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Editorial: Postal Service Keeps Employees Disciplinary Records Forever

USPS Labor Relations keeps a reference copy of an employee’s disciplinary action for the employee’s entire career. Don’t believe it? THEY DO. See the USPS Privacy Act Notice of June 17, 2011. Labor Relation’s reference copies are never purged regardless of the disposition of the discipline.  |  


Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires  |


USPS Settles Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit Filed For Disabled Veterans - USPS settled the case by agreeing to pay over $11 million to class members and other administrative costs.  |

GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful Pawlenty calls for privatizing USPS

Pawlenty suggested we apply what he called "The 'Google' Test." Pawlenty believes private companies UPS and Fedex offer same services as USPS Courier Express & Postal  Observer  |


Goldway: USPS May Be Closing Post Offices Without Notifying PRC As Law Requires  |


IRS Identifies Postal Employee Organizations that have lost Tax-Exempt Status




Five Postal Supervisors Indicted For Taking Bribes and Lap dances

One supervisor "accepted thousands of dollars in drinks and lap dances at a local strip club, over $8,000 in free work done on a truck belonging to Plumb’s grandson, and a $3,000 paver patio installed in Plumb’s backyard. In addition, on a weekly basis, Plumb used the services of a prostitute paid for by the private contractor. Plumb also accepted Levitra pills supplied by the contractor."  |


USPS To Record Daily Activities Of Carriers For Use In Upcoming NALC Contract Talks - USPS notified NALC that it will use cameras to record  time spent on office tasks starting today.  |  



USPS Proposed Rule To Amend Regulations for Post Office Closing-Consolidating Process - This proposed rule would amend postal regulations to improve the administration of the Post Office closing and consolidation process PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices  |


PMG Announces Seven USPS Districts Eliminated, Executive Ranks Reduced - About 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the redesign that also includes the closing of seven district offices and offers limited financial incentives to those who meet specific qualifications. VER Offering for 2011 Organizational Redesign |  $20,000 Special Incentive Offer FAQs  |


PRC Issues Advisory Opinion On Ending Saturday Delivery

The Commission stands ready to provide further assistance as the deliberations progress. Senator Carper Reacts to PRC Opinion | Senator Susan Collins Statement |  PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery | |



Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC  |


Oversight Hearing To Scrutinize APWU Tentative Contract


PMG Expresses Regret For Comparing Postmasters To Maytag Repair Man  |


Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. I Ruling on Shuttered Post Offices Expected Soon  | APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans |


PMG Plans To Streamline Management, Match Workforce To Workload   |


USPS To Cut 7,500 Positions, 10 Districts, 2,000 Postmasters

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to cut about 7,500 jobs and about 2,000 postmasters, or the people responsible for running post offices.  Incoming postmaster general promises cuts  |


Senator Susan Collins Seeks Reforms To Federal Workers Comp Program  |


Some Postal Managers Refusing To Accept USPS, APWU Freeze On Excessing Agreement

- "USPS Management Message Confirms Excessing Moratorium"  |



USPS VP Position Downgraded, New COO Gets $25,000 Relocation Pay

Stephen M. Kearney, Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, has retained his position, but by virtue of a realignment of his duties effective December 8, 2010, he is no longer an executive officer. New COO Megan Brennan will receive a payment of $25,000 to help cover relocation costs. |















July 31,  2011

Letter To Editor: Congress sets Postal Service up for failure

Peoria, IL - - To that end there is more to the financial picture of the USPS that has really been the problem. Since George W. Bush took office, the GOP has quietly been setting the Postal Service up to fail. They want privatization. The Postal Service is an asset to this country. Benjamin Franklin knew it. Unfortunately, Congress doesn't. If the politicians would have left the Postal Service alone, we could have gotten through these tough times without closings.  |


West Virginia Post Offices unfairly targeted - again  

Bluefield Daily Telegraph -  If the U.S. Postal Service has its way, postal facilities across southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia could go the way of the dinosaur. Senators Want USPS To Explain Why So Many West Virginia Post Offices Targeted For Closure  “With respect to this terrible announcement, the Post Office needs to explain why it seems that West Virginia faces a disproportionate burden of these closings when compared with other states like California |


Senator Snowe Urges USPS to Examine Impact of PO Closures on Rural Communities

Senator Casey Pushes for Transparency in Pennsylvania Post Office Closure Process


July 30,  2011

What Will the U.S. Postal Service Look Like in 10 Years?  To boost revenue, officials are considering placing sensors on mail trucks to capture data, such as weather predictions, cell phone coverage and street conditions, but experts agree that it will take much more to keep mail in service for the long run..  |


What the Postal Service Doesn't Want You to See: An Interactive Map of the Post Office Closing List - Save the Post Office -"We’re witnessing the largest effort to close post offices in the country’s history.   For the past 40 years—since the Postal Service was created out of the old Department of the Post Office—they’ve closed post offices at the rate of about a hundred a year.  Over the coming year, they want to close 30 or 40 times that many, and over the next six years, 16,000—half the country’s post offices.  the US Postal Service released a list of 3,653 post offices it plans to study for closure.  This map shows where they are.  Click on a marker, then click on the name of the post office in the pop-up window for more info about each post office.  (The map does not include the 727 post offices already under study for closing." Welcome to Ye Olde Village Poste Office   |


Letter carrier continues route after breaking wrist

Moore continued to deliver the mail the remaining four hours of her shift.  The pain caused her to have trouble pulling down mailbox doors. She dropped mail several times because she had trouble holding it.  |


Letter Carriers Join Rally On Debt Limit

Letter carrier hangs up bag after 45-year career

What we'll lose if we lose the post office

Postal Service apologizes for refusing Mexican voter ID


July 29,  2011

Number of Post Offices on Chopping Block Closer to 4,400 than 3,700

Auctiionbytes - The U.S. Postal Service made waves with its announcement earlier this week that it was putting roughly 3,700 retail locations under review, signaling its plans for widespread closures. But when combined with the locations that are already under review or have recently been shuttered, the actual number of affected stores is closer to 4,400, according to the PRC.  |


Postal worker hit by car in Framingham

Congressional Priorities: With No Debt Limit Vote, House Turns To Naming Post Offices
Debt ceiling vote demonstrates extremist leanings of postal oversight committee
Riding the mail boat Sophie C. to the islands of Lake Winnipesaukee


July 28,  2011

Senator Tester Questions Why Postmaster General Gets $800,000 Salary

Tester, during a Senate hearing on the nominations of Mark Acton and Robert Taub to the Postal Regulatory Commission, said that the salaries of top executives should be at the top of the list when cutting costs.   |


APWU Vows to Fight to Keep Post Offices, Stations, and Branches Open

“The American Postal Workers Union will stand with our neighbors in demanding that post offices, stations, and branches remain open – and expand the services they offer – wherever they are needed,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said. The USPS announced July 26 that it plans to study 3,700 post offices, stations and branches for possible closure.  |


Mailman Fired For Talking to Media

San Diego, Calif. mailman behind “All the Dogs Want to Kill Me” is fired for “talking about being a mailman.   |


USPS Identifies First 100 Sites To Utilize Non-Traditional Assignments

The Postal Service has provided the APWU with a list of the first 100 mail processing sites that will utilize Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments [PDF], as well as computer models showing proposed schedules for three of the sites: the Boston Processing and Distribution Center, the Central Mass P&DC, and the Delaware P&DC.   |


House GOP Questions Postal Closings

House Republicans in charge of overseeing the U.S. Postal Service say the agency may be playing politics as it considers shuttering all five House-side post offices.   |


UPS Store In California Using Direct Mail Promotion To Capitalize On USPS Post Office Closure - A newly opened UPS Store in downtown Walnut Creek, California is taking advantage of the possible post office closure of USPS downtown station. UPS sent out a flyer to Walnut Creek residents in an effort to capture customers for Post Office Boxes, shipping and other services from the possible closing of USPS station. Competitors Circle as Postal Service Considers Service Cutback |


USPS Seeks Special January Rate Increases

Bronx mail workers enveloped in anger over federal closures

Long live the postman! A humble hero shows why mail carriers are more important than ever


July 27,  2011

List Of Over 700 Additional Retail Post Offices, Stations and Branches Under Review For Closure - USPS filed the following list of Non Retail Access Optimization (RAO) Post Offices, Station and Branches with the Postal Regulatory Commission currently under review for closure. correction -This list of 728 postal facilities is in addition to list of post offices filed with PRC USPS RAO List.xls The Politics of Closing Post Offices | Rural America worried about post office closings  |


OPM Says Republican workers' comp plan would plunge disabled Postal and Federal Workers into poverty - "Federal pensions are based on the average of employees' three highest annual salaries. But because injured employees can miss out on years of pay raises, step increases and promotions, their so-called high-3 would be frozen at the point their injury happened. This could mean an injured employee receiving $4,000 per month in workers' compensation benefits would suddenly be left with a $300 monthly annuity and no health benefits, Griffin said."  |


USPS Announces Net Loss of $5.6 Billion After 9 Months Into FY 2011

The US Postal Service announced certain preliminary financial results for the nine months of Fiscal Year 2011 on FORM 8-K filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). USPS reported a net operating loss of $5.6 billion ending on June 30, 2011.  |


NAPUS: USPS Will Do Everything Possible to Find Positions for Postmasters Impacted By Post Office Closings - Following the financial briefing, presidents of the three postal management associations requested time to discuss the impact on Postmasters and other supervisory personnel who may be impacted by the recently announced discontinuance study of more than 3,500 postal facilities. NAPUS President Bob Rapoza asked if impacted Postmasters would face layoffs and he was told that while the possibility of some layoffs may exist, the Postal Service has an obligation to provide the same protection for all employees and they would do everything possible to find landing spots for Postmasters.   |


Mesa postal carrier left outgoing mail that couldn't be reached


Federal pay and benefits spared -- for now  "The House and Senate debt proposals released Monday do not contain specific provisions targeting federal employees' pay or benefits, although such spending cuts likely will be part of future proposals, observers believe."


July 26,  2011

USPS Takes Next Step in Optimizing Retail Network

the U.S. Postal Service announced today that it will be taking the next step in right-sizing its expansive retail network by conducting studies of approximately 3,700 retail offices to determine customer needs. As part of this effort, the Postal Service also introduced a retail-replacement option for affected communities around the nation. State list of post offices under study released. Home State of Sen. Carper  spared in possible post office closing | Sen. Murkowski Questions USPS Proposed Postal Closures List For Alaska Lawmakers mixed on potential USPS office closures | Living In A Post Office : NPR | Is the Postal Service doomed? Postmasters: Post Offices on study list does not mean they will close | Business Community Supports USPS Plan to Restructure Post Offices | The PMG’s “New Concept” Unveiled: Not so new, but what a concept   |


USPS Detailing Postal Clerks to Letter Carrier Craft

Management stated that the details to the Carrier Craft would be on "30" day details. .... management stated that if they needed to detail these employees for a longer period then 30 days, they wouldn't have an option to come back. Management stated that the Suncoast District (Florida) would not train more clerks to do this work, so they would force the employees to stay in the Carrier Craft. note: USPS is also detailing  clerks to other offices in California.  |


USPS to Charge Over $800,000 for Sioux City Postal Plant Information

"More than $830,000. That's how much the US Postal Service will bill Sioux City if they move forward with a freedom of information request. Last month, City Manager Paul Eckert requested all documents and correspondence regarding the study of the Sioux City mail processing center."  |


White House, union split over workers' comp proposal

Washington Post - One proposal would establish a 70 percent benefit level for all recipients. Currently, employees with dependents get 75 percent of their pay; those without dependents get 66.7 percent. The 75 percent level often exceeds the employee’s take-home pay before he or she was injured, which Steinberg says is a big disincentive to returning to work .In a prepared statement submitted to the panel, Ron Watson, representing the NALC, says the administration’s position is “based on an over-simplified view of the matter” and is at odds with the union’s experience. Watson said “the problem is that hundreds, even thousands, of injured workers who are able, willing and eager to return to work are not being allowed to do so. ”Postal Service policy, he said, prevents many injured workers from doing limited-duty jobs even though they are able to perform those tasks and want to do them.   |


Senator Collins Urges PRC to Consider Congress's Intent In Postal Rate Increase Case - "The economy and technology are affecting the Postal Service and, indeed, most businesses. But in writing postal reform legislation in 2006, my intention was not to permit rate increases above the inflation-based cap as relief from chronic, ordinary, or unexceptional circumstances and general Postal Service red ink," said Senator Collins. "I urge the PRC to require that the nexus between the exigent circumstances and the proposed rate hike be close. This is necessary to preserve the stability and predictability of rates that the 2006 law sought to establish.  |


PMG to Meet With Management Associations Presidents

Police say western Pa. postal worker faked attack, robbery because he needed 'break from life

Missouri postal worker checks on elderly during summer heat


July 25,  2011

Post Offices Pegged for Closure

Wall Street Journal - Some 3,653 post offices, mostly in small communities, are targeted for possible closure this year under a plan expected to be released by the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday. The post offices were chosen because they get the "least amount of foot traffic and retail sales" and because there may be local businesses that could provide some postal services to the community, said agency spokeswoman Sue Brennan. In many cases, the brick-and-mortar post office will change rather than vanish, he said. Under a new "village post office concept," the postal service will seek deals with grocery stores or gas stations in towns that are losing a post office to provide limited postal services. "We're finding a lot of interest with small businesses who say, 'I'll gladly sell stamps and provide package services,' " he said. |


Video: PMG discusses USPS financial woes on Fox Business

Fox Business Network - PMG Patrick Donahoe discusses the financial woes facing the U.S. Postal Service and the future of the agency on Fox Business.   |


Postal clerks bear the brunt of USPS downsizing

 Federal Times - "It’s no secret that there are a lot fewer postal workers than there used to be; the size of the agency’s total career workforce plunged 26 percent between 2000 and 2010, from about 787,500 to 583,900. But which crafts took the biggest hit? The agency’s inspector general put together some figures recently and found that a steep drop in the number of clerks accounted for almost two-thirds of that shrinkage. From 2000 to 2010, the ranks of clerks—a category that also includes nurses and motor vehicle operators–nosedived from 291,494 to 164,581. By itself, that’s a 44 percent tumble. Do a little more math and you’ll see that clerks absorbed about 62 percent of the total job cuts in the USPS career work force during that time."   |


New Begins Offering Improved Customer Service Today

The redesigned website arrives with the first wave of enhancements, including easier-to-find topics and tools and a fresh approach to online information.  |


Faithful letter carrier built a post office


July 24,  2011

It's the end of the post office, and the national media didn't get the press release - More than 150 post offices close in a matter of months, over a thousand post offices are under study for closure, the Postal Service announces that it is going to consider 3,600 post offices for discontinuance over the next year, and the Postal Regulatory Commission is about to begin a review of the USPS plan for an Advisory Opinion—an Opinion that may determine the fate of the brick-and-mortar post office as a national institution—and all this barely makes it into the national news.  Didn't our major news outlets get the press release?  |


National Association of Presort Mailers Hires Retired USPS Manager

Robert Galaher to serve as executive director-  Starting out as distribution clerk, Bob moved up the ranks to Manager of Business Mail Acceptance, where he was responsible for the oversight of the national acceptance network processing approximately 12 million mailings yearly with $36 billion in annual revenue.  |


Ohio postmaster ends 62-year career

Mail carrier proves he can take the heat
Postal carriers vs. pit bulls


July 23,  2011

 NAPUS: Postal and Fed Employees Will Be Collateral Damage in Debt Ceiling Budget Deal - "This week’s eNAPUS Bulletin explains how the advisory opinion process works and how the USPS is attempting to placate Congress.  In addition, the newsletter has information about how the national debt ceiling discussion could impact NAPUS members. Finally, the Bulletin reports on next week’s Senate PRC confirmation hearing." Vacancies on the USPS Board of Governors- James Miller III term up in December unless renominated   |


Mississippi Teen Says Postman Attacked Her

A Jackson woman said she was attacked in her own home by her mailman. The teen said she had seen the mailman once before. The first time, she said, he whistled at her, but on their second encounter, Smoot said it escalated to assault.    |


Rep. Hoyer Says USPS Has Decided Not To Close Charlotte Hall, Maryland Post Office

California Letter Carrier Saves Family's Burning Home

Would the end of weekend mail cost you?
Self-proclaimed 'sociopath' accused of murder at Arkansas Post Office -Contract Custodian killed
New Jersey Window Clerk Charged with Stealing Customer's Credit Card


July 22,  2011

Update: Philadelphia Local APWU Under Trusteeship Gets A Visit From FBI

the FBI was at the Local's Union Hall and there were charges filed by President Casselli concerning theft and breaking and entering. There are several more charges cross filed and an election appeal. We don't have all of the facts and there have been no Hearings yet so speculation and supposition is nothing more than just that.  |


Lawmakers Prepare to Overhaul Postal Service

New York Times - The most likely path to passing major legislation appears to be through the Senate, where Mr. Carper, who is chairman of the committee responsible for the Post Office, and Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who has introduced a different bill, are working together to draft a compromise that could pass with bipartisan support."   |


USPS Shares Post Office Discontinuance Plan

National League of Postmasters - Although the Post Office will begin their review process immediately it is our understanding that the final decision cannot take place until the advisory from the PRC is given. The Postal Service informed the organizations that any office that had started the discontinuance process prior to July 8th would follow the old Handbook PO 101 guidelines and closing process. Those started after July 8th will follow the new Handbook PO 101 guidelines that changed with the final notice to the CFR 39 on July 14th. USPS Plans to File an Advisory Opinion With the PRC Next Week - Yesterday, Postal Headquarters officials notified NAPUS leaders that the Postal Service would file a request for an advisory opinion with the Postal Regulatory Commission to study nearly 2,800 post offices for possible discontinuance.  |


USPS Honors Ebony Magazine Founder John H. Johnson on 2012 Forever Stamp

Hundreds protest USPS proposal to move mail-sorting operations to Pasco

Postal worker guilty of stealing veterans' pills

Snail Mail: It Takes Awhile to Get This Stamp of Approval

Postal Service Pushes to End Saturday Delivery

Netflix changes reflect evolving market

Mail Delivery Goes On Despite the Heat

PRC Chairman Goldway dissents two times in two days


 July 21,  2011

Postal Service to consider closing thousands of new post offices

On Tuesday, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe will release a list of post offices to be studied for closing, as well as announce “a new concept” for possibly replacing them, postal officials said Wednesday. The Postal Service is expected to file a request with regulators within days for a formal opinion on the review.  |


Could the Deficit-Reduction Deal Limit Postal Pay Raises and Rate Increases?

Dead Tree Edition - An apparently unintended consequence of the proposed bipartisan "Gang of Six" deficit-reduction deal is that it could reduce future inflation-based increases in U.S. Postal Service wages and rates. Bipartisan Gang of Six endorses lower COLAs for federal retirees |


PRC Chair Goldway says USPS could use taxpayer subsidy  

"The chairman of the commission that regulates the U.S. Postal Service said Tuesday she supports a taxpayer subsidy for the financially strapped agency to survive. “Whatever it would be would be small and manageable over time,” Ruth Y. Goldway Told the editorial board of The Washington Post.    |


Nevada: Postal Worker sought in Netflix DVD thefts

Postal Service study could deliver bad news to Youngstown
Postal Service to return to Hacker Valley
USPS Extends Agreement With Constellation Energy to Supply Electricity At Facilities In 3

Northeast States


 July 20,  2011

 OIG: More Early Retirements Would Create Additional Cost Savings For USPS - According to the Postal Service, that early retirement offer saved the organization nearly $350 million.26 Postal commentators have advocated for even more aggressive efforts to reduce the number of employees. These retirements raise the question of what effect early retirement has on the Postal Service’s retirement obligations. .Dead Tree Edition:  Postal Service Can No Longer Afford Money-Saving Tactics, Study Says |


APWU Files Step 4 Disputes Protesting USPS Violations Of New Contract

 The APWU filed four national-level disputes on July 12, based on reports we received from locals and National Business Agents that management has been violating provisions of the 2010-2015 National Agreement. Discussions are ongoing at the national level to resolve these issues; the disputes were filed to protect our interests while discussions continue.   |


Senator Tester to USPS: Ensure postal service in rural America

“I request that in each instance where you consider closing a small post office that you simultaneously evaluate continuing retail access options at another location in the same town,” Tester wrote.  “Prior to any final closure decisions, I expect that you will provide detailed analysis of the projected financial and service operation benefits of these proposed changes and that co-location options be a factor in the final determinations.”   |



Recently Installed FSS Machine Breaks Down - Twice - Delays Deliveries Thousands of Jewish Chronicle subscribers were days late in receiving last week’s edition because a new processing machine at a U.S. Postal Service station on the East End, which is supposed to increase efficiency, broke down — twice — and did the exact opposite.   |


Dayton, Columbus postal jobs may merge

Postal Service 2012 Love Ribbons Forever Stamp Previewed

USPS Awards CB Ellis Richard Group contract to serve as exclusive real estate provider

Dallas Letter carriers work without ice after machines malfunction

Old-fashioned letters have edge over instant messages

Belmont mailman delivers crooks to cops


July 19,  2011

USPS To Hold Briefings, Webinar To Explain New Post Office Closings Process - National League Of Postmasters- The Postal Service has scheduled briefings and a webinar on Capitol Hill in the next two weeks to explain its new discontinuance process, including an upcoming "comprehensive review of its retail network" to "examine Post Offices nationwide to determine which offices should be discontinued.  USPS will file for Advisory opinion on nationwide post office closures  |


PMG: Saturday Mail Delivery Could End Soon

 Saturday mail delivery could end soon and in 15 years "we'll be talking about delivering mail three days a week," Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told the USA TODAY Editorial Board today.  Video  |


Issa follows in footsteps of Republican governors, attacks workers’ rights

The USPS Survival Plan and How It Impacts Bulk Mailers

A Penny for Your Post Office

Postal Service Continues Sneak Peek at 2012 Stamps

Postal Service Offers Sneak Peek at 2012 Stamps

IG: Postal Service Could Sell Buildings to Pay Obligations

Postal Inspector charged in fight with brother

The USPS Survival Plan and How it Impacts Bulk Mailers

CCAGW Supports Issa's Postal Reform Act

Pennsylvania postal worker charged with stealing gift cards from mail


July 18,  2011

Help Wanted: Math Teacher for the Postal Service

Save the Post Office - The corporate mentality that has seized the Postal Service seems to have lost its sense of values.  It can tell you to the penny how much it will save by closing a post office, but the damage it’s doing to the country is immeasurable.  The post office is the one place where the federal government makes its presence felt in a town.  It’s where the flag flies.  Many people who don’t like much about the government do like their post office, and they don’t want to lose it.  When a post office is closed, it leaves behind a bad feeling for the government.  How do we figure that into our calculations for how much money the Postal Service will save when it closes the Etna post office?   |


APWU Ad Campaign: Phase Two

The APWU has launched the second phase of its advertising campaign with a radio spot, President Cliff Guffey has announced. The radio ad began airing July18 and will run for three weeks on news and/or talk stations in Washington DC and other markets.  APWU Rejects Issa’s Call to Cancel Ad Campaign |


National APWU Suspends Philadelphia – One of its Largest Locals

Local placed into Trusteeship- The National American Postal Workers Union has suspended the Philadelphia, PA -one of it's largest local unions- for locking out its local officers by changing locks. The newly elected president also allegedly  "decertified" elected officers. |


The Clock is Ticking

 Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - "Earlier this year, Postal Service CFO Joseph Corbett stated that the Postal Service's zero hour will come in July 2012. However, he noted that the date could come sooner or later depending on Congressional action, changes in economic growth, and changes in operating cost factors.  |


Postal Service is a vital hub for America

"The United States Postal Service is indisputably the most efficient postal service in the entire world. The Postal Service has the confidence of 83 percent of all Americans. It generates $65 billion in sales annually, serving as a hub of a $1.3 trillion mailing industry that includes paper manufacturers, magazines, shippers, financial service providers, direct mailers and merchants of all kinds. Millions of American citizens and businesses depend on mail delivery six days each week. While the industry is changing, we are not obsolete .." |


Postal Service Offers $19.45 an Hour for Rural Routes


Red envelopes a key factor in Netflix price hike - "Why is Netflix raising its prices? In part, because the company miscalculated how many people still want to receive DVDs by mail each month, a more expensive service to provide compared with its streamed Internet videos."

Postal Workers Rally for Cancer-Stricken Co-Worker

Residents go postal after years of bad service

Woodston Post Office: Struggle to survive

Bulk of Postal Service center will remain in Petaluma


July 17,  2011

USPS Uses Facebook and Twitter To Debut 2012 Stamp Program


July 16,  2011

Iowa Lawmakers Seek Meeting With PMG After Info Request on Sioux City Facility Closure Ignored - Rep. Steve King (R-IA) announces that he, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) are requesting a face-to-face meeting with the Postmaster General to discuss the USPS' failure to respond to concerns the lawmakers and the community have expressed about the  decision to move Sioux City P & DF mail operations.   |

Postal Employee Saves Co-Worker's Life
Postal service considers moving some jobs from Lexington to Louisville


July 15,  2011

Chihuahua Blamed for Halting Neighborhood's Mail

Warrant issued for postal robbery suspect
Slow Sales May Close Rayville Post Office

Minnesota postal worker sentenced in theft

Stolen Mailboxes Pose ID Theft Risk to Valley Postal Customers


July 14,  2011

The plan is we have no plan
Save the Post Office -   USPS claims it has no program to close a large number of post offices nationwide - Once the list is out, how will the Postal Service manage to maintain its claim that there’s no nationwide program to close post offices?  Will it acknowledge the scope of the closures but say they're having no effect on service because there are "alternative" retail facilities available in supermarkets and Office Depots? And how long will it be before the PRC, which bears responsibility for regulating the Postal Service, demands that the Postal Service initiate the process for an Advisory Opinion?  |


There's Hidden Union Busting in Congressman Issa's Postal Reform Bill

American Progress Action - Act Would Essentially Eliminate Collective Bargaining-  Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) recently introduced postal reform bill closely follows the strategy of Republican governors who are using budget problems to attack collective bargaining rights and weaken political opponents. This strategy ignores alternative methods of closing budget shortfalls and instead insists that public employee pay is the cause of budget gaps and that collective bargaining must go.   |


Burrus Letter cites tax subsidies provided to Issa and Republicans political supporters - In these discussions (on debt limit) ) you and your party have taken an inflexible position that tax subsidies provided to your political supporters should be viewed as "jobs creators” and should be considered off limits for inclusion in a package for future savings. I suggest that if you sincerely want to be absolute in the use of political messages that you begin with an analysis of the specific countries where new jobs have been created from the 2001, 2003 and 2008 tax cuts referred to as the "Bush tax cuts" and compare the results to the APWU ad informing that the Postal Service does not receive government subsidies. Did Federal Trade Commission 2007 Report Contradict Issa Claims In Letter To APWU? "USPS’s legal constraints, along with the value of its implicit subsidies, and concludes that the USPS’s unique legal status likely places it at a net competitive disadvantage relative to private carriers." source: Federal Trade Commission 2007 report.. .  |


GAO seeking public help in finding Employees abusing Federal Workers Comp Program -  "GAO is investigating fraud and abuse in the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) program. Specifically, GAO is looking for information on cases in which federal employees are currently abusing workers compensation benefits".   |


Pay Talks Between USPS and Postal Management Associations Underway

Pay talks between the U. S. Postal Service and the management associations are now underway. The Postal Service has submitted proposed changes in pay policies and schedules and fringe benefits for Postmasters for the period covering fiscal year 2015 through fiscal year 2011.   |


USPS Revises Group E (free) PO Box service Regulations

Seattle postal workers to picket over delivery changes

Mail carrier in dog attack: "I thought I was going to die"


July 13,  2011

OIG Report: USPS Could Save $Billions By Eliminating Door-To-Door Delivery

USPS does not require Congressional approval for this policy change.  USPS could save $$Billions more by converting curbside delivery into centralized delivery.   |


NALC: Issa Attempting To Remove 6-day Mail Delivery language from Appropriations Bill - Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA) has requested that the provision preserving six-day delivery be stripped from the Financial Service Appropriations bill. Removing this language would break a bipartisan, 30-year history and tradition of Congress maintaining six-day delivery.  |


 Issa to APWU: Stop Misleading Ads on Postal Service

Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa in a letter to the American Postal Worker Union (APWU) asks the union to cancel a misleading ad campaign that falsely claims the United States Postal Service (USPS) does not receive taxpayer support when it does, in fact, receive hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money through preferential tax treatment and other benefits.  |


House Committee Approves Reform of Federal Workers’ Compensation Program - Last week Republican and Democratic Leaders of the  House Committee on Education and the Workforce introduced the Federal Workers’ Compensation Modernization and Improvement Act (H.R. 2465) to reform the existing federal workers' compensation program (FECA). Today, the legislation was passed to reform the Federal Employee Compensation Act.  |

USPS To Issue Final Rule On Changes To Procedures in Closing Post Offices The Postal Service will publish a final rule in tomorrow’s Federal Register that revises the procedures for discontinuance of Postal Service-operated retail outlets. These regulations enhance transparency and public participation, increase the efficiency of the discontinuance process, and ensure sound business judgment in decisions for the Postal Service’s retail operations. Changing the rules in the middle of the game: USPS amends closure regulations  |


Netflix to USPS: Drop dead

Augusta employees concerned about post office move


July 12,  2011

Updated: Voluntary Early Retirement Opportunity For Clerks and Carriers in Selected Offices - Bay Valley District - No Retirement Incentive - Shared Services will be mailing VERA offer letters and annuity estimates from July 19-22, 2011 to VER eligible employees. The VER retirement application deadline and irrevocable date is August 26, 2011.  |


Six months into chairmanship, Issa isn't what either side expected

When Rep. Darrell Issa assumed the role of chief watchdog of the Obama administration, both sides of the ideological spectrum had big expectations. Liberals thought the Republican from California would be a media-hungry inquisitor who would stop at nothing to embarrass President Obama. And some conservatives believed he would quickly uncover high-level corruption that must be lurking just behind the White House gates. Six months into Issa’s tenure as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, neither side’s predictions have proved quite right.  |


OIG Audit Of USPS Web-Based Program Used For Closing Post Offices

According to OIG: “The CSDC program’s discontinuance process follows applicable federal law and Postal Service policies. By law, the Postal Service cannot close small POs solely for operating at a deficit.” On May 24, 2011, the CSDC program’s discontinuance tracking reported there were:  1,367 facilities initiated for discontinuance studies. How Fast Can You Close a Post Office? The Postal Service is obviously in a big hurry to close post offices.  But why, and for what?  It can’t be just about the money  |


APWU Says USPS May Be Violating Contract With Hiring Of PSEs In Small POs

Hiring Level 4 Clerk PSEs for use in Level 15 and 16 Post Offices. We continue to hear that local managers are hiring Level 4 Clerk PSEs who have not taken the appropriate exam to work in Level 15 and 16 post offices, despite the fact that the USPS at the national level corrected initial instructions that would have permitted this practice. Article 7.1.B.8 stipulates that PSEs must be “hired from an appropriate register.   |


Vandals slash 50 tires on postal trucks in Columbus, GA

Instead of loading their vans with mail, postal workers are changing tires. That's because vandals slashed the tires to 25 vehicles over the weekend.   |


Man told to move mailbox hundreds of feet from home

Many unhappy with decision to scale back Helena postal services

Postal Service to consolidate some Montana work

Post office reopens after woman wearing gas mask arrested


July 11,  2011

PRC Establishes Procedures For Remanded USPS Exigent Rate Case

"On July 11, 2011, the court issued its mandate remanding the case to the Commission. The Commission is issuing this Order to promptly establish procedures for receiving initial and reply comments that address the causation standard applicable to exigent rate adjustment requests submitted under 39 U.S.C. 3622(d)(1)(E).2 " |


The times they are a changin: New Deal P.O. in Fairfield, for sale, maybe

Man Who Robbed Tennessee PO, Took Clerk Hostage Gets 79 Years In Prison

California woman makes world's smallest letters

PA: Couple puzzled by months of missing mail
MS: Hattiesburg mail facility may move


July 10,  2011

Going Postal: Darrell Issa's War on the USPS

Enter Darrell “I Stole Several Autos” Issa, who recently introduced the Postal Reform Act of 2011, the boldest and craftiest attack ever on the Postal Service that didn’t involve anthrax. Not surprisingly, the Tea Party is on board. In a nutshell, Issa’s plan is to not let the Postal Service fix itself. Issa’s plan is to set up two new agencies—one to smash the Postal Service into a wall and one to sell off the pieces. One to loan them money and one to slap their hands for taking it. One to force them into bankruptcy and one to “renegotiate” salaries and collective bargaining agreements afterward.   |


Debt ceiling deal may mean lower COLAs for retirees

President Obama's apparent willingness to accept changes to Social Security could mean bad news for federal and military retirees, a federal employees' organization said last week. According to press reports July 7, Obama has decided to accept cuts to Social Security to help reduce the deficit, and get congressional Republicans to agree to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default on its debt. The Washington Post reported this could include changing inflationary rates used to determine Social Security payouts.   |


Postal Service pushes changes: Dropping Saturday delivery considered to cut costs


July 9,  2011

How to Privatize The Post Office: Piece by Piece, Step by Step

Save the Post Office - Think it would take an act of Congress to privatize the postal system?  They’ve been privatizing the post office for four decades, piece by piece, step by step.  It’s called “piecemeal privatization,” and it works like this.  |


PMG expects nearly half of all US post offices to close by 2017 or 2018 PMG Donahoe predicted nearly half of the roughly 32,000 postal facilities currently in the U.S. will be closed in the next six or seven years. “We have to look at our labor structure and figure out how to merge hard copy with digital.  USPS reducing window hours nationwide  | Editorial: Farewell to local post offices |

Pennsylvania Mail Carrier charged with failing to deliver mail
Bringing Dallas-Fort Worth mail thefts to top inspector's attention


July 8,  2011

Misinformation obscures Postal Service's profitable work - OP-ED by NALC President Fredric Rolando  for the Washington Examiner

DPMG Names Tom Day As New USPS Chief Sustainability Officer

Postal workers to protest today in front of NY Congressman's Saratoga Springs office 

California postal worker hit by car while crossing the street

Post office moving workers to Dauphin county

Postal mail most effective in marketing to customers, study finds
Postal Service may close Mankato MN mail processing facility

Postal services moving to retailers

Wilsonville post office closing plan draws opposition

A rebuttal: Postal Service runs net profit

Postal sorter saves time, replaces workers in West Sacramento

USPS Household Diary Study 2010 (PDF)

Canada: Mail carriers dealing with backlog


July 7,  2011

APWU to Launch TV Ad Campaign

The union’s 30-second ad describes the enormity of the job postal workers do, and ends with a simple question and response: Ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? Not a single cent.  |


NAPUS Leaders Attend Second Meeting with Postal Headquarters Officials on APWU Contract Issues In response to rumors that one Postal Support Employee (PSE) may be used to replace Postmasters in multiple offices, on a rotating schedule and require some Postmasters to work Saturdays, Postal officials said that “PSEs will be used to do what PMRs use to do.”  “PSE’s will cover Postmaster non-scheduled days off and leave replacement, just as PMR’s did.” 1,284 PMRs are scheduled to be replaced by PSEs.  |


Postmasters: Congress, Not USPS Defines PRC’s Authority and Jurisdiction

NAPUS and League of Postmasters respond to USPS' motion to dismiss their complaint over changes to CFR. In Postmasters filing to PRC they wrote: "The Postal Service has been gradually closing post offices across the nation for years, purposefully suspending post offices and electing not to replace postmasters as they retire and choosing not to renew building leases in order to close the vacant post offices. The systematic closings occurring year after year create a conundrum when attempting to pinpoint precisely when the number of closings becomes “nationwide”:  There appears to be a de facto, but nonetheless clear policy of closing post offices wherever possible..."  |


Mangled mail problem not new, ex-postal worker says

Last Wednesday, I relayed postal worker Steven Miehlke's complaint that mail was being destroyed unnecessarily every day at the Collins Road P & DC. As soon as Miehlke reported to work that day, he was hauled into his supervisor's office for a "pre-disciplinary hearing. In a subsequent interview, a retired manager supported  Miehlke's claims about mail being destroyed. The manager blamed the mishandling of mail on time pressures, inefficient deployment of personnel and "autocratic" management that permeates the agency. Postal worker says mail being destroyed unnecessarily  |



July 6,  2011

USPS Announces Timeline For VER offered to carriers and clerks in select locations - USPS NewsBreak-  The Pacific Area is offering a voluntary early retirement (VER) to carriers and clerks working ar select impacted sites and at non-impacted offices within a 50-mile radius of the impacted sites. Following is the timeline:   |


Federal-Postal Employees Coalition Urge Obama To Reject Proposals Damaging To Workforce -" .. the recommendations from the co-chairs of the Fiscal Commission and the House Budget Resolution are not an acceptable solution to solving our financial crisis. Especially during these tough economic times, America cannot afford a second-class government. Shared sacrifice among the rest of the American population as a whole should be discussed before extending further demands upon our nation’s civil servants." The misguided proposals would in effect be a 'pay cut'..  Groups urge leaders to reject proposals aimed at federal workforce   |


 NAPUS: Postmasters Not Included In Pay-For-Performance Freeze

NAPUS has been informed by Postal Headquarters officials that Postmasters were not included in the recently announced freeze on Postal Service officer and executive compensation, as it relates to the Postal Service’s pay-for-performance program. Postmasters will be impacted by the suspension of the awards program for employee recognition and incentive awards, which will be suspended until further notice. NAPS: Postal Supervisors Not Included In Pay For Performance Freeze   |


USPS Board Of Governors Member Alan C. Kessler Resigns

Camden NJ Council Probes Mail Delays



July 5,  2011

Update: APWU Q & A On 2010-2015 Contract

From the American Postal Workers Union: "While there is mutual agreement on most of the new language, there is  still ongoing discussion on some of the language. The attached Q&A represents the position of the APWU on the new language."   |


Is it Cheaper to Offer Early Retirement?

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - In a recent article in Sioux City Journal on the moving of mail processing from Sioux City, IA to Sioux Falls, SD, Jim Price, Sioux City Postal Workers Union Local 186 officer contends that, "Employees who would drive from Sioux City to Sioux Falls and back would include that drive-time as part of their work day."   The map below shows the shortest route from Google maps between Sioux City, IA and Sioux Falls.  The distance is 87.9 miles with most of the miles on Interstate Highway 29.  |


6 Points Donahoe Left Out of His Bailout Rebuttal  |  Donahoe's Answer to Postal Bailout Criticism

Rural Alabama communities struggle with post office closures


July 4,  2011

Federal retiree pay could face cuts in deficit talks

Federal annuities could be at risk, along with government pay and other benefits, as lawmakers comb the budget in search of potential savings. The proposal would shift service members to a civilian system under which full annuities wouldn't be paid until beneficiaries reach age 57 to 60 instead of after 20 years in military. Also up for debate is the government's method for calculating cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security recipients, which in turn could reduce COLAs paid to federal civilian and military retirees. PR note: It seems everything is on the table to reduce the federal deficit except passing  bill to cut  lawmakers pay   |


NALC: Latest COLA Stands At $1,019

COLA may be the second largest amount in bargaining history- "The projected accumulation toward the ninth and final contract COLA under the 2006-2011 National Agreement stands at $1,019 annually following the June release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May."  |


Editorial: USPS! Something About The Blues

By Ronald Williams, Jr. - We don’t expect Giuliano and the Board of Governors to get B.O.G’d down in minor details before its Miller time, or while awaiting a PR opinion the Goldway. We’re counting on Strong, Guffey, Hegarty, and Rolando to show the pundits, and armchair quarterbacks that they are the real resident experts on the state of the postal union.  |


RIVERSIDE: Postal truck repairs moved to Redlands

Henning residents see pros, cons to loss of post office

GSA will not increase mileage reimbursement rate

TSP funds show small declines in June


July 3,  2011

Pennsylvania postmaster allowed  to retire after guilty plea on harassment charges  -  Bangor Postmaster admitted harassing women and girls while drunk. The Postmaster no longer works for USPS, but he didn’t get fired. USPS spokesman Ray V. Daiutolo Sr. said Schlegel retired April 29 -- two months after Schlegel’s guilty plea.  |


Goshen, NJ Residents Given Two days Notice Of Post Office Closure

Patrons were notified that, in two days, the office would close. In effect, “See you later, chump!” The recent closure of Goshen’s post office screams just what the administrators think about the “little people” who buy their stamps and mail their packages. Take heart that there is powerful ammo in your wallet. There are other ways to ship parcels and packages, and they are not with the U.S. Postal Service. As we know, two can play any game.  |



Famed attorney Dershowitz's in-law struck and killed by USPS truck

The retired judge is the sister-in-law of legal giant Alan Dershowitz . The truck drove off, but investigators do not believe its driver was aware he struck Dershowitz, who was wearing a helmet while riding her bike in Chelsea, police said. Investigators found the postal worker a short time later and were interviewing him late Saturday afternoon.  |


Sioux City officials blast Postal Service's cost analysis


July 2,  2011

NALC Says Pawlenty Statement About Post Office 'Demonstrated Profound Ignorance' - NALC President Fredric V. Rolando wrote in a letter to Republican presidential candidate Gov. Tim Pawlenty expressing "Deep disappointment" in his suggestion that the " 'post office' was 'built for a different time in our country.' NALC said Pawlenty's statement "demonstrated profound ignorance about what the U.S. Postal Service does today.    |


El Paso Postal Workers Dealing With Extreme Heat

Hilton mailman delivers smiles and more to students

Sioux Falls Postal Worker to Run With the Bulls

Postal Service warns of shipping fraud disguised as work-at-home programs

OIG: Mail Volume Measurement for City Delivery Carriers - Greater Indiana District (PDF)

OIG: Audit Report - Facility Optimization: Pacific Area (PDF)

The final stamp: Folks in Manning say goodbye to their post office


July 1,  2011

NALC: Rep. Dennis Ross Misfires on the Myths and the Facts

Unfortunately, his “facts” are far from factual and will do more to confuse and mislead Members of Congress than to clarify the issues as the current debate on postal reform unfolds.  As a public service, NALC is happy to clear up the confusion.   |


Letter: Issa Needs To Get His Facts Straight  About USPS

"Issa also is fully aware that it was President George W. Bush and his co-conspirators who passed the postal act of 2006 that mandated the USPS pre-fund 100 percent of future retirees' health benefits. I am so tired of listening to Issa grandstand to the media about how bad the USPS needs to be done away with or regulated some more or how we all make too much money. I'm not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination."  |


Florida letter carrier regrets taking one day of sick leave in 43 years with USPS

- Such dedication has helped Samuel Dukes — who works at the Quail Heights Post Office — accrue more than 4,000 leave hours. He’s reluctant to use them since he views sick leave as a benefit similar to an insurance policy.   |

Senator Murkowski Lauds USPS Decision Not To Move Juneau Mail Processing

The final stamp: Folks in Manning say goodbye to their post office

Senator Tester opposes USPS push for five-day delivery week

Postal union disputes USPS plan to shutter Portsmouth center

Many post offices closing early for Fourth Of July weekend