live in rural areas.”  |


Philadelphia: One Drinking Mailman Resigns, Another Asks For Disability Retirement - The saga of three mailmen who were found to be drinking on the job by a FOX 29 report may be coming to an end. Randy Zebin, who is the president of National Association of Letter Carries Branch 157 (which covers Philadelphia), said two of the mailmen probably won't work for the U.S. Postal Service again, but for two different reasons. |  

Video: Pennsylvania Letter Carrier tackles accused burglar in Wilkes-Barre

Is Postal Compensation too Low? In Manning, ND It Is
PRC’s Goldway on FSS, The ACD filing and Catalog Elasticity

Catalogs Big Part of Mail: USPS Inspector General

Cops: Brothers used post office credit card to run up $21,000 in charges


June 22,  2011

USPS, OPM Request Legal Opinion From Department Of Justice on FERS Payments - Both the Postal Service and OPM have agreed to seek a resolution of the important legal issues surrounding the Postal Services' decisions by submitting a request for a legal opinion to the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) at the Department of Justice.  USPS Notifies OPM of Its Intention to Suspend Employer’s Contributions To FERS - The Postal Service has a FERS account surplus valued at $6.9 billion. NALC reacts to USPS | APWU President: ‘We Will Take Every Step Necessary To Ensure Retirement Benefits Are Protected’ | Sen. Carper reacts  | Congressmen Cummings and Lynch Issue Statement |  


Postmasters League Presentation on Postal Support Employee

The League of Postmasters PowerPoint presentation on “Guidance for Recruiting, Testing, Hiring & Applying” for Postal Support Employee (PSE).  |  


Burrus: The Biggest Threat to termination of door to door mail services is Washington politicians, Congress  - Senators Carper, Collins and Coburn proposed these changes not out of ignorance of postal matters and the repercussions of their proposals but they knew what they proposed to do.  One of the mistakes that the grownups in this debate conclude is that it is necessary to educate the legislators and once educated they will see the light.  This assumption is wrong.  They knew in 2006 that the obligation to pre-fund health care payments would strangle USPS finances and they did it.   They knew that tying rates to the CPI would not be responsive to challenges the Postal Service would confront with electronic communications and they did it.  And they know that requiring arbitrators to consider USPS finances will result in lower wages.  This is not a matter of educating these law makers because they now know before they act.  They have concluded in advance that the possible repercussions are not threatening at the ballot box so they proceed.   |  


Representative Ross indicates that Issa/Ross bill will have no change in retiree payments - If there are no changes in the payment schedules to reflect overpayment of either FERS or retiree healthcare benefits then the Issa/Ross bill will need to find quick reductions in Postal Service costs elsewhere.   There are few options but all will likely affect both compensation to postal employees and service to postal customers. Rep. Issa Says USPS Needs Reform To Protect Taxpayers From Expensive Bailout -The United States Postal Service, our nation's second largest employer, is now past the brink of insolvency. This would not be tolerated in a private company. Incredibly, the unprecedented action to suspend these payments will only offer USPS an additional $800 million through the end of the year in liquidity, not even 10 percent of their projected deficit of $8.3 billion. NAPS: Issa Postal Reform Bill in the Wings   |  

FedEx Earnings and SmartPost and Parcel Select

Lost mailbox keys stymie Postal Service deliveries


June 21,  2011

Editorial: Postal Service Keeps Employees Disciplinary Records Forever

USPS Labor Relations keeps a reference copy of an employee’s disciplinary action for the employee’s entire career. Don’t believe it? THEY DO. See the USPS Privacy Act Notice of June 17, 2011. Labor Relation’s reference copies are never purged regardless of the disposition of the discipline.  |  


Former PMG Potter expected to become new leader of Metro Washington Airports Authority  - Potter, who retired in December after a 32-year postal career, would take the top job at a tumultuous time for the airports authority. The authority’s board has been skewered by local, state and federal leaders for its management of the second phase of the 23-mile Metro project and for its initial handling of the search for a new chief executive. Update: It's Official, Former PMG Potter Selected  |  


Colorado Mail Handlers Local Withdraws From USPS, OSHA Ergonomic Program - From the Denver, Colorado Mail Handlers Local #321: "It is with great frustration and regret that I must inform you that the Colorado Mail Handlers Union, Local 321 will cease participation in the Denver P&DC Ergonomic Risk Reduction Process (ERRP) effective immediately. This program is intended to be a partnership in which management, labor Unions, and individual craft employees' partner under a common mission to ensure that all employees have a safe and productive workplace. However, in Denver Colorado, there is little support for the program."   |  


Iowa Lawmakers ask PMG to suspend decision to close Sioux City Mail Center

 "The delegation members said that the Siouxland and community should have an opportunity to respond to information the postal service provided less than two weeks ago.  The information was sought with the understanding that the community would be able to provide more informed input about alternatives for preserving mail processing in Sioux City." “The Postal Service should suspend its decision to close the Sioux City Processing and Distribution Facility because it did not give the community a meaningful opportunity to discuss alternatives to closure with them,” King said

Editorial: What's with all the Postal Service secrecy?   |  


Every Door Direct Mail Tunnel Vision

An End to the Postal Service's Wall Street Journal Subsidy?

Guilty plea expected in Detroit postal bribery case

Postal maintenance worker arrested on charges of possession, distributing child porn

USPS eyes growth opportunities in its global business -

APWU: Pawlenty's Really Bad Answers

What do USPS Trademark Applications Tell About the Future?

89-year-old woman crashes car into post office, causes $250,000 in damages -

Canada: Postal lockout forces search for alternatives

More Information on USPS Trademarks

Fort Worth: Future of historic post office is uncertain


June 20,  2011

USPS Pacific Area to offer VER to carriers and clerks

In a move to further right-size complement levels to better match workload, the USPS Pacific Area is offering a voluntary early retirement (VER) to carriers and clerks. |  


Post Offices In Tornado-Stricken Alabama Continue Recovery

Letter To Editor: US Postal Service isn't lobbying for a bailout
Mail service routes will be consolidated

Small business owners feel bite of postal dispute

No progress in Canada Post negotiations

Canada Post Strike - Impact Just as Projected

Postal carrier saves elderly woman


June 19,  2011

USPS Tells Media Of Post Office Closure But Not Landlord

When a friend called to tell landlord that the Orange Show Lane post office in San Bernardino would close this August, they were stunned. Their surprise didn't come because they frequently stopped in to buy stamps or mail packages and encountered large crowds. Instead, they were surprised because the Newport Beach couple own the building, and nobody at the U.S. Postal Service told them that the agency was moving out. Landlord said the $7,000-a-month lease on the building won't expire until April 2013 -- 20 months after the postal service moves out -- and that he expects to be paid for the duration.  |


Little information, large reward a year after slaying of California postal worker

Co-workers gathered for a memorial and dedication ceremony for Nancy Rogers last week, a year after the longtime postal employee was found dead after being dumped in a trash bin outside the Hayward Main Post Office on Santa Clara Street.  |


Father's Day wish: Westchester mailman asks for early shift back to care for disabled daughter - New York - A Westchester mailman, who reported to work at the same time for 25 years, has filed a federal complaint to get his old shift back. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 protects disabled workers from discrimination. The USPS website says it will give "reasonable accommodation" to a worker "responsible or caring for a person with a disability." "I want to take this case all the way up to the Supreme Court to change the law to cover individuals who are caring for a severely disabled person," said Bell. USPS spokesman. says:  "There was also a 20% drop in national mail volume last year, a trend mirrored in Westchester."  |


Federal Times writer wins investigative journalism award for coverage of USPS Bernstock scandal- Federal Times Senior Writer Stephen Losey won the first place award for investigative journalism for “Did top postal exec break contracting rules?”, which examined how  former U.S. Postal Service executive Robert Bernstock awarded millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to his former business associates.  |


Postal Service misdirects Measure A mailers; delivered after election

Postal worker turns herself in after allegations of stealing prescription drugs from mail

Jetpack mailmen: yet another way the future let us down
Household Formation Slowing: Good or Bad News for USPS?

Canada: For businesses, the mail still pays


June 18,  2011

USPS Updates Reduction In Force FAQs

Former Indiana letter carrier charged with workers comp benefits fraud

Man pleads guilty to assaulting New Jersey postal worker during robbery attempt

Postal authorities close Sioux City distribution center

New Post Office Outposts Aim to Vanquish Long Lines

USPS needs "incubation space" to address digital challenge

Judge denies bid to halt closure of Akron postal branch

Postal service overhauls delivery in local towns

Canada: Striking postal workers unhappy with planned back-to-work legislation

Post Office Rejects County's Free Rent Offer, Plans to Close

Canada: For businesses, the mail still pays

Postal Employee Receives Letter of Appreciation for Proper Handling of Anonymous Mail Test Piece


June 17,  2011

 Interview: PMG Donahoe: USPS finances are like Greece

USPS jobs are not safe - The Postal Service recently warned 2,400 management-level employees that their jobs are in danger. The move is part of a nationwide reorganization aimed at saving $750 million a year. "Look what's going on in Greece," Donahoe said. "There's nothing safe. The key for us is this: Provide great service ... at a very reasonable cost. And then our jobs are fine. It's when we allow ourselves to be more expensive than people can afford, that's when we have to worry."  |  


A TV critic bombs in his "postal" premiere
How misleading is the Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin commentary on the USPS? Let's count the ways-  National Association of Letter Carriers.   |  


USPS to suspend accepting mail to Canada this weekend

Due to the expectation by Canada Post officials that the strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will last until at least sometime next week, USPS will suspend accepting mail destined to Canada — effective Saturday, June 18, 2011, 11:59 p.m. CDT — with the exception of Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) shipments.  |  


How many post offices does the country really need?

 Save the post office- The push to close post offices is not new—it was happening long before the Postal Service ran into its current economic problems.  One can’t help but suspect that people like Ross, driven by ideology, and Herr, with his eye on the bottom line, are turning the situation into a “crisis” simply to justify dramatic changes to the Postal Service.  If the country could afford to maintain a network of brick-and-mortar post offices through the Great Depression and other economic downturns, why is it now necessary to close post offices that have been around for over 150 years.

House Republicans demand faster cost-cutting at USPS  |  


Former New Jersey APWU President Gets Probation For Tax Evasion

A former president of New Jersey APWU Local  #190 has been sentenced to five years' probation, including a year of home confinement.  Weightman was ordered to refrain from any employment or voluntary position in any trade union throughout the duration of Probation  |


USPS expanded access to products and services by the numbers

oops! corrected title. I must be thinking about excessing - USPS fact sheet on expanded access - They demand easier, more convenient access to Postal products and services when and where they want them — online, on their smart phones and at the stores they frequent.   |  


Rep. Pearce opposed to USPS closing Las Cruces Mail Processing facility

Senator Tester questions controversial USPS consolidation plan In Montana

Matter of Mail Delivery at SRO Hotels Is Stuck in Court

Meeting about Andrew Post Office yields frustration, few answers

Google reveals what it would do running the Postal Service

Retirees Eye 3.5 Percent Raise! - Federal News Radio

USPS Dedicates New 'Forever' Stamps Honoring Four Distinguished Scientists

Florida letter carrier finds big-city drama on rural route

NDP vows to hold up Canada Post back-to-work legislation


June 16,  2011

Two Postal Workers, Psychologist Charged In $1 million Workers' Comp Fraud Scheme - The indictment alleges that from June 2000 through April 2008, the defendants submitted fraudulent paperwork to obtain compensation for psychological conditions that were never diagnosed and were reimbursed for medical expenses that were never incurred. According to court documents, Nerenberg billed the U.S. Postal Service for nearly $1 million in bogus medical fees and received about half of that. Former postal worker Fletcher allegedly pocketed more than $200,000 as a result of the scheme, while Washington allegedly made more than $145,000.   |  

APWU, Mailing Groups Urge Legislators to Support H.R. 1351

The organizations noted that independent of this pre-funding requirement, the USPS has done its job to remain solvent, shedding more than 110,000 jobs since 2007 and making numerous closings of facilities and operations — but legislation is needed to ensure the Postal Service remains viable in the future. “H.R. 1351 would allow sound business decisions to be made in a clear and stable environment while providing Congress and the postal community the time to develop a consensus on further reform,” the letter said.   |  


USPS Commuter Program Upgrade

Indiana Congressman Seeking Public Input On Gary Postal Facility Closure

Connecticut postal worker charged with viewing child porn on work computer
Reports of the demise of snail mail premature
Postal Service must find market opportunities: PostalVision 2020
An Explanation of Postal Service Lobbying

Postal retiree trading road for river

Flat Rock postal worker accused of stealing Vicodin through mail

ACMA Head: Don't Rule Out Exigent Postal Rate Hike

Audit Report - Management of the Highway Contract Route Voyager Card Program (PDF)

'Inquiry' shuts down Liebenthal P.O


June 15,  2011

House subcommittee told cost-cutting not enough to avoid USPS liquidity crisis

- The ongoing realignment of postal facilities to better fit the changing needs of customers is saving the Postal Service millions of dollars — but it and other cost-cutting measures are not enough to stave off a fast-approaching liquidity crisis, a House subcommittee was told today. Guffey Asks, Who’s the ‘We?’ House Subcommittee Hearing on Postal Infrastructure -Prepared testimony from APWU President Cliff Guffey, GAO Phillip Herr, USPS David Williams, and more..  |


Former Postal Employee Pleads Guilty To Misappropriating Over $78,000 In Money Orders

 During the course of her employment with the Postal Service, Henderson fraudulently issued “no-fee” Postal Service money orders payable to herself, family members, companies who provided benefits to her, and other fictitious payees, that she converted for her own personal use, totaling at least $78,413.44. Henderson used the money to pay her bills, including her rent, or for cash and often issued money orders in the names of family members or other associates to conceal the fraud.   |  

Unique rural post office to close

WA: Bothell mailman stole gift cards, gets probation

Canada Post Forced to Shut Down Urban Operations Nationwide

Could Canada Post Just Stay Shuttered?
Bald eagles attack Alaska post office


June 14,  2011

Burrus: Part 3 – Will the Post Office Survive?

While focus has been applied to the effect of technology on hard copy mail and the residual effect on the volume to be delivered by the Postal Service in future years, few have concentrated on the impact of the internet and other means of communications on postal rates. Mail services that are unaffordable will guarantee the demise of the Postal Service so assuming that my analysis is correct that there is a base of hard copy communications sufficient to require a universal system, focus must be applied to the structure of postal rates; who pays and how much? |  


Save The Post Office

A website dedicated to reporting on post office closures, consolidations, suspensions, stories, analysis and opinions - In February of 2010, the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization, prepared a white paper commissioned by the Postal Regulatory Commission entitled "A Framework for Considering the Social Value of Postal Services."  Its purpose was to “identify the array of benefits provided by the United States Postal Service—through its mail service and post offices—that contribute to the social value of the post.  |  


Mail industry calls on Congress to give USPS time to right-size

Postal Union Wants Mailmen to Thwart Terror Attacks

Anaheim business operational after postal inspectors' raid

Future of the USPS? Royal Mail Prepares Massive Layoff of 20,000 Postal Workers 

Online Sales Share of Retail Sales Hits New High

ID Theft Suspect Says She Had Help Inside Post Office

Akron taking USPS to court over PO closing

Fond memories delivered for letter carrier

Citizens work to save Boelus Post Office

Orange Show-area post office location closing upsets customers


June 13,  2011

USPS Challenges PRC Five-Day Analysis – Stands by $3.1 Billion Savings Estimate - In a report issued today and delivered to Congress, the U.S. Postal Service asserted that the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) based a recent advisory opinion on a questionable analysis of the potential cost savings that could be achieved by implementing a five-day delivery schedule to street addresses.   |


Guffey to Testify on USPS Network Before House Subcommittee

Rep. Ross called the hearing to examine whether “the Postal Service has excess mail processing infrastructure, whether the Postal Service is moving fast enough to right-size that network, options for creating a modern processing network, and the growth of alternative access to postal services.”     |


Florida postal supervisor pleads guilty to mail theft

"Federal authorities began an investigation at the annex after several of the businesses reported non-deliveries between 2004 and 2008. Among other things found were 300 rifled packages of merchandise, primarily women's jewelry. Investigators learned Quarterman pawned over 450 pieces of jewelry stolen from the mail. She sold the goods in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina."  |


Lobbying the Postal Service Is a Multimillion-Dollar Business

Corporations and associations spent more than $20 million last year to lobby the U.S. Postal Service, according to a government database. During the past decade, organizations shelled out $283 million to influence the USPS. An Explanation of Postal Service Lobbying   |


Federal Disability Retirement for Postal Employees: Does the NRP Guarantee Success? The solution of the U.S. Postal Service under the National Reassessment Process has been to throw anyone and everyone who is not “fully productive” onto the rolls of the Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (DOL/OWCP).  But that “view towards returning the Federal or Postal Worker back to productivity” obviously is not intended to include a return to the Postal Service, as the National Reassessment Process letter states explicitly that the Postal Worker “should not report back for duty unless you are contacted that necessary work tasks have been identified for you within your medical restrictions.” Don’t hold your breath on that one. |


Q&A with United Parcel Service boss Scott Davis
Clearly, there's a role for the post office and they are facing tough challenges. First of all, the post office is a competitor of ours and a customer of ours and we have a pretty good relationship.  One of the challenges is that the cost of the stamp is the same going everywhere. In a business like ours, we try to match price with the cost to serve. The challenge they have is, say, they're delivering a letter on a snowmobile 100 miles out. I guarantee you it costs more than 44 cents to deliver that letter, that letter probably cost them $100.  |

PMG Names New Area Vice President For Capital Metro

New UPS Service Improves Process for Returning High-Value Products


June 12,  2011

USPS Settles Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit Filed For Disabled Veterans - This lawsuit ,Hill vs. Donahoe alleges that on or after March 19, 2004, USPS violated the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by asking disabled veteran applicants seeking the disabled veterans’ preference to bring medical documentation to an interview, in excess of that required to verify their entitlement to the preference, before conditional offers of employment were made. USPS settled the case by agreeing to pay over $11 million to class members and other administrative costs.  |

Three armed robbers hold up Lakewood post office

Thieves cash in on snail mail even as less of it is delivered each year

Rockville: Post offices studied for closure


June 11,  2011

Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires - The Commission has received an increased number of post office closing appeals, hundreds of inquiries from citizens, and has had communications with concerned members of Congress. Thus, it appears that the Postal Service may already be engaged in a nationwide change in service without prior notification to the Commission as title 39 requires. A prompt request for an advisory opinion on the impacts of closing retail facilities appears to be the best way to address these concerns. |

Video: Minneapolis Postal Workers Protest For AEDs

USPS reviews security procedures following mail theft
Prison time for former post office employee

Letter carrier hero after averting house fire

North Hollywood: Postal Worker Reportedly Robbed at Gunpoint for Mail Skeleton Keys

Postal clerk stabbed in arm after confrontation in downtown Portland

USPS Closing Contract Postal Units

Privatization is Not Free

Pawlenty Promises Massive Cuts in The "Technological Dinosaur" Postal Service

60 Postal Inspectors Raid Anaheim Business

New Mexico letter carrier accused of embezzlement applies for diversion - former NALC branch treasurer accused of stealing $5,000


June 10,  2011

Congressman Dennis Ross Schedules Another Hearing on USPS

Perhaps if there are enough hearings on issues facing the USPS, all the problems will be resolved.  |


$1 Million Worth of stolen USPS equipment recovered in California

Letter Carrier Helps Save Woman's Life
USPS wants to close downtown Joliet post office


June 9,  2011

 USPS Meets with Management Association Leaders to discuss APWU Agreement

 On June 7th, NAPUS leaders, along with heads of the League and NAPS met with Postal Headquarters officials to discuss how some of the changes in the new USPS-APWU contract will impact post offices.  The discussion included a question and answer session on the recent letter of opportunity that was issued to PMRs in level 15, 16, and 18 offices.  While many issues were addressed, some of the concerns raised about the role of PSEs in post offices will be provided at a later date.  Post Office Hiring Non Career Employees  |


IRS Identifies Postal Employee Organizations that have lost Tax-Exempt Status

 Some postal employee organizations failed to file their required IRS tax-exempt returns for three years in a row. On the list is the National Association of Postal Supervisors in Alexandria VA, plus some NAPS chapters like Norfolk VA and California State. NALC and APWU are well represented including quite a few Local APWU Accident & Benefit Associations. Also, Postal Police, NAPUS, National League Of Postmasters, National Alliance Of Postal Employees . The reinstatement fee is as much as $850.  |


Federal employees, retirees rattled by move to cut health benefits

A federal employees' organization fears that "the next shoe to drop" in budget-cutting measures could be a revived proposal to shift more health care costs to feds and retirees. The White House's deficit reduction commission, headed by former Sen. Alan Simpson and former White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles, last December proposed turning the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program into a premium support system. Under this plan, employees and retirees would receive a fixed subsidy to cover their health insurance premiums that would grow by no more than the gross domestic product, plus 1 percentage point, each year. Participants would cover the remaining premium cost if their plans cost more than the subsidies provide.  |


Valley Falls Post Office supporters rally

Contractor’s help in Detroit USPS Supervisors bribery case pays off for wife

VSE and Wheeler Bros. Win USPS Contract to Repower Delivery Vehicles

A case for more junk mail in Phoenix

Senator Grassley Meets With PMG

Residents riled up over closure of Post Office

New Mexico: Las Cruces Postal officials grilled about processing proposal

Discovery underway in mailman dog attack suit

Is there a future for the Postal Service in the Digital Age?

Signed, sealed and delivered

Altamont rallies around its post office

More work, employees slated for Scarborough mail hub

OIG: Barriers to Retail Network Optimization (PDF)

Politico: What can Google do for snail mail?

Canada Post Strike: a Lose-Lose Proposition for CUPW


June 8,  2011

OIG Audit: Conflicts of Interest – USPS Facility Leases and Contract Delivery Services ' "Our audit determined the Postal Service entered into leases that resulted in financial conflicts. One-hundred seventy of the active properties were leased from current employees with an annual rent value of $490,375. Some pose risks of violations while others give the appearance of impropriety. We identified 1,202 of 24,582 total leased properties that were obtained from current or former Postal Service employees with an annual rent value of $8.2 million. Of these properties, 982 were active leases with an annual rent value of $5.4 million. Similarly, the Postal Service entered into 78 of the 7,797 total CDS contracts (valued at $3,005,818 annually) with current or former employees." |


OIG: USPS Must Embrace Culture Of Innovation To Overcome Current Financial Challenges - "Some entrepreneurs seeking to partner with the Postal Service by introducing innovative products or services offered their views regarding obstacles they encountered. During interviews with the OIG, they described a Postal Service culture resistant to change and unresponsive to customers’ needs. We interviewed individuals who attempted to introduce or develop innovations at the Postal Service to obtain feedback regarding their experiences. One individual developing innovative software for the Postal Service noted that management delayed the project so much that it eventually failed". There is an “us versus them” attitude. |


Send Both Of These Editorials On USPS By Major Newspapers Back To Sender

 A few days ago APWU President Cliff Guffey in a message to its members said: “The USPS is under attack by anti-labor politicians and some sectors of the business community.." Guffey provided examples of anti-labor articles written by various news websites. Well, it appears the anti-labor groups are 'pumping up the volume' on misleading and inaccurate news reports on USPS. Just take a look at two recent editorials in the Washington Post and Miami Herald. |


Injured Postal Worker Fights For Medical Benefits

"Jerome Garrett is fighting for federal medical benefits. Garrett had been working at the Hapeville postal facility for 16 years. Then, in April 2009, a 100-pound box full of mail fell from an overhead conveyor belt and hit him in the head.The incident left Garrett with a broken neck that went unnoticed for some time.  |


Contract Truck Driver Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $300,000 Via USPS Fuel Cards

A supervisor of truck drivers formerly employed by two related trucking companies in Ocean, N.J., admitted today to stealing over $300,000 from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) through unauthorized use of fuel cards given to the companies in connection with a contract to haul U.S. mail. |


USPS looks to contract out Mississippi post office destroyed by tornado

One Million and Counting: USPS mobile app downloads still climbing

Customer uses Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to find missing pet

First class: Pioneering postal worker retires


June 7,  2011

GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful Pawlenty calls for privatizing USPS

Pawlenty said that the government should not be involved in any service that is available privately, such as the U.S. Postal Service, Amtrak or mortgages. Trying to appeal to small-government conservatives, Pawlenty suggested we apply what he called "The Google Test." Pawlenty believes private companies UPS and Fedex offer same services as USPS.  Courier Express & Postal  Observer  |


USPS Awards Parascript Contract for OCR to Support Automated Parcel Bundle Sorting

Palm Springs postal worker suspected of mail theft

Postal workers concerned about consolidation, job losses


June 6,  2011

APWU: Recent News about collapse of USPS misses true cause of financial woes

 “The USPS is under attack by anti-labor politicians and some sectors of the business community,” Guffey continued. “It is crucial that APWU members get involved.   |


Postmasters: USPS Notice To PMRs Of Opportunity To Apply For PSE

From the National League Of Postmasters - Last week PMRs in level 15 and 16 Post Offices across the country received letters from Human Resources notifying them of an opportunity to apply for Postal Support Employee (PSE) positions since their current position will not exceed August 23, 2011. Below are portions of this letter. note: Letters were also sent to casuals and TEs |


Turnover at the Postal Regulatory Commission

Today's announcement that Dan Blair has accepted the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Academy of Public Administration assures that within the next six months the Postal Regulatory Commission will have two new members. Commission Blair will resign from the Postal Regulatory Commission on June 30, 2011.  This could leave the Commission with four members until President Obama appoints and the Senate confirms a replacement.

Press Release:  Dan Blair Leaving PRC end of June  |


Missouri Postmaster Convicted In $3.8 Million Bulk Mailings Fraud Scheme

Festus  Postmaster, was convicted of two felony counts of Receipt of Illegal Gratuities.  The owner of SG Print & Mail and two Postal employees previously entered guilty pleas in the $3.8 million scheme.  |


OIG: USPS Training..Stay Or Pay?

Should Postal Service employees be required to repay training if they resign before a specified period of time following their training? The U.S. Postal Service employs approximately 40,000 maintenance craft employees to work in a variety of assignments. Some of these assignments, such as maintenance mechanics, require specific training at great cost to the Postal Service. For example, one training course lasts 13 days and costs $3,325 per employee . One company requires employees to sign contracts for training programs that are considered expensive and time intensive |


PRC: Order Affirming Postal Service Determination (PDF)

Longtime US Postal Service supervisor retires

US government "would save $250m" presorting its own mail

Editorial: Postal service cuts warranted

Postal Service Offers Age-Verified Delivery Service

Ohio Postal Employee indicted for mail theft

Post offices fade along with Minnesota's small towns

Settlement reached in suit between city of Topeka and letter carrier

Postal union wants Canadians to tell post office to stop demanding concessions


June 5,  2011

USPS notice to apply For Postal Support Employee

The following is a Notice Of Opportunity To Apply For PSE Vacancies in Manchester, New Hampshire courtesy of Stephen Smith via reader .  The pay scale for PSEs ranges from level 3 up to level 8.  also included the Memorandum of  Understanding on Postal Support Employees. According to the APWU contract PMR usage was banned in EAS 18 offices as well; not just EAS 16 and 15 post offices. U.S. Postal Service hiring for 370 jobs in Alabama |


USPS Q & A on RFP Outdoor Billboard Advertising Management Services

"How many billboards are already up on USPS properties? Is there a list of current locations? - A relatively small number. About 23 - albeit locations that are likely to be considered some of our most valuable. Seven are in NYC - three in Miami and the rest are literally scattered around the country."  |  


Hartford Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty in Identity and Tax Refund Fraud Scheme

NALC: Letter Carriers annual food drive was a success for the hungry

Vermont postal worker guilty of embezzlement



June 4,  2011

Burrus: It’s Time For USPS To Consider Offering Healthy Retirement Incentive - The Postal Service is strapped for cash so it will not be easy to fund the cost of an incentive, but there are creative ways to defer the cost while generating savings. In the previous effort, agreement was reached to spread the incentive over two years to lessen its immediate impact on the USPS’ financial position and other innovative approaches could be explored.   |


USPS Shares New UAA Data

USPS worker charged with attempting to steal mail


June 3,  2011

NAPUS: Many PMRs Notified Their Jobs Will Be Terminated

 This past week, many PMR’s in EAS-15 & 16 offices received a notice that their current positions would be terminated on August 23, 2011, but they would be given a special opportunity to apply for the newly created Postal Support Employee (PSE) position. note: PSE is a new position under the APWU contract. "The PSE work force will be comprised of noncareer, bargaining unit employees, which is the only category of noncareer employees established to work within APWU bargaining units." USPS Postmaster Relief Will Now Be PSE Post Office Clerk?  |


Two Texas Letter Carriers Indicted For Falsifying OWCP Medical Travel Reimbursement - One Defendant Admits Receiving Nearly $175,000 by Submitting/False Fraudulent Mileage Claims- Two former U.S. Postal Service letter carriers from the Dallas area have been indicted, in unrelated cases, on charges of stealing government funds with regard to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) claims they filed, announced U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks of the Northern District of Texas. Do Not Falsify this form (PDF)  |


Government's use of snail mail is still rising

the federal government’s use of first-class mail jumped 11 percent between 1997 and 2010, according to research by two top officials with the Postal Regulatory Commission... In fact, the federal government was the largest single user of the mail system, accounting for more than 2 percent of the money spent on U.S. first-class mail last year.  They make the case that the switch by federal, state and local governments to electronic communications with citizens may be overblown. And, they argue, the Postal Service can continue to count on governments as major customers, even as it fights for survival amid the surge in electronic communication  |


Binghamton residents plead for 3 neighborhood post offices
No jail likely for thieving Seattle mailman

Appeals Court upholds conviction of USPS bulk mail tech who stole $428K

Farewell to a local legend

USPS rep hears public's concerns about possible closures


June 2,  2011

Postal Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding USPS

A vehicle maintenance supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service pleaded guilty today in federal court to conspiring to defraud the Postal Service of more than $300,000 in a billing kick-back scheme |


U.S. Postal Service Continues Service to Canada

Despite the 24-hour rotating strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to begin in Winnipeg at 11:59 tonight, the U.S. Postal Service will continue to accept, process and deliver mail to Canada until further notice.  |


USPS Offering Retirement Incentives To Some Supervisors in NY, Honolulu, NJ, Caribbean Districts - According to Human Resources (HR), the affected districts have an exceptionally high number of supervisors but no placement opportunities within their commuting areas. In order to limit the impact on these employees, the Postal Service is extending its Limited Special Incentive Offer to supervisors of Customer Services and Distribution Operations who are VER-eligible, optional retirement-eligible or those who want to voluntarily leave USPS.  |


Postal Supervisor suspended from job - stole gift certificates used to reward employees - a surveillance camera allegedly caught a postal supervisor stealing gift cards from the mail and gift certificates used to reward employees at Columbia’s (Missouri) postal distribution center. The supervisor was only 2 years away from retirement.  |


Alabama APWU Local President Indicted for Embezzlement

The one-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court charges the Local President with embezzling from APWU Local 359.  |


TSP funds post mixed results in May

California: Salinas mail processing center to close

Guffey Encourages Postal Veterans To Spread the Word About New Job Opportunities

Postmaster plays big role with a big smile in Bouton

Downtown Canton post office to close doors

Postmaster retires from Benton post office

USPS searches for more advertising mail

USPS proposes closing 20 post offices in Colorado and Wyoming

Postal worker accused of unlawfully opening packages


June 1,  2011

Burrus: Will The Post Office Survive?

Over the past 50 years pundits and politicians have speculated about the imminent demise of the United States Postal Service and to date they have been proven wrong. Despite the outstanding record of existing for 30 years without government subsidy, a cottage industry emerged at the Cato Institute, a right wing think tank, that existed solely to impress upon Americans that postal services should become profit centers for investors. The real underlying message was not that hard copy and the Postal Service would go away but that profits should be generated from postal activities.  |


Junk Journalism and the Bogus Postal Statistic

Why the Postal Service May not be the Web's Biggest Victim